Suicide Squad movie review 

Hi guys sorry for my very long absence of late from my blog page.  After a long due kick in the butt I have decided to come back to writing full time and I shall be starting with my review on the new suicide squad movie.  Once again this post will be spoiler free and photos used in this piece I got from Google images and I shall be using my own photos too.

So last Wednesday on the 8th of August I went to see suicide squad with my bestie.  The savoy cinema Dublin held an amazing event in welcoming everyone.  The entertainment provided that night was thanks to Dublin city comic books and collectables and a few familiar faces we all know and love from the Irish world of cosplay.  Pixie stixx and her squad provided an amazing opportunity to get awaiting guests to take photos with and the savoy provided a beautiful set up for the film premier with stands and pictures of the cast from the movie.  Everyone i got to meet before the film were in great form and we’re absolutely excited to see the movie.  

Pixie stixx cosplay and her friends 

After a bit of the usual trailers towards upcoming films we finally sat down got comfy and watched the must anticipated suicide movie. The movie certainly opened up with a bang gorgeous opening titles fantastic colours and introduced each character with a lot of fun and pazzez.  

We first get introduced to each character in a set of small stories and each character to how they all ended up in prison. Each story for each character is interesting as the next and when finding out the story of all our misfits of society you can’t help but warm to each one instantly and you feel like that you can relate to each character and you also feel like you could root for them. 

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller 

Viola Davis from the how to get away with murder TV series plays an absolute blinder of a role in playing the intelligence operatorative amanda waller. while been in a restaurant and introducing each character to the table with her colleagues you know from the start this is a lady you don’t wanna mess with. Viola plays a tough strong character and is absolutely exceptional in telling the story of all the characters and what they have done to get into the slammer.  

Will Smith as Deadshot 

Now this is the part where it gets interesting when the back stories of each character gets going on first meeting deadshot who is a gun man for hire in while his character could play God in choosing in werether you live or die he also has a soft side in the shape and form of his wee daughter. While deadshot is on a job we see flashbacks of his relationship with his daughter. Will Smith’s portrayal of deadshot is nothing short of excellent he’s really beefed up for the role in the movie in both physically and acting wise. He’s really good at playing deadshot and he really works well with our misfits even though we are a lone gunman.  

Jai Courtney as captain boomerang 

While the movie plays out we get to meet a range of different characters.  Captain boomerang is next and he’s an absolute nutter of a guy and you guess it he throws boomerangs and likes to rob banks and take big money with him too. Jai Courtney what can I say the man is absolute joy to watch along with his wee sidekick pinky the unicorn.  He even had a few one liners which made me giggle a lot he’s just like a cheeky Australian guy. 

Jay Hernandez as El Diablo 

As the film unravels we get to meet a few more characters.  We get to meet El diablo a former street gang guy who has the power to set things on fire.  Who has also has a few dark secrets himself. Jay Hernandez plays an absolute blinder on playing the social misfit who who doesn’t want to fight but is happy to hang out with the gang. 

Adewale Akinnuoye Anak as killer Croc 

We also get to meet the big crazy killer Croc. Killer Croc lives up to his name of being a mutant that is incredibly strong and is a cannibal who has to be fed by the guards at a safe distance while living in a sewer part of the prison. He also has a skin condition that has given him his signature mutant look.

We also get to meet Rick Flagg who in turns works along side with both waller and the suicide squad gang and he plays the role of making sure everyone stays in line and executes the mission with fine precision. We also see flash backs of Rick in working with our misfits in prison scenes. 

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg 

Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as joker and Harley Quinn 

We also get to meet a few familiar faces of the squad in the shape and form of both harley quinn and Mr J himself. Margot Robbie played an absolute blinder in the role of harley quinn and certainly got into the role and pulled absolutely no punches in how she brought a classic dc character to life. Robbie brought a lot to the table in playing a crazy psychotic crazy who also has a soft side and is absolutely besotted with her puddin.  Jared Letos intake of the joker was ok but again we didn’t get to see enough of his character onscreen to make an impact on the film. The crazy couple are shown in how they romance developed in a serious of flash backs.  While the writers of the film tried to stay true with the romance from the comics I personally didn’t feel much of it 

Katana played by Karen Fukulana 

We also get to met katanna. She gets to tag along with the gang at later stage of the film. She acts as kyles go to girl and us a martial arts expert who is very experienced in using a sword and will not think twice of slaying you first and asking questions later. 

