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Album review Thomas Janak featuring Richard Keogh Sun Moon and Stars

Following the superb journey album that was written and produced by my friend and fellow animal rights activist and radio producer Thomas Janak. Thomas has recently went back to the studio and this time instead of going back alone he has decided to bring along some company. Yes oh yes Thomas is back with a new album and also have decided to do this album with this friend Richard Keogh.

Both Thomas and Richard have decided to work on and produce a new album called sun moon and stars and i of course have the album here and i got the wonderful chance again to review this new awesome work. For those of you who are not familiar with Thomas Janak’s work Thomas’s  work is what i would best describe dreamy ambient chill out electronica album with something for everyone. With Richard Keogh also working on this album it has made this album really enjoyable to listen to.

One of the songs that i really enjoyed on this album was the first track falling away. You have its signature ambient electronic gentle guitar strumming and the lyrics were also very soothing to listen to best describe the song it was talking about the changes that can happen through out our lives and i could relate to this song because i have been there myself and have had recent changes and change can always be a good thing to have.

The 2nd song i really liked on the album was a better place, It opened with great keyboard styles that reminded me of kraftwerk and blissful beats and beautifully sun lyrics as well i have to say i really enjoyed the piece and it made it quite a good easy listening pleasure to play in the background.

The song that also really stood out for me was the beautiful we are like strangers. It had a gorgeous futurist sound to it and a great pop sound to it as well. I have to say i really enjoyed listening to it and both Thomas and Richard made not only this song but all the songs really enjoyable to listen to.

I have to say in listening to this album a few times over i have to say i really enjoyed it. if you like chilled out blissful beats with german electricona than this album is for you.  I have to say it’s so nice to listen and its got something for everyone and i would highly recommend everyone check this album out.



Cosplay Bloom in the Phoenix Park 2013

So over the last week i got the exciting and fun opportunity of doing photography in bloom in the phoenix park  with a few new fantastic friends who were garden designers and photographers and yes even there was a few cosplayers at this awesome event. I was there for a few days so here is a break down of what happened on each day and i will also be writing up on what happened and how bloom in the phoenix park get set up. The bloom in the phoenix park is sponsored by failte ireland and the gathering 2013 and they are also sponsored by a few irish companies that provided the gardeners with equipment for the show. The bloom in the phoenix park ran from 29th of may and ran until the 2 June 12013.

So firstly i hear you all ask what exactly is bloom. Well bloom is the Irish answer to the Chelsea garden how that they have in merry old England. The only big difference is we would tend to be more orientated towards gorgeous gardens and beautiful flowers. The bloom event has been running in Ireland for the last few years and every year bloom gets a lot of entries in from people nation wide to show their ideas for their gardens to be put in the show. Now with this being my first year in bloom i would have to say i was very impressed to say the least with each garden that i got to visit and shoot photos of. There are many categories that were in the gadens and each category would vary from the following. Small gardens medium gardens large gardens and concept gardens. Each designer brought in their own ideas and had to work in their requested space and also had to work on deadlines so time and space was the essence of getting everything done professionally and from what i see the designers used this to their advantage.

One the first day which was the 29 may we had a soft opening and we got to experience first hand of what the gardens were like and we also got to see what we got to work with. When i entered the phoenix grounds it was quite an eye opener to say the least there was such an awestruck sight of beautiful gardens all round and there was a serene sense of calm alround. It also helped that we had great weather to boot. It was also the day the cosplayers got to enter the garden and have fun with too. For those of you who do not know cosplay. Cosplay is  dressing up and role playing as Japanese cartoon characters they can vary from anime animation american cartoons and even video game characters and when the cosplayers took to the gardens it was than when the magic happened.

bloom pics part 1 002

The cosplayers ready to enter bloom in the phoenix park.

When the cosplayers got to enter the park and gardens it was than that’s when the excitement and buzz started to happen. Each photographer even including myself were armed and ready with our cameras ready to shoot and to get out cosplayers posing. Each cosplayer that is pictured in this shot has their own elements and their own back ground story of who their character is and what they are all about. I was even impressed with how person told me in how they created their clothing and items and loved how even when they were not in character you could see their personality traits shine through. The cosplayers made the day interesting in how they were willing to pose into position and were even great in working along with each and different garden we got to visit.

