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A sweet piece about music and the wonderful Ms Melody Gardot

Hiya guys hope your all well.


I am going to write abut my favourite thing to do in the world apart from writing this blog watching hollyoaks ( there will be a small piece on hollyoaks coming soon so watch this space) and cooking. One of my great passions is music. I love listening to music. I like all kinds of music if you can name it you will probably find it on my MP3 player. I have to say i have an eclectictaste when it comes to music i like all kinds of music from rock pop irish folk dance oh god i will be here all night telling you all about what music i like. So i will get straight to the point.  I am going to write a piece n a avery talented young lady that i stumbled up on while i was on you tube and i would certainly highly recommand that you check her out. Her voice is beautiful and when i listen to her music she just stirs something in my very soul. She is also a jazz singer which is briallnt becasue i love jazz so much. I love miles davis and the old school crew of brillant jazz singers and I have to say when i listen to jazz it just takes me to another place and its a really good place to go to.  So anytime i need to take some timeout for me i would put on a jazz cd pour out a glass of red wine and just relax and loose myself in the music.

So without further adue i introduce to you Ms Melody Gardot. this wonderful singer is from england and with her good looks and smoky sound she is most certainly got a permanent place of residence of my heart. But what makes her stand out from all other jazz singers is she has a brlliant talent but behind that brillant talent lies a very sad story. i actually read her story in glamour magazine so i will be taking pieces out of the magazine to put in this blog. Melody was in college studying for her fashion degree when one day tradegy struck. She was cyling to work on her bike to a resturant in which she worked to pay for her college fees when she was hit by a car. Sadly she was taken to hospital and when the doctors did tests on her to check her reflexs in her legs they didnt work. So when her doctor came in to tell her the bad news that she could not walk again. She just fell silent and said with a smile on her face oh well i can get a really cool wheelchair and i can still use my hands so i could also go to an art course and start to paint. 

Melody than had to have therapy and slowly but surely it started to work. She went in to a rehabliation centre and started to do aqua therapy this is a type of therapy in which a therapist would place you in in a tank and it would fill up with water and with the  help of the water it takes the gravity away so it makes learning to walk again not so painful. So with the help of occupational therapy and yoga and huge support from her family she has slowly but surely has learned to walk again. melody now walks with a stick but as she says in the interview people dont need to know that about me. Also she has to wear special tinted glasses due to the accicent that i had my sight got damaged badly so it there is a reason in which she wears the glasses. I have read other blogs about this girl and i think that if anything the glasses that she wears only adds to the wonderful and beautiful singer and person that she is today.


I have to say that while reading her interview and listening to her music i could not fault this girl even if i could. Shes amazing talented she looks really beautiful when shes performing. There is a lesson to be learned in this story no matter what shite life decides to throw in our direction it can make or break us as people. I am glad to have read and listened to some of her work and she is amazing her voice is just beyond wonderful. She has a great talent and she can blow the amy whinehouses out of the water. (yes i know winehouse is the proper spelling but i dont really like amy winehouse shes not really for me).  So i will give you a link so you can check it out for yourself and you can tell me what you think of Melody Gardot.  I hope you all enjoy it and i will say good bye for now.

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I have the diet blues

Hiya guys hope your all well and life is treating you good.

Well me i am not doing so good at all. I have been sick for the last while and when i say sick i mean very sick. I think its due to the stress of everything really. I mean this whole global money crisis havent helped anyone and the whole thing of not having a whole lot of money in the kitty hasnt helps things either. So after a while of being sick i decided to go to the doctr. I have had crippling tummy pains for the last while and well anytime i ate some food well i wasnt keeping it for long. I also noticed a little while back i was getting a bit too skinny for my liking. Dont get me wrong i am a skinny girl but when i started to see a size zero person standing in front of my mirror instead of me i was starting to worry.

So i took a trip to my GP last week. Only to see that my regular doctor wasnt there so i had to see the part time doctor that is actaully a parttimer who comes in to cover the other doctors that might be on leave or might be on holiday. Now i have to say that i hate seeing new doctors its something that i dont like doing. Seeing a complete stranger and telling her my most personal information about me and who i am and what i do. So as i knocked on the door i was greeted by a somewhat nice lady doctor. So tell me she says what can i do for you today she said in a cheery voice. Well i have been sick for the last while and i havent been eating properly and i need you to fix this problem. Okay dokey she says and as i took off my jacket she gave me this shocked looked on her face. Have you been eating properly ms rogers she said as she poked at my frame with her finger. Well you see thats the probelm i have been sick for the last while and i cant eat. So as soon as she said down and i got dressed i was given the low down on my shocking weight loss.

So i told her i was under stress and anytime i ate food i could not keep it in me. So she told me staright away what it was. I think you should avoid dairy and wheat for the next while. Try and take some vitamins and try and cut back on the stress. Wwhn she said cut back on the stress i could have cried. I had to tell her what was going on living in a bad neighbour hood and worrying about my sick mum. So she wasnt all that helpful so when were finsihed i got my coat and walked away. I went for walk thru the park and had a little time to myself and think about whats been going on and how to fix this problem. When i went home i typed in my little problem to yahoo answers and 2 minutes later i got the answer and not only the answer some nice tasty recipes to help me alone the way.

