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MCM Dublin comic con review

Hiya lads and lassies so apologies for not writing for the longest of times I could use the same old excuses or I could start afresh and jump into the good stuff. So I guess it might be good to get to the good stuff and start writing. For this piece I shall be writing on my own experience of what I thought of the MCM Dublin Comic Con event that happened on the 1/2 of July.



So MCM Dublin has greeted other once again with litterly months of both a good build up with the promises of fantastic guests activities for everyone who maybe be into comics cosplays films games and everything related to the world of TV film and fan fiction. As always my bestie and cosplayer partner in crime got me involved in going to this year’s MCM. Now I have been to two previous MCM shows and have to say they were ok they had a good guest list and plenty to see and do. Now returning for my third visit I decided to go in with an open mindset and see how everything would unfold and of course here’s the scoop in what happened in our adventures.

In my eyes MCM Dublin have really upped their game this year with fantastic guests with the following people Sam T Jones the original flash Gordon if you haven’t seen the original film go check it out and check out Ted 1 and 2he’s absolutely hilarious both on screen and off screen.  Voice actor Nolan North.  America’s girl next door Summer Glau. Arrows Manu Bennett. Voice over star actor singer and my puds Troy Baker and of course the power rangers.


MCM take great pride in both advertising new and upcoming films and thie was clearly with the new despicable me 3 film that’s out now wall to wall poster pictures of gru the girls and of course my favourite little dudes the minions.  The event itself had a section in where you could sit down and check out little tasters of what’s to come in the new movie and of course there was a giant minion in the venue which did make for oodles of photo ops with the giant colourful character. Along with despicable me there was other posters that were displaying new and upcoming films coming up. A brilliant addition added to this year’s event was in both having the red race car from the new movie cars 3 and of course for all you starwars fans there was a section in where you could get your photo taken witb classic characters such as R2d2 and a few other other props that are attached to the classic franchise.  Of course for a small fee you could get your photos taken by the incredibly helpful and friendly staff.

Another thing that I got to check out was the wrestling area and it was fantastic to see the crew in action doing both wrestling matches and moves which was supervised under the eyes of my fellow geekmart vendor who was referee that day and made sure everything went smoothly and safely of course.  For someone loves wrestling and wwe as s youngster I would highly recommend that you all check it out.

On both days with ourselves attending the convention safety has become a priority of safety and from the moment when you entered the rds building security were on hand to make sure everything ran smoothly. Even when it came to helping my fellow cosplayer get changed into his cosplay which went incredibly smoothly thank you again so much to both patience and deep breathing. Most importantly keeping a cool head under pressure. Even when it came to handing our baggage into the cloak room it was smooth sailing.  There was a slight issue though if you wanted to get something out of your case bag or what not the staff would insist on you taking your items back which is fair enough.  But even for the most forgetful folk like myself it might be good to keep in mind to make sure you have everything on you even check twice as in the long run it could save a lot of hassle.  Cloak room check in prices were really good and the guys did a great job in making sure everything ran so smooth.

For both days there was good foot fall for the event and of course there was something for everyone they had a good gaming section for the gamers while they had limited space and consoles the area was kept busy with everyone checking out the games and thankfully there wasn’t too much of a wait time on the consoles.  MCM also provided a lorex play area with the signature trees and of course the lorex himself who was only too happy to pose for photos with all attendees and of course the little fans too. Directly around the corner from the lorex was a chill out bean bag area. Once again perfect place to go and check out and get a breather too. I have to say you had space to walk in all areas without crashing into anyone unintentionally which worked pretty great for the cosplayers who had big cosplays and or props that they decided to wear that day.

When it came to the photo shoots it was smooth sailing. On Saturday I got to meet the incredible Sam T Jones who of course is my childhood hero who plays Flash Gordon (gordons alive) all you new generation kids ask your folks about this.  Meet Jones himself was one of those awe striking moments in where you were star struck I don’t normally get this but when present with your childhood hero of course your gonna get all excited.  I can say Mr Jones has a fine strong handshake on him and of course took interest in you as the fan.  I was wearing my slave girl leia cosplay and of course the flash approved. Subtle reminder though make sure you have both your printed receipt for your photoshoot and arrive 5 mins before. Of course it was fast direct and you got your photo 5 mins later. I did however run into a slight hiccup on Sunday though with my Troy Baker photoshoot.  By a slight mistake I did miss my photoshoot and of course the photobooth staff were absolutely incredible in both doing the following.  They paged Mr Parker and of course good to his word he arrived of course he was only too happy to do the reverse prom picture with myself holding him and of course Troy holding my trade mark harley quinn hammer. If I haven’t said it a few times over huge thanks to the photoshoot folk especially Sarah who organised this shoot in a fantastic turn around time.

Another highlight of my MCM Dublin Comic Con experience was meeting both new and familiar faces from all different parts of the country. There was a brilliant buzz with everyone and the general mood was great between swapping selfies stories and playing catch up. What’s great about MCM is that you get to meet folk you haven’t seen in ages and of course it’s great to meet new and familiar talent from the world of cosplay and conventions. However while you maybe catching up with friends always keep in mind there might be someone who may want to take your photo so please do keep in mind as I welcomed a lot of people taking my photo of both days and of course if you let them hold your prop it can make for both great photos and an excellent conversation starter. I thank the stars that I brought my hammer as she was the star of the show on Sunday and of course my bestie and his props for his cosplay made for excellent photo ops especially at the MCM Dublin sign at the entrance of the convention.

Another piece I’m only too happy to talk about was vendors village I don’t know the correct term. There was plenty of stalls there both Irish and English vendors selling their wares and there was a very good general buzz about the place.  My friend got to purchase a few t-shirts and a book too. Even the big game players gamestop had a nice stall with a lot to offer along with forbidden planet but to name a few.  Even a friend of mine who was a vendor for both days even noted there was a good buzz about the place too.


A thing I did this time around was visiting the guests at their tables and it was great.  I got to meet a few of the power rangers which was awesome a childhood achievement unlocked and of course I had to swing by Troy Baker and say hello. He’s so ridiculously nice and even remembered me from another convention he attended arcadecon and he was only too happy in shooting the breeze and talking about in how much he loves Ireland and of course I put in the cheeky bring both yourself and your gorgeous wife back here.  I can happily say both himself and all guests took immense pleasure in meeting and talking to their fans and of course they were only too happy in signing autographs too. The only thing that MCM wouldn’t allow was posed photos witb the guests at their tables. Which I guess it might be something to review for next year’s events but hey hoe that how it goes I guess.

So my summary for this year’s MCM Dublin Comic Con.  I went in with an open mind and was on a mission to have non stop fun with everyone and guess what it paid off massively and I couldn’t possibly put a price on the fun that was had.  While there are some folk who wouldn’t entertain the thought of going to MCM because they might have their loyalties with another convention that happens in August I think it’s fair to say you can’t compare both and I personally would never ever entertain such ideas.  Be it if your a first time convention attendee or a regular on the scene go check it out. You never know you may end up liking it.

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