Enchantress Cara Devevinge 

We also get to meet the alluring enchantress/Dr June moone who is played by model turned actor cara devevinge.  She plays an archaeologist while on her travels finds the statue and decides to open up not knowing that she has unleashed an ancient evil force that turns her into a powerful and evil sorceress. With great power comes great responsibility and hell have no fury when anyone dares to confront or fight the sorceress. 

This is where the suicide squad comes in they have to put their plan into action and stop the evil enchantress.  Now with both training and getting to grips with the equipment they have been given thanks to Rick kyle.  The gang of misfits get to work and try and save the world from a potential unpredictable doom and gloom. 

While I enjoyed a lot of aspects of suicide squad there is too many to mention without giving spoilers away. I feel as though the films directors added a bit too much and rushed into adding too much scenes with either little explanation. Certain aspects of the film didn’t needed to be added in. As regarding jared Letos take on the joker i felt that his portrayal of a classic evil character felt a little one sided.  We didn’t get to see much of his character onscreen and I feel as though when he was on screen it felt a little rushed. While Jared Leto is a fantastic actor we can only hope that more will be added to his story. If there were to be a sequel to this film.

Overall I really enjoyed the film I loved how they pulled it all together in a nice little package and paid homage to the classic suicide squad comic books. This film had everything and more a killer soundtrack awesome actors for each role.  It will be certainly going into my blu ray collection when it’s out. My review of this film is nothing sort of honest.  If you haven’t seen suicide squad go see the film and enjoy it. Just try and not read into the reviews and believe the negative press that it was given.  The bad reviews were absolutely uncalled for if I be honest.  A negative review is just a poor reflection on the reviewers mindset.  I give it 4/5.

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Dublin Comic Con review

So in recent times i was given a chance to part take in Ireland’s first comic con. Now for those of you who dont know what a comic con is. A comic con is a comic book convention in where buyers and sellers alike of both comic books science fiction films and everything that is cool is related to comic books films and even tv and stage shows and i will give you first hand view of what it was like to be at Ireland first and very cool comic book convention. The first Dublin Comic Con event was held in the national arts center that is based in swords co Dublin. It was a 2 day event and even before the evnt kicked off. A lot of the sponsors who partook in the event took to their social media accounts and pushed the event in a very good and clever way. Over the last while they decided to drip feed everyone tidbits of information of who and what will be happening there and needless to say it worked very well.  When i got to see the list myself of who was going and who would be there i only thought that it would be fair that a certain cosplay character would make a special appearance. So for my first comic con event i decided to break the rules and decided to dress up. I decided to go as Arkham asylum Harley Quinn from the batman Arkham game. My reasons for dressing up as Arkham city Harley Quinn is this i loved the character and i also got to dress up as her for last Halloween and she is also quite a fiesty but yet sexy game character who would do anything for her pudding aka the joker.  The process of getting dressed up and into the charcater was an interesting time to say the least. I spend a lot of time in make up alone and well it was a doddle dressing up and portraying here and needless to say i could have not got ready without my friends help so thansk to that certain person in case i havent said it already i would have been lost without your help. When i got into the national arts centre in swords for my first comic con. I was slightly nervous but when i met a few other nice people along the way it than helped me relaxed and when i saw a few people in cosplay i was able to relax and get into my character. My first impression of seeing the comic con was wow. It was an interesting mix of people dressed up as their favourite game characters and i also met a few storm troopers and i even got to meet the gorgeous black cat character from dc comics. Who was just absolutely gorgeous and purred and smiled and welcomed me into the event. Miss black cat was even nice enough to pose along in a picture with me as well. Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 010

The gorgeous Black Cat posing with Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn.

