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here is a selction of funny and interesting stories when it comes to the life and times of being in the resturant trade.

have i got news for you?

Hi guys and girls


So i have had a pretty eventful week to say the least.  Firstly i will tell you all with great sadness i have been currently let go from my restaurant job.  With the currant recession in our hands everyone is suffering and i happen to be one of those statics and I’m actually scared just thinking about it.  It all happened last Thursday night and i will now give you a blow by blow account of what happened.  I dropped into the restaurant Thursday and being cheery as i am ordered myself a nice pizza for dins dins.  When my manager just asked me to sit down and have a little chat.  I think we need to talk said the manager to em with a serious look on his face.  I knew by his look this wasnt going to be good news.  So as you know the restaurant haven’t been doing well and with that we have to make a few changes.  I was like ok hmm so i gave a few suggestions but he than dropped the bombshell im really sorry about this but i have to let you go.  I just looked at him and felt silent for what felt like for ever than i came up for air.  Oh fuck i said christ what am i going to do i just kept nodding my head and than the tears came alone.  he was like are you ok and i just put my hands to my head and said no not really.  In a space of a few weeks my mums health is getting worse i cant get funding for my new course and now im losing my dream job COURSE IM NOT OK.  I screamed back , it was like getting a slap in the face.  He was talking away and i was in such a mess i actually cant remember what he said but i dont think it was good.  I think it in the lines that the resturantwas losing money and cutbacks had to be made and cutbacks had to be made in order to make things work.  So unforturnly the resturant has only got a few weeks left if that.  I think what hurt the most that night was that a certain person knew what happened regarding me losing my job and they were not nice to me it was like this person saying ha ha you lost you job and get out. 

I have to say this while wearing my beating heart on my sleeve im truely gutted i honestly cant find any words to describe how im feeling.  I have to say last night was my last shift and it was one of the toughest nights i had to do in a long time.  It was like my workfriends were coming up to me saying are you ok and giving me a look as in saying oh so you have now lost your job and your puppy was knocked down and killed by a car.  (i dont have a puppy yet but that was the look i was getting).  Its hard knowing the fact that my resturant is closing but harder knowing the fact that i cant get work.  I think i have to say that certain people have been brillant to me during this whole week and i would like to say thanks to them.  mainly the taxi drivers for keeping my spirits up with funny stories and kind words. my mum for just being there when i needed you and not giving me a hard time and for a certain guy who is going to have it way tougher than me in looking for work.

Sadly folks this means that i will be leaving the restaurant trade i have actually had enough and to be honest with you my heart is broken in two and sadly i can never love this trade again due to the fact that people are not opening restaurants.  I was actually watching Gordon Ramsay the other night and according to the stats in England there is 250 restaurants closing in England.  that is a very scary thought.  What do i have pplanned for the future who knows i  go back to college to do a holistic health studies diploma course in September.  It will be a three year course so im looking forward to it and when I’m done i will be a qualified holistic nurse.  I can honestly say with my hand on my heart this is about change and i think that this direction will make me happy.

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grumpy men and mean women

Hi guys and girls.  sorry i havent been on the blogging front for the last while but i have been working very hard in the resturant and i have been doing is working and than going home to cathc my few winks of sleep than going to work and than doing the whole thing all over again.


Now folks as you may or may not know i am a bartender/ waitress for a very nice resturant in my hometown.  I will not say names to protect privacy lets say this my place serves the most delious food and drink without bankrumpanting the irish customer  (i was actually told ages back we are ib a resession period so therefore we cant go out and enjoy dinner)  i think thats just an excuse not to go out if anything.

With the trade that i am in you get to meet in the most nicest and interesting people ever.  During my long time of working in different places when it comes to the resturant trade you can meet some funny people.  i use to work in a hotel and this guy came up to me dressed as charlie chaplin and gave me a rose.  That was so cute another time was doing a friends wedding.  My friend had the great idea of getting married abroad and than showing his friends back in ireland the wedding service on dvd.  thats a brillant idea and they had the reception in the hotel and played brillant music by the scissor sisters and prefab sproat brillant 80s band if you dont know them check them out.


