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This would be about my college papers and what i have to do work wise for my holistic health studies course.

friendly fires or shot down as it would seem

friendly fires or shot down as it would seem



Don’t take offensive like but i think this would be best of you did things this way and if i be honest here it seems floppy and to much is going on here. That was a sentence that i well received ages back. Now don’t get me wrong i’m always one to get well constructive criticism but sometimes when do you draw the line at arrogance  and complete honesty that could and will maybe rip your work and your life and your dreams apart.   its a question that i always ask myself for my every day work of being a trainee designer and also when i work on other side line projects such as getting looks ready for any events that i have planned to take up in the next few months. i do sometimes think though i do get the lines blurred of brutal honesty and at times i do feel sometimes people make fun and poke fun at my work. I do sometimes laugh it off but sometimes what happens when you decide to show or tell someone what projects you maybe working on and they just literally feel the need to shot it down.

I think when i do show my work to people i just kind of put it in a way of well here have a look at this calender poster or leaflet im working on and tell me what you think of it. Sometimes the reactions i get are meh i dont really like that colour isn’t that a bit like too much work for one project. I’m always careful in what i do and how i say things back. i always come up with the answer of well this is my colours styles and well i do like using this font because its clean smart and you can actually read it and do remember we do spend most of our lives looking at ad products and things we may want or need in our every day lives it may capture the readers eye for 5 seconds before they think ohh yeah ace design i want to buy that perfume dvd book even at times items of clothing.

But of late i have been getting good feed back on my work and i am well kind if glad that i am going in the right direction but again why do people feel the need to pick holes in stuff and give stupid invaild reasons to why they dont like certain things. I think if im being honest say for example ohh i dont like red in this picture. it would be than i would step in and say why dont you like red. I think if i was being honest i would always sometimes maybe give a honest and valid answer to why i don’t like certain things. But in while trying to come off as nice and genuine in giving my answer i always take into consideration other peoples thoughts and feelings and even say look i do like this and i think its excellent and than i would give little tips and hints when i think its wise to. I just sadly wish sometimes people would well take an interest into my life and well express some sort of interest and let me know feel that all the work that i have done of late was not done in vain.

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Change for the better yeah i think it is

So over the last while. I have spend years working my butt off in doing various course and subjects that i could use in my everyday life. Now the last course that i recently done was the holistic health studies course. When i started to do this course i was at a cross roads and i deicded to do sumthing worthy of my talents. Now that i have spend the best part of a few years on the course i have just realised sumthing about myself. NOt only am i smart and brainy and have talents to beat the band. I just realised that i have spend any time or even took time out for that matter. I think of anything i have been working like a dog on case studies assignments deadlines exams both practical and in a class room situation but now that i think about it. Im actaully feeling massively burned out.

I mean i didnt feel this way when i was doing the work this was manily because of the fact that i was on the student diet pf pot noodles red bull coffee and well the odd boozing session. But when i look back at it now. What was it all worth? i mean dont get me wrong im grateful for the work that i did and the certs that i got from the college was an added bonus but now i feel sort of out of the loop. I mean do my best to well make a few bob with my new skills but sumtimes you will get the odd fucker who will say ohh massage does not work. Oh i dont want smelly oils put on me when it comes to getting massaged. But you see this is why im sort of grateful that i went to college and graturated and well did all the work that needed to get done for the course. BUt now that i think about it. Im very grateful for the expereince that the stupid college gave me. Granted be it may it was a silly place that i went to but i feel as though i put in enough work to set me up for life.

Now i have to admit that i am taking a break mainly because of the fact that i have been working hard but also i think im going to be slefish here and decide on what i want to do. I think i have made up my mind of travelling abroad and yes im on the case as we speak of sorting iout my plans and making sure that everything falls into place for when the plans do go thru. But i also think that i have had to make massive changes in my own lofe in order to take up the life of a student. I mean when i was doing my holistic health studies i diodnt even have a bean to myself and i could not even go out. So while the other people that i went to college were out having a life i was up till silly hours