As my day progressed and i got more into my character i got to walk about in the venue and even got a few pics with a few different and interesting characters i also got to see what Dublin Comic Con had to offer. I got to see a lot of irish based comic stalls and even saw a few charities working along with the event that day. I also felt comfortable in meeting different people and i even had a few fans of my character asking me to pose for photos and even saying wow your look is just so amazing and to say the least it was fun. I even got to meet a different Harley Quinn from the video game Harleys Revenge and once again it made the perfect excuse for yet another cool photo opportunity as well.🙂

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 008

awww when Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn met the Harley Quinn from Harleys Revenge

As my day went happily by with ease and immense joy i got to see and partake in a cosplay competition. I got to meet and pose with my 2 favourite cosplayer friends Amy King and Matty Mcmahon. I got to work with both amy and matty for bloom in the phoenix park and when i got to meet them it was great to see them. They both did such a great and wonderful job with the cosplayers and people who got to dress up as their favourite characters. The competition itself was held on the stage nearer to the back of the building and when i got to see who got to dress up as who it was quite an eye opening experience. I got to see so many different outfits and even saw characters i have known and loved for years and it was great to see the detail and time that people put into their outfits and they even got to do their characters signature poses and even gave a little bit about themselves.The one character that stood out was the amazing ironman. The person costume was just without a shadow of a doubt just quite simply amazing to say the least and the detail was spot on. The time and preparation for this look took a few month i do believe but it was most certainly a show stopper to say the least. I also got to see a few cool batman cosplays as well and i also got to see a really cute and very awesome hitgirl from the kickass films so once again thanks and kudos to everyone for the awesome outfits it was certainly very nice to see you al on stage. I even had fun in partaking in the stage and showing off my own outfit and i have to say i had a lot of fun in doing it too.

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 004

The amazing Ironman Cosplay

As my day went on at Dublin Comic Con. I got meet yet another cosplayer friend of mine. I got to meet greet and pose with the awesome John Stubbs. John is a fellow cosplayer and singer song writer who goes under the name stubzy and he got to partake in the fun of dressing up and decided to go along as shredder and needless to say he did an awesome job of dressing up. I got to met and work with John before at another cosplay event a few months and needless to say it was awesome meeting him again at Dublin Comic Con.

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 014

Arkham asylum Harley Quinn posing with shredder 

Another great feature that was featured in Dublin comic con was the awesome tv show the walking dead set. It had two walkers and it also had the famous walking dead background and it also made for a perfect photo opportunity once again i got to pose with the gorgeous amy king and matty mcmahon. I would have to say it was one of the many highlights of my day when i got to pose with this awesome duo and amy just looked gorgeous in her show girl outfit with a gorgeous black corset and skirt and matty just looked so handsome in his waistcoat and cane combo.

 Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 021

Harley Quinn Matty Mcmahon and Amy King posing on the walking dead photo backdrop 

now to wrap up my first day on a good and rather pleasant note i got to meet a very special person. I got to meet the awesome Laura o Neill. I met Laura at a past event and got to pose with her at that event. So when laura decided to dress up as retro Harley Quinn it had the makings of a good opportunity. Lauras boyfriend also got to do videos of Dublin comic con as well so if you do care to check out on what you may have missed. You can catch his work online its called grahammedia and to say the least his work is awesome and its well worthy of a checking out.

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 022

When Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn met retro Harley Quinn

Now for my second day of Dublin Comic Con. I decided not to dress sadly boo hiss i know your all saying that but i did however got to partake in a demo which you will all hear about later. So for my second day i decided to have a closer look of what the venders had to offer for the irish comic book and tv show fan. To say the least i saw a lot of awesome things that i love and enjoy doing and watching. The first stall that sprung to mind was irish retro gaming. Irish retro gaming is an irish run company that supplies the old style game consoles such as sega mega drive Nintendo and a few others that all use 90s children got to play. I even got to play with my old buddy sonic the hedgehog and it brought back a lot of good happy memories. The consoles themselves are relatively inexpensive and the company will even happy deliver them to your home too. I would have to say for any game of any age would love to have these retro games in your house please make sure you check them out on their facebook page.While checking out other stalls i got to see what Dublin comic con had to offer and needless to say i was spoiled for choice. I got to check out a few stalls that were quite interesting to say the least and i also got to check out FX make up. FX make up is an irish based make up company that supply everything for your costume and prosthetic make up needs. The girls were very helpful and super friendly and have a facebook page so please check them out online.

