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Suicide Squad movie review 

Hi guys sorry for my very long absence of late from my blog page.  After a long due kick in the butt I have decided to come back to writing full time and I shall be starting with my review on the new suicide squad movie.  Once again this post will be spoiler free and photos used in this piece I got from Google images and I shall be using my own photos too.

So last Wednesday on the 8th of August I went to see suicide squad with my bestie.  The savoy cinema Dublin held an amazing event in welcoming everyone.  The entertainment provided that night was thanks to Dublin city comic books and collectables and a few familiar faces we all know and love from the Irish world of cosplay.  Pixie stixx and her squad provided an amazing opportunity to get awaiting guests to take photos with and the savoy provided a beautiful set up for the film premier with stands and pictures of the cast from the movie.  Everyone i got to meet before the film were in great form and we’re absolutely excited to see the movie.  

Pixie stixx cosplay and her friends 

After a bit of the usual trailers towards upcoming films we finally sat down got comfy and watched the must anticipated suicide movie. The movie certainly opened up with a bang gorgeous opening titles fantastic colours and introduced each character with a lot of fun and pazzez.  

We first get introduced to each character in a set of small stories and each character to how they all ended up in prison. Each story for each character is interesting as the next and when finding out the story of all our misfits of society you can’t help but warm to each one instantly and you feel like that you can relate to each character and you also feel like you could root for them. 

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller 

Viola Davis from the how to get away with murder TV series plays an absolute blinder of a role in playing the intelligence operatorative amanda waller. while been in a restaurant and introducing each character to the table with her colleagues you know from the start this is a lady you don’t wanna mess with. Viola plays a tough strong character and is absolutely exceptional in telling the story of all the characters and what they have done to get into the slammer.  

Will Smith as Deadshot 

Now this is the part where it gets interesting when the back stories of each character gets going on first meeting deadshot who is a gun man for hire in while his character could play God in choosing in werether you live or die he also has a soft side in the shape and form of his wee daughter. While deadshot is on a job we see flashbacks of his relationship with his daughter. Will Smith’s portrayal of deadshot is nothing short of excellent he’s really beefed up for the role in the movie in both physically and acting wise. He’s really good at playing deadshot and he really works well with our misfits even though we are a lone gunman.  

Jai Courtney as captain boomerang 

While the movie plays out we get to meet a range of different characters.  Captain boomerang is next and he’s an absolute nutter of a guy and you guess it he throws boomerangs and likes to rob banks and take big money with him too. Jai Courtney what can I say the man is absolute joy to watch along with his wee sidekick pinky the unicorn.  He even had a few one liners which made me giggle a lot he’s just like a cheeky Australian guy. 

Jay Hernandez as El Diablo 

As the film unravels we get to meet a few more characters.  We get to meet El diablo a former street gang guy who has the power to set things on fire.  Who has also has a few dark secrets himself. Jay Hernandez plays an absolute blinder on playing the social misfit who who doesn’t want to fight but is happy to hang out with the gang. 

Adewale Akinnuoye Anak as killer Croc 

We also get to meet the big crazy killer Croc. Killer Croc lives up to his name of being a mutant that is incredibly strong and is a cannibal who has to be fed by the guards at a safe distance while living in a sewer part of the prison. He also has a skin condition that has given him his signature mutant look.

We also get to meet Rick Flagg who in turns works along side with both waller and the suicide squad gang and he plays the role of making sure everyone stays in line and executes the mission with fine precision. We also see flash backs of Rick in working with our misfits in prison scenes. 

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg 

Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as joker and Harley Quinn 

We also get to meet a few familiar faces of the squad in the shape and form of both harley quinn and Mr J himself. Margot Robbie played an absolute blinder in the role of harley quinn and certainly got into the role and pulled absolutely no punches in how she brought a classic dc character to life. Robbie brought a lot to the table in playing a crazy psychotic crazy who also has a soft side and is absolutely besotted with her puddin.  Jared Letos intake of the joker was ok but again we didn’t get to see enough of his character onscreen to make an impact on the film. The crazy couple are shown in how they romance developed in a serious of flash backs.  While the writers of the film tried to stay true with the romance from the comics I personally didn’t feel much of it 

Katana played by Karen Fukulana 

We also get to met katanna. She gets to tag along with the gang at later stage of the film. She acts as kyles go to girl and us a martial arts expert who is very experienced in using a sword and will not think twice of slaying you first and asking questions later. 

Enchantress Cara Devevinge 

We also get to meet the alluring enchantress/Dr June moone who is played by model turned actor cara devevinge.  She plays an archaeologist while on her travels finds the statue and decides to open up not knowing that she has unleashed an ancient evil force that turns her into a powerful and evil sorceress. With great power comes great responsibility and hell have no fury when anyone dares to confront or fight the sorceress. 

This is where the suicide squad comes in they have to put their plan into action and stop the evil enchantress.  Now with both training and getting to grips with the equipment they have been given thanks to Rick kyle.  The gang of misfits get to work and try and save the world from a potential unpredictable doom and gloom. 

While I enjoyed a lot of aspects of suicide squad there is too many to mention without giving spoilers away. I feel as though the films directors added a bit too much and rushed into adding too much scenes with either little explanation. Certain aspects of the film didn’t needed to be added in. As regarding jared Letos take on the joker i felt that his portrayal of a classic evil character felt a little one sided.  We didn’t get to see much of his character onscreen and I feel as though when he was on screen it felt a little rushed. While Jared Leto is a fantastic actor we can only hope that more will be added to his story. If there were to be a sequel to this film.

Overall I really enjoyed the film I loved how they pulled it all together in a nice little package and paid homage to the classic suicide squad comic books. This film had everything and more a killer soundtrack awesome actors for each role.  It will be certainly going into my blu ray collection when it’s out. My review of this film is nothing sort of honest.  If you haven’t seen suicide squad go see the film and enjoy it. Just try and not read into the reviews and believe the negative press that it was given.  The bad reviews were absolutely uncalled for if I be honest.  A negative review is just a poor reflection on the reviewers mindset.  I give it 4/5.

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