The first and main garden we got to visit and work with over the 3 days that we were there was the awesomely titled destination bloom. Destination Bloom is the brain child of Fiann O Nuallain and Lisa Kelly. The conpect and idea for destination bloom was science fiction and the b movies of yesterday year. The garden itself was set up on a hill and had evil plant eyes and a huge space ship to boot as well. The theme of the garden was about alien invasive species that are now creating trouble in the garden with bugs and what not to. The garden also had a hidden shed in where you could just hide in and maybe even conspire to do your next move for when it came to well confronting the space aliens. The cosplayers to say the least had a lot if fun in this garden.

The cosplayers take over destination bloom.

bloom pics part 1 025

What i really loved about the first day of bloom in the phonenix park was how each cosplayer was willing to pose and use their own characters traits to their advantage in each shoot. From a photographers point of view it was nothing short of amazing doing each click and see the results on my camera. It was nothing short of amazing when the cosplayers even did a spot of role playing for me while in each feature garden and that its in itself was nothing short of sheer genius.  As you may see in my next few pictures that i will post up here.

It was even more fun when destination bloom designer Fiann O Nuallain got to step in and take part in the photography side of things. 

bloom pics part 1 044

Yet another shot of the awesome cosplayers doing what they do best and more.

The next garden that we got to visit and shot was the delightfully the wizard of oz sanctuary garden. I can say being a high fan of the wizard of oz this was my favourite garden to shoot the cosplayers and even see them work their magic. We even got the lovely Dorothy and of course the wicked witch to pose in the photos as well. I have to say what i loved about the wizard of oz garden was the little touches that were out in the garden such as the munchkins the yellow brick road and even the scare cow was nicely put in the garden to. I also think it was an enjoyable sight for both children and adults alike.

We off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz.

bloom pics part 1 118

For our second day of bloom in the phoenix park we decided to get yet more awesome cosplayers in and even a gorgeous 1950s pin up girl for our cosplay garden shoots. The photo that will be shown in the next paragraph of of miss Betty Paige and the the lovely ladies from the sucker punch movie. My friend amy also did yet another amazing cosplay outfit and once again it was a great day to have fun in the sun and get a lot of nice gorgeous photos taken in bloom in the phoenix park.

blooms day part 2 004

Amy Osata Lucy and Ades our cosplayers are all set for day 2 for bloom in the phoenix park.

Four our second day in bloom we decided to pick and choose a few different gardens for out shoots. The one garden that did stand out for use was the beautiful  concern world wide 1000 days garden. The garden was created by garden designer Paul Martin and he went with the idea of having an african theme for this garden. His idea for the garden was the time it takes from a mothers pregnancy to her child second birthday. It was to raise the awareness of how important and vital is it to have fresh clean running water and nutrition for both mother and baby. The garden was laid out beautifully with a gorgeous hut that had a straw roof and beautiful African color ran throughout the whole of the garden.We also had the great cosplay talents of the lovely miss Natasha Sazenski shes the cosplay girl with the blue hair and cute pink dress.

blooms day part 2 053

Picture of the gorgeous concern world wide 1000 days garden with the cosplayers.

blooms day part 2 067

This beautiful shot was taken at the concern world wide 1000 days garden the hut would be the same hut used in Africa for mothers and their children. 

For the next shoot in bloom in the phoenix park. We decided to revisit the destination bloom garden once more and it did not fail to disappoint yet again as more fantastic shots of the cosplayer were taken once again. When the following shot was taken. the Cosplay girls even got to shoot a video which is available on youtube and for all our own viewing pleasure i will even post it up here now so you can all check it out. It was also with good timing that our Irish leader Enda Kenny partook in this vid as well.

Cosplay girls at bloom in the phoenix park.

Now for the 3rd and final day of bloom in the park. We all decided to well go out with a bang and we certainly did. As the day roll on forth we even got to work with some more awesome cosplayers we even got to work with some storm troopers assassinations creed the gorgeous miss Harley Quinn from the barman cartoon series and  we even got data from star trek and even a 1950s pin up model to work along with everyone too. To say the least the buzz and craic was 90 in bloom and it also made for such fantastic photo opportunities to be had as well. Both the cosplayers and vistors to bloom in the phoenix park it to be a fantastic day. Most of the cosplays that took part that day decided to descent on to the destination bloom garden once again and it did not disappoint one bit. All cosplayers were ready to go with their signature poses and even happily posed with the public to.

bloom in the park anthony bartley

Cosplayers bloom in the phoenix park image courtesy of Anthony Bartley photography.

data alan delaney

Even data aka Alan Delaney was checking out for different types of plant species in destination bloom at bloom in the phoenix park. Photo credits courtesy of Anthony Bartley Photography 