As my day progressed on a good even speed i got to meet the gorgeous alternative inked up model that is Melissa Hayward. For those of you qwho are not familiar with Melissa work shes alt model who has done a lot of work and has got work done online with a few webpages online and can be even seen regularly at When i got to meet Melissa it was such a pleasant and nice experience. Melissa is really down to earth and ever so nice and polite and really sweet and being a fan of hers i had to well ask her nicely for a pic of me and her and she of course said yes so just in case if i haven’t said this before thanks again Melissa for posing with me it was so awesome meeting you.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 009

Myself posing with the lovely and ohh so gorgeous model Melissa Hayward 

Now being at the second day of comic con not dressed up to do anything made me slightly well awkward but that feeling soon stopped when i bumped into a friend of mine. I got to meet the lovely people Siobhan and Tom from the British prosthetics and make up company Nimba creations. Nimba creations are a uk based company that specialize in zombie style make up and protestics and when tom needed a willing victim i mean ahem vounteller i was happy to well partake and offered my services. I will glady show you guys a before and after picture of what he got to do on my face. Meeting tom you could see how much of a nice pleasant guy he was. Tom really enjoys what he does and he gave a demo on how to get the zombie eye and also gave great advice to the crowd and myself while he worked his magic on me. The zombie eye itself was build over a set amount of time using a prostetic eye and a lot of fake blood and also some make up to make it so that it blended in with my skin tones and when i got to wear the prostestic through out the day i have to say it was so comfortable to wear and it was cool to get strange looks from other fellow comic con fans but it was cool when people asked to take pics of the zombie girl.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 001

The before shot with Nimba creations front man Tom pre zombie girl 

me zombie

The building up to the zombie girl look 

(Photo credits Mare Lou Facebook 2013)

me zombie 2

Long behold here comes zombie girl

(photo credits Mare Lou facebook 2013)

So when i got my nearly zombie girl look done i decided to well have a little bit of fun of my own and boy what fun i got the have. I decided to well walk around the enitre event at comic con and sacer the byjaysis out of a few people with my eye and even got to pose for pics as well. But no day is complete by partaking in a game of zombie hunting. Thats right i decided to head outdoors in the beautiful sunshine and well decide to let the little zombie hunters hunt me down and play a game of tag gently with the little hunters and needless to say it was great fun to say the least. I also well met and taunted a few team zero members and even let a few hunters shoot me with their little form darts and their little faces lit up when they saw me and it was to say the least quite a good laugh to have with both the zeros and the little zombie hunters to🙂.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 052

Ohhh no consorting with the enemy that is a team zero member is never ever a good ideal😉

Now when i had my fun of playing tag zombie games with the children i decided to go back inside for a final few last pics and meets with friends when i got to meet and greet the awesome and beautiful babydoll from sucker punch. Needless to say once again amy king pulled out all the stops and played her role of baby doll so well. We also got to meet a rather cute cosplayer who did her own spin of alex from a clockwork orange and once again it was a sheer joy in meeting her and getting her to pose with us as well.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 038

Sucker Punch Babydoll Alex Clockwork orange and zombie girl 

So to sadly wrap up my visit of Dublin comic con i got see and pose with a rather cute yet crazy dude with a mind for revenge and torture i will give you another clue to who i got to see and pose with. hes small hes got ginger hair and well hes possessed with the spirit of a murderer and this little dude could not let me sleep for a week when i first saw him in a film that was made and yet banned in the 1990s. Yes i got to meet chucky and needless to say it made for yet another fun photo opportunity and i would just like to say thanks to Dublin comic books and collectibles for this great photo to pose with this cute evil little dude.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 065

Awww dont we make such a cute couple hey…

Now i would like like to say with this being my first time cosplaying and being at my first comic con. I have to say that it was the best experience i have ever had in such a long time. I got meet so many awesome people and even got to see some cool items that were on sale as well. Comic cons are for everyone really and it does not mean that you have to be in a set group in order to go out and enjoy yourself at these events. I think Dublin comic con event planners and organisers did this event justice and it even got a few people and their products on the map and it had the makings for two days of sheer fun and pleasure. I do most certainly hope that they have it again next year with more to offer and it is also a great way to meet new people and to see your favourite comic book film and cosplay hero and there is no akwardness around cosplayers as i found out as everyone so so nice and down to earth and so easy to approach and talk to. The only thing i would recommend for events like this is to arrive early and go with the flow and visit and partake in any events that are on these days. I would also like to say thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome and also a personal heart felt thanks to my friend for helping me get ready and get into the mindset of Harley Quinn many thanks to everyone else i got to meet pose chat and work with and also many thanks to the events planners and organisers lets hope we have a kick ass time at Dublin Comic Con 2014.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 074

Stop me if you have heard this team zero a zombie girl and batgirl walk into Dublin Comic Con 

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Album review Thomas Janak featuring Richard Keogh Sun Moon and Stars

Following the superb journey album that was written and produced by my friend and fellow animal rights activist and radio producer Thomas Janak. Thomas has recently went back to the studio and this time instead of going back alone he has decided to bring along some company. Yes oh yes Thomas is back with a new album and also have decided to do this album with this friend Richard Keogh.

