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an irish beauty

Hi there folks

So after a long time of thinking i have decided to write a blog on girls and boys.  I have actually noticed this over the last while that there are many pretty young things around in different places like shops pubs clubs resturants and other palces in which you might meet people in general.

But what i have noticed over the last while the perma faketan shot in the face with a makeup gun girls.  This would apply to the teen or the twenty somehting girl.  Now dont get me wrong but i think that look is so fake and screams high maintance.  I was actually in a pub last week and i was having a pint of guinness as you do when this pussy cat doll walked in.  You know the look blonde hair extensions think makeup perma tan so much she looked like she was tango.  I didnt pay much attention to her but to say the least the lads were eyeing her up big style.  Now if you can remember january is the coldest month in fact its the winter months.  So i opeted for the layers of clothes and kitted of with a pair of ugg boots (god bless you australia for these warm cozy boots.)  My hair scrapped back in a bun and i wore no make up (to be honest with you i dont like makeup its too much work).  So when i saw the pussy cat doll she was dressed in wait for it a tight top low rising jeans and her thong hanging out.  Now first impressions always matter to me and the first word that came in my head was slut.  I dont normally judge people by what they were but i dont think she was there for the witty conversation.

Lad 1  aright love can i buy you a drink?

Blondie yeah ok barcardi brezzer with a straw.

Lad 1 to lad 2 oh i think im in there, lad 2 oh yeah mate you sure are.

Its kinda like girls like that are total fakes i mean you see it everyday on mtv the hills and to be honest with you i just think they are so boring.  I have to say if i was going to talk to a bloke or anyone for that matter it would be my sharp wit or some funny line from the simpsons.  I have to say thank god i am not one of those girls who tarts herself up and makes a play for the men.  Oh no ofeensive to anyone when i say this but as far as i can remember i always thought personailty goes a long way.

I actually know an Irish song called the galway girl and to quote the words and i ask you friends whats a fella to do coz her hair was black and her eyes were blue.  I have to say i think galway girl or any girl for that matter who fits creditia  is in my eyes is one beautiful girl.  if i had to choose an Irish beauty it would be Jasmine Guinness shes an irish model and related to the famous Guinness family.  She is one true irish beauty shes got creamy white skin, big blue eyes and short black hair i mean if i was to pick a girl out of a crowd i would pick her shes like wow and if you don’t know who she is check her out.

For my irish man i suppose it would have to be colin farrel yeah i am the first to admit i like a bit of rough but i know that hes bound to break my heart.

i will leave you with my final comment personality goes a long way.

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