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my own point of view on animal rights issues

warning the following video is pretty graphic and has scenes of animal abuse viewer discretion is advised and not at all suitable for those who are easily offended.

I am firstly so sorry i havent been in touch. I am going thru the tough time of finding sumthing to write on. I mean i could write complete nonsense and i could either wear my heart on my sleeve and write what i truely believe in. So after much pondering and quite a lot of late nights spend note scribbling i have decided to write on a subject that i truely believe and also this subject can be at times quite  a Controversial topic. So i shall start with this piece and i do hope that i either dont get lynched by the mob but anyways if i was thought anything in this life is stick to what you belief in and you will go far in life.

So i have deicded to do a piece on animal rights and also what it means to me. Now after a lot of support from a  lot of my vegan and non vegan friends i will go ahead with this post.

Now where to start on being a vegan. Well i do have to start somewhere. So when i was younger i became a vegetarian for the simple reason was that i was against cruelity to animals and i also though that eatting meat was wrong. Although i was raised ona  diet of meat it was only when i was a teenager that i decided that i wanted to become a vegetarian. now the whole change over from eatting meat for the best part f her life to not eatting meat was simple enough for me. I decided that i could not imagine eatting anymore meat for the simple reason was because it was cruel and also i think of anything i did not want to add the the torture or pain that animals suffer in the factory and meat farms. I also felt that i was doing my bit for the enivorment and it was also better for my health and life style.

I will sadly admit that i did not follow thru with my promise of not eating meat and i did slip up once or twice.  But thru dedication and my own hard work. I have since remained meat for for a long time now. Now i have to say there is now a lot of alternatives now avaibale on the market for the vegetarian. Such as quorn products and tofu and for those of you who dont know what tofu is tofu is a soya based product that is avaible to buy and you can prepare a lot of nice meals with it.

But over the last while i have deicded to become a vegan. being a vegan was a simple change and chocie for me to make and take on. It was a challenge to give up dairy and animal products. I have to say the change over was simple for me and there was a lot of support offered to me on becoming a vegan thanks to my animal rights and vegan friends on the social networking site that is facebook. i think of anything there is now a lot of vegan supplaments that now can be purchased in many health stores. I think if anything the change over for me was quite simple.

Now with me becoming a vegan ther was a downside to it. Does everything that you really feel passionate for always seem to have a down side. sadly mine has come to negetaive comments make to me over my vegan and animal rights lifestyle. You see i always try to high light the issue of animal cruelity on  daily basis on facebook but sometimes people will not take me seriosuly at all. The usual questions i get from some people are mainly like right ok your a vegan where do you get your vitamins from. ohh right so if your a vegan what do you wear and why do you find such acts cruel on animals and here are my answers. Being a vegan i get my vitamins from my local health store. i also have a good diet of vegetables carbs proteins and yeah i also drink and eat a lot of soya products and i also enjoy eating tofu and mock duck products. My second answer to thw what do you wear products well simple again i dont wear animal products such as fur or leather or any other products that may have hurt animals in the process of the items getting made. Yes certain industrys such as the meat and also clothing industry and lets not forget the animal entertainment industry. you see with these industrys the people who work in them are incredically cruel to our animal friends. 

I think if anything if you did think to yourself right ok how are these industrys cruel to animals well i tell you what there is no such thing as cruelity free painless things that curel people do to animals. I mean when you think about it for example im ttattly against the fur and leather trade. i mean who thinks that its actaully right to litterly skin an animal alive and throw it aside all for what for fashion. yeah i think not. i mean i have seen plenty of videos on various animal rights websites and to hear an animal scream in the process of of getting skinned will actaully scare you half to death and at times make you cry and make you think seriosuly why do people do this for.

So when i read all about this horriable abuse that is done to animals i deicded enough was enough and thats when one day i deicded to take a stand and give our animal friends a voice. i have since joined a lot of pages on facebook and i have also decided to well give my own thoughts on the matter of animal abuse. so far been so supportive and have also in sum ways have defined in in saying ohh animals are such wuses and they dont feel pain. but i have to say in my own spin of things i have told many people my own reasons on why i dont support many many animal events that may hurt or ahrm the animal in any way. so i deicded to never go to the dog racing. I dont acatully like horse racing i dont like circues and also i really hate animal testing.

From my own point of view here where do we get or hope to achieve in such cruel tests to animals, I mean when you think about it animals and humans dont actaully have the same dna and yet countless experemients are being done on animals on shockly daily basis. I mean when you think about it how would you like pure pexiode poured into your eyes or even get certain objects shoved up in any opening of your body. now just imagine this is being done to you and you have no say in this. you can say no or scream or even bite back. well sadly people do this to animals and it really does break my heart.

But if you want to stop this you can. You can make the choice to not eat meat products. you can make the choice to not buy cruelity free products of any kind tthat are now avaiable on the market. You can also make a difference by not buying such products that may support animal cruelity cases. You can do this by doing research on how to buy such cruelity free products that are readliy avaibale to purchase and buy online now. But i think if anything the school both here in ireland and abraod should really bring a module on being nice to animals and not being cruel to them. i think if anything i was raised to never ever lift my hand to my own pets and if anything if this module was brought into our schools this could really lower the cases of animal abuse by half.

now again i feel so strongly on my animal rights views there is no right or wrong ways or views on who i feel. I think if anything animal rights issues are massively important to me and also its really about saving lives as well. FYI when i deicded to become an animal rights activist and also with my own choice on supporting such animal charities. I just want to make one thing clear. I would never ever hurt any1 in the process of saving animals and i will always try to raise the awareness of animals rights and issues. I just wanted to say that because some heartless idiot said there ages back that i should be well locked.. Now for the person who had said that to me i really had to get rid of. So many thanks again for reading this blog and also if you feel strongly about this issue well than come on forth and let the debating start.

you think the circus is fun think again. being locked up and beaten senseless for what performing tricks for idiot humans think again


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