Both Thomas and Richard have decided to work on and produce a new album called sun moon and stars and i of course have the album here and i got the wonderful chance again to review this new awesome work. For those of you who are not familiar with Thomas Janak’s work Thomas’s  work is what i would best describe dreamy ambient chill out electronica album with something for everyone. With Richard Keogh also working on this album it has made this album really enjoyable to listen to.

One of the songs that i really enjoyed on this album was the first track falling away. You have its signature ambient electronic gentle guitar strumming and the lyrics were also very soothing to listen to best describe the song it was talking about the changes that can happen through out our lives and i could relate to this song because i have been there myself and have had recent changes and change can always be a good thing to have.

The 2nd song i really liked on the album was a better place, It opened with great keyboard styles that reminded me of kraftwerk and blissful beats and beautifully sun lyrics as well i have to say i really enjoyed the piece and it made it quite a good easy listening pleasure to play in the background.

The song that also really stood out for me was the beautiful we are like strangers. It had a gorgeous futurist sound to it and a great pop sound to it as well. I have to say i really enjoyed listening to it and both Thomas and Richard made not only this song but all the songs really enjoyable to listen to.

I have to say in listening to this album a few times over i have to say i really enjoyed it. if you like chilled out blissful beats with german electricona than this album is for you.  I have to say it’s so nice to listen and its got something for everyone and i would highly recommend everyone check this album out.



all good things are coming to an end

So this is a kind of sad bitter sweet piece to write. No i am not quitting the blog to move to pastures new and raise mountain goats and cows and a team of well trained border collies while my husband tends to his own business at home while i raise and train the puppies (but still a girl can dream of an easier simpler life). But of late i have noticed well a lot of groups as in bands are breaking up. It was of kind of a surprise when i head about my friends group breaking up. I cant say names due to privacy reasons. But sadly on FB a statement more or less saying me and K**** are breaking up i do wish him all the luck in the world the night that me placed in the named location will be our last gig. Thanks again to all who came and supported us your support is greatly appreciated. Now when i heard this news it made me sad. It was the 2nd band who will have well disbanded and moved on. I know of another person who left a high profile group who are now rocking up the itunes charts now and they are from my home town.

Now while the said group are rocking and storming up itunes the person who left the band is now well comfortably doing a few gigs here and there. On my way home from the city today i saw them perform and thought yeah ok they are good however why or what was your decision to leave this said group. Now sadly in well recent times of late. I have decided to well take a different course of writing and not well review any more gigs. My reason for this is mainly because i cant seem to find good groups that are worthy of my attention and ahh people are not exactly coming forward to be the main stars of this page. But enough about groups making it and breaking it. The subject matter in question is this? Why give up give in or move away from something that does not make you happy anymore.

Now if i dare tempt to play with fate i have always believed in if certain things do not enlighten you make you happy or serve you of no purpose value or if it does not make you happy anymore than leave it be. Now i have taken a back seat of late with a few certain things and here is my reasons why. I have been recently down and its 17 months since a close person that i loved so much left me for well the reunion in the sky with other family members and pets. In saying that i have decided look this is not going to kill my desire or joy for the things that i love doing. I am now determined to get back to my game and own it and fine tune it and play it my way. But say jesus i decided look ok i’m calling time on writing im calling time on my photography and spending time with my nearest and dearest in the city. I think it would be one of those well dear john letter kind of situations. But when i took my step back from everything i felt relaxed and relieved. I felt like that there was no unspoken pressures put on me there was no need to hit deadlines at certain times and i felt like i could breath.