Now after spending 3 days with both shooting and modelling for bloom in the phoenix park i would have to say i really enojyed myself. All the gardens that i got to visit and shoot were just a fantastic and amazing to say the least and it gave me ideas ro use and work with for my own garden and i could not thank the following people for letting take part in this awesome experience and here is who i would like to thank. Phoenix park and bord bia for sponsoring and opening up the huge space. Amy king from Cosplay Ireland for letting me have the great opportunity of shooting herself and her fellow cosplayer friends in the park Fiann O Nuallian and Lisa Kelly for letting us use the garden and also posing along in with the cosplayers and many thanks to also Anthony Bartley for taking pictures and letting use use them for our social networking sites and also thanks to Joe Corrigan for taking the pictures and also making the video short cosplay girls in bloom. Also huge thanks to everyone who came along and helped us put through out the 3 days that we were there. So lets bring on bloom 2014.  For more images of bloom in the phoenix park 2013 please find Anthony Bartley photography on Facebook. Please also check out on facebook cosplay ireland for yet more stunning awesome photos.

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album review thomas janak the journey

Following on from the wonderful and massive album that is rainbow bridge. My fellow animal rights activist and close friend Thomas Janak has now released a new album called the journey.

The journey is quite simply does exactly what is says on the album cover when i put on the cd and listened to the album for the first time i have to say i really enjoyed the soothing chilled out vibes and also with a hint of good electronica that would be reminiscent of germany’s kraft work with thomas’s own unique style of making his good blissed out beats to listen to with also very thoughtful and relaxing lyrics to listen to as well.

The opening track that opens the album is called the journey i have to say i liked what it offered with its futuristic sounds and blissed put beats which i found was also quite relaxing and ohh so calming to.

The next song that stood out for me was the song wrong. it had such a relaxing sound with soothing beats and it was also a sad song but sad is always good it was to me quite a personal song and it was one of heart break and those who may have been let down i have to say i enjoyed it a lot and thomas’s voice made it quite soothing to listening to.

The next track on the album was the superb into the city. this song for me had good uptempo beats and reminds of well going out and having a good time at discos you could maybe even create your own little disco at home with this track i have to say i really enjoyed the track a lot.

The next track that really put the album on the map for me was the sublime sacred life its just so calm and relaxing to listening to and its also reminds me of being one with nature and its also a great track to listen to while doing yoga as well which helped me while doing my yoga sessions at home.

I have to say i listen to this cd a few times over and every time i listen to it i cant help but find more ways to love this cd and with thomas janaks soothing voice and working of words with his awesome lyrics i would strongly recommend if anyone needs a cd to relax and listen to at home while working studying and wants a break away from the commercial chill out albums i would highly recommand the journey. The journey has something for everyone and i can assure you wont be disappointed

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Delorentos Music gig review 4/12/2012

Delorentos band

Delorentos band

So by happy chance i managed to win gig tickets to the Hot Press/Jameson Delorentos gig that was based in 4 Dame Lane in Dublin city there on Tuesday. Now for those of you who never ever heard of the Delorentos  They are a four piece band that are from Dublin city. There are four members in the band and they are Ronan who does the vocals plays guitar and also plays the piano. Kier who is also a vocalist and guitar player. Nial who is a backing vocalist and Ross who is the drummer and also does backing vocals. The band started up at  2005 and had their first album in love with detail out in 2007 which was well received on the Irish market and was also nominated for best new Irish band  at the meteor music awards.  It was than 2 years later that the Delorentos 2nd album you can make sound was than released also and won high praise from both the Irish music industry and fans alike. The band are now into their 3rd album little sparks and with this they have went for a more acoustic sound will staying true to their own style of music. They originally started with a punk Irish rock sound but in recent times they have decided to go for a more of an acoustic sound to their album and live performances.

I went to see the Delorentos at 4 dame lane there Tuesday night with a friend of mine and to say the least it was one of the best decisions i had ever made. 4 dame lane has got such a gorgeous old Irish old world look and appearance to the bars. Its a 2 level building in where you are greeted by your main bar that has music being its main passion with old posters and record sleeves from such great bands that people still would enjoy listening to.  i had to go into the 2nd bar which was based upstairs and it was than i got to well see the band getting ready for the nights performance. The band were introduced on stage by hot press front runner Stuart Clark and it was than when the magic happened.

