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hi guys and girls


what afew weeks it has been for me here in my little world of allthings that are wonderful and weird.  i decided to write a blog on this matter because for the simple reason this is bugging me a lot of late.  So what are you writng i hear you cry well i am going to write a piece on tipping people who work in the resturant trade and i will give you a few tips on what to do in a situation if any arise say for example if the food is cold or worse still if the service is bad.

i was in work last week when this conversation popped up.  oh my god the tips are bad this weather sighed a fellow waitress hmm i know i said but just remember tips are only an added perk of this job i said.  when i said the following comment i was given starnge looks for the whole day.  now the job i work in the money is good and to say the least it is a great place i work in but to say that tips are important is kind of a bit of a one sided thing to say.  Dont get me wrong i like tips i like getting them but sometimes i dont feel the need to rely on them for the simple reason that there is never enough money in the pot to go around.

Now i remember a few years back i worked in a different place and i was a floor girl and to say the least the tips were great.  i was fairly innocent back in the say and when some one gave me a pound i would fall over myself and say thanks.  So when the few pounds that i earned on the floor it would get me my lunch in school.  But now we have entered the 21st century and to say the least tips are important to many people.  my cousin currantly lives and works in the states and we would swap stories of our jobs.  When my cousin said the following thing it shocked me you know vicks i only get $4.00 per hour in my waitressing job and half of that goes to the tax man.  when i heard this im like what the fudge how are you suppose to pay the bills and feed the little dudes at home with that wage.  than herself told me this i work long hours for my tips my tips are tax free and they also come in handy for a rainy day.  i thought to myself wow you must have to work really hard to do this so.  but no she says i use the irish card.  The irish card when you tell a customer that you are from ireland especially a yank they fall over themselves ON MY GOD YOUR FROM IRELAND WOW I LOVE DUBLIN AND SO ON AND SO FORTH.  So how you say there by the grace of god go my cousin for using the irish connections to get her tips.

now i have worked in different jobs and different places and to say the least these are my rules when it comes to getting tips.

1 always smile at the cutomer. even if you had a bad day it always pays to smile for the simple reason it brightens up the customers da even if you are serving the grinch please smile your euro tip can go a long way.

2 be entertaining This is a real winner when it comes to families young familes at that who have small babies and children.  i always pick up the teddy or doll and make the item dance sing or make funny voices you would be very surprised at what children will laugh at.

3 get everyone involed. again this is a sure fire way to get tips if you are dealing with young families and when the mother or father asks for the bill ask the youngest child with caution and be nice of course would you like to come with me to get the bill.  little people love it when you ask them to do special jobs like getting the bill its like playing shop when you were little.  another one which is a winner is design your own dessert i think they do this in family resturants get them to help you with the desserts not actual hands on help that would be far to messy but you know ask then would you like sprinkles or what flaour ice cream you like and so on.  Again it makes the customer feel at ease parent of course and it might give the parents a moment to themselves.  i would recoomand doing this if you like children and dealing with them.

these tips are handy when it comes to dealing with young families and when you can have the time to try these things out.

I think the best paying job for tips was when i worked in a hotel.  i got to deal with a lot of different people and i made some good friendships with tthat.  i met a lovely australian couple when i did the hotel work we would always swap stories about our lives in different parts of the world.  i found this experience great and interesting coz i made new friends and it didnt feel like work when it came to dealing with them.  i think it was hard saying good bye to them on their last day and when i said our goodbyes the husband shook my hand.  with that he gave me a letter and it had a few quid in it.  It more or less said that thank you for maing your stay very special and thanks for the special stories you told us.  that really made me happy and sad in a way knowing the fact that i wouldnt be seeing them again.

I think to say the least i had this rule when it comes to every job i work in.  I make my own tips so there fore i should keep them.  before i shot at from different sides of the fence just remember this.  i am at the front of house dealing with the punters some are the best in the world so are right tossers and some are just damn mean.  but all that can be dealt with by a patient understanding person someone who undertsands people and someone who can deal with the biggest of assholes.  now i have to say i have met assholes and the way i deal with them is just be being extra nice and smily.  i have known from years of experience if you even think about down even for a split second especailly in front of a customer you cant really get back the self composied person that greeted you earlier that evening.

now i am in a good paying job and  think tips are only an added bonus only if the job is done right but sometimes it does get on my nerves when certain people ask for a cut of the tips.  Now these certain people are in the back of house and this is the way i think.  im in the front of housing i use my experience my charm and sometimes only sometimes certains things belong to me to please the customer.  eg a girl sitting alone in a resturant with nothing to read i would give her my magazine to read just to keep her entertained.  now from my experience certain people earn a rake load of more money than me but my question is why do they get a cut of the tips?  the only reason i can think of is greed.  Now i dont mean this as a bad thing but at the same time but sometimes i work my ass off just so someone else can take the credit i think not.  I am sorry if this offends people but hey its the truth.

Now folks i will give you some tips myself of tipping and what to do if you want to complain.

1 Getting the waitress attention.

Firstly please dont for the love of god click your fingers. Finger clicking is the most rudest you can do and in some cultures very offensive. if you wants my attention a simple hello or hi i need to get xyz yep thats perfect to me.  as long as its nice friendly and not too offensive go with it.

2 This is not what i ordered

Now this is a handy one to know for the boys.  if you are going out for a first date with the missus and if want to act like flash harry.  look at the menu very carefully.  Sure you think oysters are yummy on print they are not some yummy when they are presented to you.  remember the wairess is there to listen to you and be your friend. I am always straight forward and honest and will tell you the truth.  i remember one time where this bloke ordered squid for him and his date when i broguth the dish over she got really upset and said she was a veggie and he just went green.  if you are not to sure about what you are ordering please tell your server and change the order.

3 i would like a really expensive bottle of wine

For all you wine buffs out there i dont think i need to say anything but at the same time cheap and cheerful is always best.  When it comes to recommanding wine  just say what i think of it myself.  well i like the jacobs creek red because its a smooth drinkable and it have never given me any faults.  nine times out of ten i would go with the waitress or better still your own judgement.

4 i would like to complain

The best way to do this is a in a calm  respectable manner not shouting a screaming like a lunatic. after all if you scream like a lunatic thats the best way to draw attention on to yourself for all the wrong reasons.

5 i would like to pay for the salad and glass of water.

This is i would have to say a massive bugbear of mine i hate when people ask for split bills especially at busy times. now a days many resturants dont give split bills but if your going to be like that split the bill at your discredtion and dont be a meany with the tips.

Now i do hope that you find this piece helpful and again always keep this in mind for when it comes to your own dining out experiences.


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