I now have cut all dairy and wheat away from my diet and i am feeling a bit better in myself. My skin is starting to clear up my body is slowly starting to accept food again and i actaullyfeel better in myself. I think the only thing that i miss from my diet is my latte coffees but its a small sacrifice  to getting back to proper health. I am eating plenty of greens and lots of vegetables and some red meat and lots of fish but i am getting there towards better health.  So in a way this blog is just to clear up a few things about me and my health and why i have been commenting on my dairy and wheat free diet on facebook.

So i say goodbye to you and i hope that this clears things up.


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I heart films

Now the link i have used for this blog is the jigsaw doll from the saw movies. Hes one creepy little dude and if you read the blog i have wrote a piece on the saw movies.  I hope you enjoy it

Now just a word of warning these are my own views on this blog and if you dont like it well dont read it. I dont want the guilt trip of making some angry or miffed because i am just telling it like it is.

So i have become quitea movie buff of late. mainly thanks to my sky box and of course buying shares in my local video shop. (before you ask i am kidding like i would buy shares with the currant stockmarket and oh yeah lack of funds) .  So i have watched some interesting films of late and in this blog i would like to reccomand a few films that i have watched of late and and what has been really pissing me off with the whole film industry of late.


I have been watching a mixture of good and bad films and i have been watching the new films that have come to dvd. One film that i would recommand watching is slumdog millionaire director danny boyle. I can actaully see why that it won a rakeful of awards and a whooping 8 oscars. Its a really good film about a young boy who goes on the indian version of who wants to be a millionaire and it shows you his life story alone the way and how he had not had not easy. I have to say its quite a charming film very enjoyable a bit tough to watch at times but really good. Some bits made me laugh some bits made me cry and others make me think about eeven though if you go through the shit times of life it can make a better and stronger person and wehn you go through the tough times it can make you the person that you are today. i have to admit i have not had an easy life but watching this film made me realise that even the little guy gets a break in life he or she wont have it easy but they also do get a break in life. Whether it is good of bad it is up to the person themselves and what cards they decide to play in the game of life.


Another film i actually watched and really enjoyed was hes not that into you. Its got a brillant cast Ben Affleck Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Connelly Drew Barrymore and a few other good actors. Its basically a chick flick and one for the girls this film is. What did put me off though in getting this movie to rent was that the writers from sex and the city wrote the script from the film and my first thoughts were on no not more sex and the city god i hate that show. But needless to say i got the film and guess what  actually enjoyed it was quite good great storylines and it had funny one liners as well. while watching this film i saw certain people that i know that have certain relationship problems and what made the film good was in whow they dealt with each problem. It also had a great performance from Jennifer Anistion. I am so in a Jennifer Anistion mood of late. I cant fault the girl even if i could i really do love her shes such a wonderful actress and she would be most likely my best friend to hang out if i had a best friend of course. But yeah if you fancy having a girls night in its a film i would highly recommand watching.

I also got to watch the Kill Bill series and mostly i watched out of respect for the late actor David Carradine who sadly passed away. I am a total kung fu fan and i also loved the fightscenes in the film. I loved that scene with the Uma Thurman knocking out the crazy 88s one by one. I also loved the scene in whcih she spanks the young crazy 88er it was just too funny for words. It was also good that Uma Thurman can hold her own in such a hugely popular film that is Kill Bill. I also loved the way she always had the upper hand on all of her enemies their strengths their weaknesses and i also loved the fightscenes when i saw the fightscenes they looked really punishing to do at times and i just got really tired looking at certain fights i was like wow she much of had to have a whole lot of energy to do them. I also loved the fact the Quentin Tarantino used manga animation as well as black and white photography for the still shoots when it came to the brides wedding in el paso texas. It was shot very well and what can i say the man is a genius.

Now with great views sadly has to come bad reviews well not bad reviews as such but sometimes film directors and writers can come up with a bad idea that might make or break a product that they intend to make into a million dollar franchise.