Its also a great way of finding out if you like the hotel trade you stick with it i have to say i love it my collegues hate.  they would alsways moan to me its long hours and there is never enough drinking time.  One person said to me last year im only doing this to get me through college.  Its all grand and nice saying that i will only do this job to get me through college but a question always does pop in my head when people my age say that.  What will you do when you finish college how will you use your degree to do diddly swoat.  Hmm i would say with a scarcastic smile on my face.  I have to say i love the resturant trade.  the hours do bug me at times but the money is good.  without getting into figures i make a good wage i should do for the hours and work i do.


Dont get me wrong i am still in college carving out a safe career in computers but the idea of 9 to 5 bores me to death.  I mean when you work 9 to 5 i find it some how resticting coz you meet the same people everyday the same thing happens and guess what its boring.  restuarnt work in cool and fun at the same time.  No 2 days are the same and the craic you have with your co workers and customers alike is 90.  its so cool you get to meet different people and have a laugh and in my case like my fellow workers get fed a nice meal at the end of my shift.  I could never find faults in the job even if i could ok well it does bother me that i work weekends it does bother me that i dont seem to have a life outside the resturant.  but you deal with it in your own way.  I deal with it by talking to my other half.  How was your day he would ask me i could either give 2 answers yes it was good busy had a laugh table 5 had a henparty and i shared a joke with the bride to be regading the honeymoon palns or answer 2 night was totally shite and your man at table 3 said that his steak wasnt cooked right and he said i was rude to him.  i just deal with it in the way i have always dealt with it.  Just go somewhere private and scream not loudly of course but in a way where you feel all the drama has gone.  here is a tip for my girlys this really helps if its that time of the month.

So i had one of those scream at the top of your lungs moments twice this week.  Why oh why im still asking that question.  A couple of shifts ago i came in and got my bar ready to go.  get it all set up and get ready for the night shift.  When who do i see before my manager who owns the resturant come in with a friend.  i had to shift it up a gear and work really hard and fast by 10 fold.  my jesus that was not easy i look like a guinea pig of coke running round making little squeks and carrying stuff.  My heart rate was all over the shop and i felt like death.  i think if death came into my resturant he would put his cold clammy hand on my shoulder and say its time.  i would just look at him and say no tonights not good enough for me but you can have any drink on the house if you spare my young innocent soul and thank god he did.  (thats a joke by the way but it wasnt a joke when the following thing happened).

This old gentleman was placed on a table by the bar.  A fellow waiter took his order and with that dropped down the food.  I was doing my own thing getting a drink ready when i dropped the glass at the sheer horror of this sight.  The poor man started to dribble his food i nearly got sick but i had compassion for this person.  But my compassion soon turned to anger when the following thing happened.  how do you say he had an accident at his table.  now picture this guys and girls your out for the night with the other half romance and drink is aflowing when you see this pissed as a fart man having an accident.  i dont remember what exactly happened but i know that the man had to be ezcorted from the building.  I was horrified to say the least and was really gald i want on the floor at the time coz if i was on the floor at that time i would have burst into tears.  Not joking you kids.

My second customer came in the shape and form of three ladies and 2 small children.  I knew by looking at them they would be trouble.  The woman looked so up tight if her hubby asked he for sex she would bark no at him.  So i had the great pleasure of serving them and to say the least im glad i made it home one piece and i am writing this blog to tell the tale.  I served them their drinks and they ordered food of me.  i dropped the food down to the customers when wifey gave me a look that made me turn to stone and turned my nips to glass.  Where do i start wifey barked at me that i got her order wrong.  now in my defense i didnt get the order wrong 1 2 we only serve fresh ingredeints in each of our meals that we sell in the resturant and 3 never ask a child if they fancy a slice of really expenseive parma ham on their pizza.  This was the most pain i have ever since i lost my cherry.  Serving these people was like having sex for the first time its really exciting in the begining but when you get into it it really hurts its uncomfortable and you wonder why you bother.