But what if i never got back to what drives me and makes me happy. Would i have started anew again like people past and present have done. In my case i dont think so. I think if im not happy i change things around to suit me and me only. But it would appear sadly of late people are chopping and changing everything about. Now that i think about it its kind of messing up the order of everything. I know some people keep logs in their houses and a picture of how everything is suppose to be at a said time and date. No offensive when i say this but that maybe is not a good thing to have not anymore. I can happily admit now that i will try and go forth with my own ideas and more. But those people who give up the game or the race so soon are not benefiting but i would say more so loosing more than they could gain. Once again this is what i think im not right nor am i wrong. But i do think if i love and care for something or someone i fight for it and work things out. I just dont give up and walk away it serves no one when that happens.

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the art of conversation sadly dying a death?

So how r u? wot u up 2 2nght? Sorry i havent been hacked or anything but sadly it would seem now in today’s technology filled world we all seemed to be a slaved to this dreaded illness that is not only the text message but also the cursed social networking sites. Now being well a self proclaimed social networking ahem enjoy  i was going to use another word but i think that word would not see me or carry me in a really good light. But of late i have cut down massively on my social networking sites and habits. My reason for cutting down has been mainly due to the fact that well i dont have much to say and also i have this thing called a life that needs to be fed with good nutritious  nights out with real people and also having face to face conversations with my nearest and dearest. Right the real reason i have bailed on social networking sites was mainly because i had dinner with a mate a little while back and while i was tending to my meal and enjoying my wine. They were istragraming images of their food. Like hipsters before them they decided to take a picture of their food and long behold put it on a social networking site. now am not being bad or anything but last time i checked in you cant eat a photograph of food you can well show it off but why again do this for. I think i have found my answer people always feel the need to catalog every part of their lives now online and it is now causing well a lot of concern. Im not saying that im an angel and i post nothing on online but i use social networking sites like they are my bitch.

I do feel sometimes i do worry in how people use and share a little bit to much of themselves online and do we know when and how to stop. Now last weekend i was at a friends events and of course pictures were taken and i posed in a few and even got tweeted in one or 2 pics and yes it was fun. It was one of those caught in the moment kind of things. Now i havent even posted these online mainly because i like to have an air of mystery and privacy about me. But also free lancing as a photographer model and cosplayer i feel that sometimes i need to rein myself in and how i present myself in the online world. I think also what is annoying me of late is how people are forever messaging their friends online even when they are in the same room. FFS hey kids have some news for you here you know if you put your phone down and open your mouths sounds comes out now engage your brains to well

But sadly i am well aware that i have done this topic to death but i do have to say that there is certain advantages of well getting online to a social networking scene. Like today for example i recent met an artist thru facebook and she did an amazing picture of sheps my border collie and to say the least i will post up her work and get her out there. The added bonus of her showing me her work has now even got me a new tattoo artist to work with. Now in saying this i have promised well f and when i get work done ink wise or what not i may show certain people but than again i may keep this in hiding. Once again i like to well keep an air of mystery about me and well keep them all guessing.

But here is a creepy thing that well crops up from time to time. Why and what the fudge is this who liking option got to do with social networking hey. I was recently at an event and well i was tagged as i was in a photo with 1 close friend and long behold someone likes this pic. So am i assuming here you approve of this pic you have decided to well give your say so and say yes i do rather like this pic. Emm unless you were there at that give time than please unlike better still f**k off away from this photo all together.

But my main question is this do we need to have this digital log that we need to update day in day out. i think not. i cant think or remember the last time i posted something up. I do remember though that the last time i posted something up it was a personal post and while i stood back and remembered what i said and the memories i had behind the post a smile appeared on my face. it was one of those contented smiles that i havent had in a long time. but sadly it didnt last for 5 mins cue an idiot person commenting on the post ohh whats that all about than. It was than in a fit of anger i took the post done and deleted my account. It was rather rash and childish but hey it needed to be done. I feel sort of better for doing it. i think if i do have moments in where i want to share well personal things i will just maybe keep it under lock and key.

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flipping the kill switch

break up

This break up was brought to you by our sponsors facebook

So as you may know in recent times i met someone from my past and if i do remember correctly i posted up a piece on this matter some blogs back and well since than recent things have developed so i wanted to well make it read worthy and just had to get it out of my system.