Now i have started to watch the saw movie series. If you have never watched the saw series the saw films are about The franchise revolves around the fictional character of John Kramer, also called the “Jigsaw Killer”, introduced in Saw (2004), who rather than kill his victims outright, traps them in situations, which he calls “tests” or “games”, in order to test their will to live via physical or psychological torture. Now the main character john kramer has a simple mission in the film. If you do not appricate your life he will find you kidnap you have to take part in a game or a tarp in order for you to survive. I have only seen the films of late but judging by what i have read in blogs and reading film reviews online i think that this is a pretty good films to watch. Each saw film is gross and strangely addictive to watch. The only problem i had with saw was that i had to watch them twice because i would ask my friend who watched the films with me why is that bloke in the trap for and what does he have to do get set himself free. I have actaully watched all the saw movies.  The last one i watched was saw 5 and it was good but heres the thing. The makers of saw are going to stretch the francise to a whooping 8 movies. As far as i know saw 6 is being made at the moment but what i am thinking here is over kill. Without giving too much away how can you make any more saw movies when the main charcter is long gone from the film. I think that the writers of saw better pull a great big cat out of the bag while trying to make a new saw film. If you think about it if you try and make another film without your main guy or girl in film well whats the point of making it. I know a certain film company that made the omen films. They made i think 4 films and they stopped. But i think that a television company got hold of the rights of the omen film and made it into a tv show needless to say it destroyed the credabilty of the film itself and the writers of the omen i think got seriously pissedwhen the tv got cancelled. It just goes to show you really when you do something good stay at your craft and try for the love of god not to mess it up.

So thats all from me with my films reviews if you guys and girls have seen anything good of late please let me know. Remember all comments welcome


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meah i cant be bothered

oh why do i bother i sigh to myself. This has been happening a lot of late. I am currently not sleeping all well of late and i feel as though that everything is so hard to do. I know that i am being bitchy here but i tend to get like this from lack of sleep. This is going to be short but sweet as i cant function my brain from my sleeping problem.

Although if you do have any helpful advice on my sleeping problems please do drop me a line plese and the best answer will get a goodie bag and i big hug from me.


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Big Brother The end of celebrity as we speak


I write this blog with great interest and wonder. I would like to say thanks to a few people who helped me in write this piece and I hope that some parts of it make you laugh cry or wonder why we live in this so called obsessed world that is so full of its so called Big brother  celebs and the BS they tend to feed us with each pathetic lines and the things that they do to please us. ( These are my views and if you are easily offended plsease dont read on)

 I actually watched a documentary during the weekend called big brother 10 years in he headlines. For those of you who don’t know what big brother is. It was a tv show that was created in the year 200o0. its idea was that you get 12 nobodies from the streets of England and maybe in this case Ireland to live in a big house. That sounds grand I hear you all cry? Hate to break it to you guys but this big brother house has cameras every where. You cant run and hide there are cameras everywhere. Its no ordinary house. In staying in this house you have to do tasks and if you get the tasks right you win a prize. Plus it also helps that if you lie cheat and scheme way though this house you have a better chance of winning. You have to stay in this house for so many weeks and you have get on with not only your so called friends housemates but you have to win the affection from the public.


I have to say that I did watch big brother the first season and I thought it was good in a way. I thought it was a gameshow in a way in which that you the public have control over who stays and why you want them to stay. I think when big brother came out it was good a fun concept and I laughed at the way that these people did anything to stay in this house. But now that we are entering the 10 year mark I am getting sick of big brother.

What was actually a good idea to do 10 years back this so called social experiment  is now a shameless tacky way of being a celeb now. I can actually remember years back that when I was reading magazines. I only read the nice mags like hello magazine, cosmo,. But now thanks to the rise of the so called celeb we have magazine racks full of these so called celebs. I think when I was watching 10 years in the headlines.  It made for good thinking really. So once upon a time there was a magazine editor called mark firth and he worked for a little magazine called HEAT magazine. Now heat magazine was struggling and they didn’t know what to do. So mr firth had the great idea of putting these non celebs on the cover of HEAt magazine. It was gamble by all means because for a simple reason that when you entered the big brother house you were a nobody but now that these people were leaving the big brohter house they were selling their souls to you got it the magazines. Now the gamble has luckily payed off and now you cant go anywhere without seeing the twits from big brother clogging up good magazine space. Now its no secret that I love my mags I actually love HEAT magazine. It’s a good magazine and I think its great when it comes to its fashion pages and its also great for the celeb stories. But I think now thanks to big brother its slowly but surely ruining the whole reason of being a celeb.


Its not only big brother who is ruining he whole thing of being a celeb it’s the way of the gate way being opened for other shows that are being made. I mean I spend the whole weekend flicking in between stations. I think I must have seen about 20 shows based on this so called celebs. I think what is the sad thing is when these sp called Celebs have had their little 15 minutes of fame what do they do after that. Most people would say oh I can go back to my day job answering phones or what ever people do for work now but what has been annoying of late is when the so called celebs want more than 15 minutes of fame. Sure its easy if you are a girl you can how do you say become a lad mags favourite by doing risky photoshoots in which you would have to waer little of no clothes at all. If you’re a boy you could do the same visa versa by going down the road of going to the girls magazines and wearing very little and telling such naughty secrets but if that really a job I think not.

I once watched a clip on youtube called one woman band and she said the following its great if your famous for 15 minutes but I have to get back to my day job. It’s a good thing to say because we both know that this woman entertained many people but it also shows you that she knows when not to be the annoying so called celeb. I actually curse the day big brother ever came on to our TV screens. I just hope that TV executives know that people are so sick of this idiot’s entertainment that is big brother. Please for the love of god cancel it. In failing to do so i will start renting box sets for a change.


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