I love children as much as the next person i love playing with them telling them stories and making the cuddly toys talk.  Yes you know the funny voices that people put on when they make pepper pig or ragdy andy talk.  well i love doing that.  But explaing to a child what parma ham is like its like telling a blind man how to paraell park.  its gets hard and can be so frustraiting and you are left wondering why do you bother.


But i have to say i love the restuarnt trade yes it can be a nasty bitchy mistress when you dont pay enough attention to her but she will love you lots when you put in the effort and try and have a good time.


Hope you all enjoy this blog folks and feel free to share any interesting stories with me.


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I want it now

Hi there fellow blogger babes and dudes sorry i havent been online lately have been very sick and been under a lot of stress lately with different things like work college and home.  Hmm i forgot how blogging is so relaxing and a great way to beat the blues away.

So i decided to write a blog piece on the good manners and do they exhist with anyone any more?  I have noticed more and more people are getting more stressed more pushy and more demanding with the ups and downs of everyday life.  I will give you a few examples just to prove my point that people have no good manners.  I was working in the resturant and i have noticed that when people who come in to book a table they get really demanding and pushy especially when it comes to seating.  i have 2 girls in last week and they not asked but demanded to be put in a better place of the restaurant.  I just calmly said to them that the certain area was booked and in a split second they turned on me.  I have to say with sheer embarrassment they used the line DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM?  i would expect that line from a no Hoper celeb that found their fame on big brother but never from a girl who seemed nice that wanted a table in my restaurant.  just give you a head ups guys and girlies i dont care if you are the queen of england or you are the link to a certain celebs squeeze i am not going to treat you any differently im actually just cringing now just thinking about it gross.

Another incident happened last week.  I was in visiting my resident tattoo artist just getting advice about getting a touch up job done.  He basically said well i can fit you in now and we can get the work done.  So i was happy about that and i was just about to get ready when i felt a set of buggy wheels hitting my ankles.  I turned around and there before me was a pretty 17 year old girl looking at me and the tattoo artist.  She didn’t asked but demanded to be seen by him regarding a touch up job that she wanted done.  Now i looked at the artist and said im not backing down and also i want to get my in fixed.  I didn’t say it but i had that looked in my eyes when the teenager said and screamed oh please its the only day i have off and its the only day i have a babysitter for the baby.  My artist more or less said no and she made things difficult by throwing a tantrum.  Now its that just great when people throw mood swings and demand  that you give into their ways.  I think not.  People like that remind me of that spolit brat from charlie and the chocolate factory.


I have to say that i dont like demanding and stroppy people and if you come in to a situation like that i really sometimes 9 times out of 10 walk away from the situation.  i find its always the best way.

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the times are achanging

To quote Bob Dylan for my lastest blog.  The Times they are achanging.  have had a strange and difficult week in working with the restaurant and one i never really want to put in again ever. It wasn’t too bad but it was messy to say the least and at times working in the restaurant was like working with a difficult teenager who was sulking over not being allowed with its mates.


I have been doing split shifts which is to say the least a bit annoying and also a pain but the money is good.  The work wasn’t to bad it was just the company i have had to deal with.  I spend Saturday working the floor dealing with clients doing the bookings getting the whole place ready and my boss was really happy with that but of course there was a bitch to deal with.  It was like everything i did was wrong according to her and i just got so pissed off so i just got on with my own work. 


I have to say working in the resturant trade is like being in school with all the annoying clickly groups.  remember how the groups formed together like the most popular girls in school the geeks the freaks and the emos and the loners.  I just felt like the loner all weekend and to be honest with you it didn’t bother me at all.  At the end of the day i prefer sailing my own ship and being alone. 