Now the other day i met my ex’s friends in a local fast food restaurant and decided to sit with him and his kiddies and shoot the breeze while he was tending to his chiselers as you do on a busy Tuesday morning. It wasnt my intention to talk and stay long with the friend but i always did have time for this person in question. So after a quick coffee and scooping up one chiselers at a time. It turns out that well my ex was not entirely honest when it came to a few events that happened well in recent times. You see the ex apparently told a few other people that i asked him for a second chance but once again just to clarify things i didn’t and with that i had to clean up this mess once more. Once i had cleared up a few things with the friend i walked away with my head help up high.

But here is my question to you all. Should we as people always feel the need to have ghosts of our past hanging around and lingering about like a bad presence or worse still like a bad smell. Here is my views on what i think about this matter. Anytime i meet someone and i date them things go ok and everything is ok. but say through no fault of my own and say things dont work out i just break up with them and move on. I delete them from my facebook i take out all pictures that reminded me of happy times and yes even i get rid of their numbers from my phone and here is my reason why to rash decisions and actions. I just think the quick getting rid of everything movement is not a self defensive move its more like hmm ok i dont need this bs following me around and i also need to think about things and about my own life.

What i dont understand is when people like to keep lingering on in the past and keep mementos of things that may remind them of them and that time that they were in that made them happy. Its now even made worse on social networking sites. I now see with people getting together and splitting up there is pics that may have been tagged on their sites and with that comes up the curious cat in all of us the one that feels the need to check out the pics and comments and cue yes the stomach churning questions that come with looking at past posts such as is she prettier than me do you still have feelings for her/him and i wont even go there with the rest of this. But you see this is why i flip the kill switch.

I like to think of deleting past photos and servering ties with the past because it may not serve as any purpose in the future. I know this may appear as heartless but hey a girl has to do what shes gotta do in order to survive in this world and most importantly in this life. Now sadly this may also mean i may loose friends over this strongly opinionated piece of work but im choosing to stick to my guns in this stance. Does it make me selfish no does it make me a bitch no it just makes me more saner for doing this sharp and rash move and it also saves me a fortune in therapy bills as well.


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lost for words and everything in between

So it would appear of late i am yet again going thrpugh the yearly slump in where nothing is going on. After the incredible high of being in bloom in the phoenix park with my cosplayer friends im now feeling flat. Now even the sheer thought of purchasing my mumford and sons tickets next week can even pick me up. I dont know once again why this is for. I guess im just feeling lost and massively confused. I did however found out that its now exactly a year to the date that a handsome laughing chavlier popped into my life turned me upside a few times and always make me laugh with his minion impressions and always fed me good food and always had time for a joke and good smoke. But of late we haven’t well being in touch and that makes me sad. It makes me sad in a way because i enjoy the buzz of being around them and having a laugh. But sadly of late i have once again lost the interest and passion for a lot of things. Im now even a distance stranger on social networking sites and yes even i dont tweet anymore. Yeah im going through the monthly slumps to end all slumps and f**k me i hate the way it makes me feel.

I have now even become a snappy horrible person even the thought of doing certain things now makes me really upset. Like say for one example im suppose to be going air softing next weekend in a world war 2 scenario game and that does not even lift my spirits. So yeah to say the least im not exactly going through a good time once again and yes it is to say the least a complete mind f**k to say the least. But in saying this now i know better than to post up personal stuff on my blog but i do know what needs to be done and i need to well assess everything and more in my life. But like every time i do the assessing part nothing seems to change and i once again am left like feeling a rat on a wheel running around constantly.  To say the least vagab0ndage is is a vicious cycle and seriously needs to get this dealt with and soon.

But you see i kind of feel like that i am at times bending over backwards to please people that i dont even like anymore. I mean i do love the rush i get sometimes for when it comes to going out and well enjoying what i do but of late the buzz is not felt i feel slightly uncomfortable in everything i say do or even touch or even bring up and i now at times cry scream even walk out at situations like this and sadly its killing me hugely. Once again i am reminded that i have brought this subject up again but jesus christ something has really got to give and soon. The way i feel right now i could maybe roll over and give up on everything and not even care anymore. I so do not want to do this but jesus christ what other option do i have. now even writiong up on this tough issue again is making me feel uncomfortable and i think it would be high time to well asses everything and keep whats worth fighting for and throw away whats not worth having here. so wish me luck on this.

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