the times are achanging

27 Aug

To quote Bob Dylan for my lastest blog.  The Times they are achanging.  have had a strange and difficult week in working with the restaurant and one i never really want to put in again ever. It wasn’t too bad but it was messy to say the least and at times working in the restaurant was like working with a difficult teenager who was sulking over not being allowed with its mates.


I have been doing split shifts which is to say the least a bit annoying and also a pain but the money is good.  The work wasn’t to bad it was just the company i have had to deal with.  I spend Saturday working the floor dealing with clients doing the bookings getting the whole place ready and my boss was really happy with that but of course there was a bitch to deal with.  It was like everything i did was wrong according to her and i just got so pissed off so i just got on with my own work. 


I have to say working in the resturant trade is like being in school with all the annoying clickly groups.  remember how the groups formed together like the most popular girls in school the geeks the freaks and the emos and the loners.  I just felt like the loner all weekend and to be honest with you it didn’t bother me at all.  At the end of the day i prefer sailing my own ship and being alone. 


I think i put in my worst shift monday double again and everyone was dying of hangovers and to make it worse not talking to me im just really thinking here i need a break and soon i mean if I’m working for a company in which i get no thanks i might have to go back to the drawing board and think about stuff.


I am going back to college friday to finish my computer degree and than i shall see whats the best thing to do.  I like the job I’m in but at the same time i really don’t need the hassle of idiots coming in dying of hangovers i mean Jesus i have been on the lash before but i always manage to come in do my work and not complain too much.


I think the reason i feel down is the fact that i was told over the restaurant quote unquote this restaurant has no future and I’m jumping ship.  This was said to me by a cocky chef and to be honest with you i don’t need to hear negativeBS from an idiot chef.

Anyway how are you guys all doing sorry foe being down so have anyone got any news themselves.

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One response to “the times are achanging

  1. K8

    08/31/2008 at 12:18 pm

    Have a read of this interview… it might make you feel better 🙂


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