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so whats new with you?

so i have to say sorry again. I always seem to do my guest appearances for this blog of late i come along promise everything and than i disapear fro sometimes mnths on end and than i make reapear again. Gosh i am either a magican or a ghost. I actaully havent decided choice yet.

So yes im sorry again for learning you on your own for the last while. But its been a crazy few months of non stop studying studying and more studying. So where do i begin. So yes i have passed all my exams have to say i am quite happy with the end results. I passed everything so yes i am pretty chuffed with myself. I have also done a night course in reflexology as well and yes i have passed that as well. So whats next for me *sighs* i dont actaully know. The truth is i dont know where i am going or what i am going to do next. But i have never been one for follwing the right or correct life path. Nah im a more threw the road map away and see were we will ened kind of girl. To be honset with you i much perfere this way.


I have decided though after much careful thought and months of research that i will be doing a very personal blog. I actaully cant say to much about this new piece. all i know is that its been at the back of my mind screaming fighting and tearing its way thru to get out there and make its presentence known. Oh so now your interested to know what its all about. Well you see i cant say too much without giving the game away. but all i will say is when i do this well presentation  on this new blog. I littlerly had people relating to me and seeing me in a new light. I also have a few high pitched screamful phonecalls of joy thank to this. (no before you ask i am not getting married or expecting a child).

So i just wanted to let you know that i am still alive well just barely and stick kicking.


so thats all from me for now

ciao bella


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