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Its about change people

Hi all 


Im sorry i haven’t been blogging in ages.  I have had to do a lot of thinking of late about certain things that are going on in my personal life.  For those of you who may or may not know.  The restaurant that i was working in back in bray closed back in february.  So i have been taking some much needed time out to think about what i want to do with my life and most importantly what i need in my life.  What i want and what i need are two completely different things. 

So i have decided after a while lot of thinking and wanting and wishing about what is the next best move to do with my life.  I have decided to do the following.  I have decided to leave the resturant trade.  For the simple reason that its gone too quite and there is not much money to be made anymore in it and times are changing and for a person like me to survive i think its best to move on and move on i shall.  I have had a brillant x amount of years in the resturant and bar trade i have met the funniest nicest sweetest and most decent people that you could ever meet in this trade but its now time for me to move on.  I have learned such good life lessons and i have seen some pretty crazy things but like everything else you have to move on.  I have also made some good friends that mean a lot to me and for that i am very grateful that i met them in the trade that i loved dearly bartending

So with that i have decided to go to holistic nursing.  Holistic nursing i hear you cry why do you want to do that?  I want to do it for the simple reason that i believe that the human body is without a doubt is fantastic within its self and i have been always curious to know how we work as humans.  You know the mechanic  side of things. How do we breath how we stay alive and what do i do if i hurt my back and so on.  For the last while i think that modern medicine has thought me a lot.  Being no stranger to back pain myself.  I went to my doctor and they gave me painkillers and said well i hope that they helped.  I decided to go and get a back massage.  I have to say it was different i think the touch and knowing someone was applyng certain pressure and moves alone my spine made me feel a lot better in myself.

So after i had my massage i decided that holistic  nursing is for me.   I will be doing a 3 year course in september and i am looking forward to it.    Its going to be a new chapter in my life and it will be very interesting to say the least. I have spend time in dealing with computers but im just thinking now that maybe it might be a best time to change careers and so i have done with holistic medicine.  Its going to be a new and exciting chapter in my life and i cant wait for it to start.

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