I think i put in my worst shift monday double again and everyone was dying of hangovers and to make it worse not talking to me im just really thinking here i need a break and soon i mean if I’m working for a company in which i get no thanks i might have to go back to the drawing board and think about stuff.


I am going back to college friday to finish my computer degree and than i shall see whats the best thing to do.  I like the job I’m in but at the same time i really don’t need the hassle of idiots coming in dying of hangovers i mean Jesus i have been on the lash before but i always manage to come in do my work and not complain too much.


I think the reason i feel down is the fact that i was told over the restaurant quote unquote this restaurant has no future and I’m jumping ship.  This was said to me by a cocky chef and to be honest with you i don’t need to hear negativeBS from an idiot chef.

Anyway how are you guys all doing sorry foe being down so have anyone got any news themselves.

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Strange days and even stranger people

So guys and girls as you may or may not know i work in the restaurant trade and i have to say its a great job the money is good but sometimes the hours are unsocial-able which means i cant plain night out in advance or even have a life at that matter.  So i cant wait till September comes along and i can do part-time.  i have a few funny stories that have happened to me in the restaurant trade some are well funny so are sad and some are just plain weird but as promised i will change names and locations for the privacy of myself and other people.


I was working friday gone and to say the least it was a long hard day i was doing a double shift which meant i was on since 10 am till 11 pm which was a long day for me.  The day shift went well not too much trouble but when night came it was to say the least a barrel of laughs.  I had a few parties in the restaurant that night one being a big company of bankers that took over the bottom half of the restaurant if anything they were very nice to me and polite and friendly so it was nice have an easy table like that.  All the ladies were dressed very nice nice summer dresses and well the guys were in suits one or two were a bit boring but all the same a lovely table to have.


So as the evening went on the bankers were having a blast telling jokes eating good food and enjoying the wine this is great once they are happy I’m happy i said to myself as i dropped down a bottle of wine and a round of drinks to their table.  But here is the fly in the oniment a another party came in the door complete wannabe snobs ahem waitress as they looked me up and down while i walked over to them.  We have a table booked for 8 o clock under the name Mr smith.  Certainly no problem sir i said in a nice yet pissed off manner just one moment and i will check to see where the table is.  So i walked up to the matier D and asked them where he was intending on putting the snobs.  So the MD got the snobs and placed them on their table.


So they took off their coats and i walked over to them and being polite and oh so friendly said to them good evening may i get you a drink from the bar now the guys were nice and said can we have some beer and one lady wanted a glass of wine and that was fine but one meanie decided to wipe the smile off my face.  Oh waitress she said in a loud annoying voice have you got any bottled still water that is stored in the fridge at a certain temperature i said to her not unfortunately we don’t but we have sparkling water or we have chilled jugs of water.  So when i told her this she gave me a dirty look as in saying your an idiot.  Oh young lady she says to me like I’m a total idiot.  You cant expect me to drink dirty water is it clean i just looked back at her and said the water is cleaned and have been boiled and is fit for human consumption.  Tut tut she said to me while looking at me as if i was a peasant who’s only duty was to serve her and let her rest her foot on my spine.  I said to myself right ok I’m going to off load you to someone else.  So i did heads up guys i said in a quite voice there’s a meanie of table 10 and she will treat you like dirt.  So i spend the evening avoiding her and getting on with my own work.


I have to say i got a really nice bunch of people after my toffs incident really nice down to earth who are up for the craic and to mainly have a laugh.  It was 4 people 2 couples and the craic was 90 they had a great time and i won them over with my personality.  They took all my suggestions when it came to the main courses and of course they loved their desserts one especially being a man of course started to eat his wife’s dessert which my sticky toffee pudding that that was all good.

So i decided to leave early and one of the toffs got my attention and said to me in a quite manner of course please excuse my wife’s behaviour tonight she is how you say highly strung.  I smiled and said it was ok.  Even though i wanted to throw a pot of coffee over her oops oh my god im so sorry hee hee not.


But one thing has to be said in the restaurant trade and to this im quoting from the godfather films




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