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jingle bells rocks review

Due to current circumstances beyond my control this blog piece is late due to a beverment of a close family member that passed away a few months ago. So please bear with me i was going thru a difficult time and im only after getting around to writing it now.


A few months back i was invited to the jingle bells rock gig at the ruby rooms @ katie gallaghers in bray co wicklow. The gig was a fundraising gig to raise funds for the semora youth cafe that is based in bray co wicklow.  So to say the least it had an impressive lineup of singers and bands performing on the stages that night. I have to say that the venue was nice and beautifully laid out with a nice christmassy feeling to it.

The first band to open the night was the awesome punk rock band pimps and gimps. the pimps and gimps are a local bray n=band that consist of the following members Rob punx Stephen ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan – Guitar / vocals Brian ‘Trip’ Horan – Bassand Patryck graczic – Lead guitar. I have to say that the guys should is a punk rock element for todays upcoming punk rockers with an essence of old school rock and punk that reminds of the classic punk groups that we all use to listen to back in the day. Sully and his group get the crowd agoing and rocking out to all their songs. A personal favourite song of mine is lets go radio which is to me a new age classic punk with awesome guiter riffs and a banging beat of drums. The guys who i know personally are such a great bunch of lads and i would highly recommand that every1 checks them out. granted be it may you may go slight deaf from their gigs but anyways having good hearing is always over rated hee hee hee. The amazing energy of the pimps and gimps can be seen on stage and give such awesome live shows and you can see how the band work together to make such awesome riffs and truely awesome tunes. As a punk rocking chick who loves all things punk whether it being the fashion the ink or even the music scene the gimps are one to check out and they always have the makings of a great night out when you see them perform. Whether if they play down the harbour or even in the city if you like your punk music raw hard and really really loud do yourself a huge massive favour and check these boyos out. their music is available to check out and share on facebook. just type in pimps and gimps and like their page i promise all you punk rockers you will not be disapointed in any way shape or form.  please click on the below link to listen the pimps and gimps perform their own original material 19 which was filmed in sweeneys.



Pimps and Gimps doing what they do best rocking out the joint


The next performer that was performing that night was the semoras very own jade shannon mccann. Jade is a young performer singer song writer that usually performs down at the local hot spot that is the harbour bar but she decided for that night she would give her vocal talents for the night of the jingle bell rocks gig. Her beautiful and awesome performance of christina perrys jar of hearts song was without a shadow of a doubt a truely amazing performance. her voice is remarkable and so beautiful as well. Now i have heard a few other songs that jade has done and hits lovely and talented lady has even wrote a few of her own songs which makes her a truely talented and awesome lady to boot as well. Shes also one of the most down to earth performers i got the great pleasure of listening to and i do see big things happening for this lovely lady. I think if any1 wants a great night of good music i would check out jade shannon mccann. Make sure to check out her own original material on her facebook page. I have in recent times have listened to the hauntly beautiful mixed emotions i think any1 who likes listening to great female singer song writers like laura marling sia and lisa hanigan would enjoy jades music style and her truely remarkable voice.

The lovely jade shannon mccann performing jar of hearts

The next band to high light and make the night amazing was our very own flyin ashtrays. this awesome 5 piece group consist of lead vocals kris finnerty-Lee Taylor-Lead Guitar Vocals /Guitar  Craig Healy, Drums – Anto Gunning, and on bass dave meehan. The flyin ashtrays sound is to say the least awesome and loud with a subtle hint of old school rock grunge and some classic rock stylings from such greats like the doors kings of leons red hot chilli peppers but to name a few. Now in recent times the band has decided to work on a fresh sound and with both kris finnerty and lee taylor doing the vocals they have the makings of an awesome band to come out bray in recent times of late. They got the crowd going and getting on their feet and dancing along to their songs that night at the jingle bells rock gig and to say the least it had the makings of an awesome night and you also could not meet a nicer bunch of lads as well. I would have to say my favourite song of theirs is down hill such a great song with a rock edge and an alternative twist to boot as well. If do see big things happening for these guys in 2012 and for those of you who love your rock and alternative edgy music these lads are one to look out for.  I think if your ever in need of a good night out make sure to be at one of the flyin ashtray gigs i can assure you you will not be disappointed at all.

The flyin ashtrays

Ohhh another act that i saw perform that night was the awesome was the lovely Caoimhe Duane. Caoimhe Is a professional singer who also does work the the great macfleetwood band who are a truely awesome fleetwood mac tribute band. Her music stylings were to say the least made for an awesome night of great music. she did an unplugged version of a few classic hits and when i heard cyndi laupers true colours it was truely amazing and it also goes to show ya that you dont need a big band to back you up when you just have an acostic guiter and powerful voice to entertain every1. I have to say that caoimhes vocie was truely remarkable and amazing and if any1 needs to check out her music and even her bands music please go onto her facebook page and that is where you will find her awesome and powerful voice and truely awesome dress style as well.

 Caoimhe Duane performing her music at the jingle bells rock gig

The last but not to say the least band that was performing that night was the awesome run for cover. As the name would say run cover are a Simon Growney – Ross Sheridan – Guitars, Dylan Nolan – Bass, Michael Fenton – Drums,. Now these guys know how to rock the joint out with great classic covers from the likes of old bands and new. I love their edgy rock sound and they also know how to get the crowd going and their stylings of 7 nation army by the white stripes got the whole joint litterly rocking out and with their cool style they are sure to keep every1 rocking and paryting thruout the night in where ever they play their inpending gigs.

Run for cover 

Now i would also like to say that all acts that have been done up in this piece are truely anazing and well worthy of your time so please do yourselfs all a favour and make sure to check out all these awesome acts and bands. Also many many thanks to every1 who took the time out to help me with not only this piece but also thanks for the time and patience in my recent sad time of loss.

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