The flow of the Delorentos is a good raw Irish sound that is fresh and new and they also had a few of the crowd singing along to their songs while performing. I would have to say the song i liked the most that was performed that night was the awesome hunting with gentle guitar strums  xylophone and gentle drum beats you could really enjoy the music. Another song that i really enjoyed listening was did we ever try. it again has such a rock sound that is always fresh and original and gets you dancing along to the tune and you also find yourself humming along to the tune and the guitar and drum riffs are just very cool in this great number. While the night prgressed the band decdied to play one of my favourite songs and this was the great and upbeat number that is  care for. I have to say its one of my favourite songs by these guys and it always makes me happy when i get to listen to it.

I have to say in while listening to the band and taking photos they always had the audience attention and played such an awesome set. I have to say i really enjoyed the set that they played and i also got to meet the Ronan Yourell.  To say the least he is one of the nicest people i have ever met. Ronan is one chilled relaxed dude and when i got to ask him questions about the band and what they were about he spoke with such a passion for his music and he clearly enjoys in what he does. he also told me about how the band started out and how they got to tour different places outside of Ireland such as the UK and Spain. Ronan also said that he is looking forward to the nation wide tour that they will be doing in the coming weeks. he also even nice enough to answer my questions while tucking into the fish and chips that were provided for the gig that night.

Shooting the breeze as you do with Delorentos front man Ronan Yourell

Shooting the breeze as you do with Delorentos front man Ronan Yourell

I do have high hopes for this band and i do believe they are touring Ireland at the present moment so please if you want to check out the Delorentos please check them out on YouTube and Facebook or ever better still make sure you get yourself down to one of their gigs pronto i can assure you you will be in for night of great Irish music at its best.

I should also say many thanks to Hot Press magazine for the gig tickets many thanks again guys for such an awesome night Jameson Ireland for the awesome new cocktail Jameson ginger and lime. Its a quirky drink but goes down so smoothly and easily. Also many thank to 4 Dame Lane night for an awesome night out and thanks for the food as well. It most certainly went down a treat.


To be a good review or not to be a good review that is the question


what do you mean you dont like my music ahhhhhh thats it im telling mom


So over the last while i havent been really on the gig and music front. Now again there hasnt been anything that has swayed me or moved me in the gig side of things. Dont get me wrong i have been invited to gigs. But you see if you can understand in where im coming from in this post it would be super awesome. You see any of the gigs that i have been invited to they seem to be doing cue dramatic music don don don.. Cover versions. Now dont get me wrong i like cover versions i somewhat lie for cover versions but since glee the tv show has decided to ruin a lot of cover versions of late especailly my australian singer song writers gotye somebody i use to know. Which is from what i last heard is rather pissed at the fact that they murdered his song in try high pitched auto tuned piece of crap way as they do on glee. I have come to the final thought that certain idiots are happy to part with their money to hear cover versions from bands that well cant be really bothered to do their own music.

now dont get me wrong im not slagging off people here. But what ever happened to the local band that worked hard wrote a few songs and performed at gigs. I mean the last handful of gigs that i went to of late have been so enjoyable i mean in my own eyes. the sign of a good gig to me is when i remember certain times and points of that gig and that song. I was recently in town of late there and saw a few buskers a couple of young lads performing and than that was when i had my moment. Ahh god they remind me of that gig that i went to a few months back and it was awesome. I think though im being honest in saying yeah they are some good bands out there but it just a matter of separating the wheat from the chaft and its been brought to my attention of late that with me not going to gigs. I have found a few wee gems on the great you tube and facebook and my space applications. Im not going to say app as its a rather annoying word.

But you see when your own youtube its like the 2 sides of a coin in a way. Now i have been known to post stuff up on facebook on different bands and acts that i just truely adore and i always gush on how much i love them so and how much i would want to go to their gigs and how much i want to meet them. But the other side of youtube can be bad it can be a spoilt selfish ego manic of a yolk. It can also throw fits and tantrums when things do go their way. But again if your a musician an artist a writer an animal rights acvisit or even a doctor or what ever job ye be in. It can fall apart on ya like a deck of cards. I mean i was surfing online there the other night it was rather late when i got a vid from this young guy saying ohh im great im the dogs bollox blah blah blah. Now i sat there blerly eyed listening to this 10 minute rant in which i thought this. Why exactly am i listening to this for. Yes i can hear what your saying but do you not think maybe your shooting yourself in the foot by doing this. i mean people will like you or in sum cases hate you in life but the best way to deal with them is just by ignoring them. I think the application of youtube has sumwhat made a lot of people like my good self question the artists work and what or who they represent.

Now dont get me wrong there has been sum not so great gigs that i didnt like or enjoy but i did try and put the positive and diplomatic posting up. I have always believed within myself if you cant say anything good than do say anything at all but again thats my style. No im not being a coward but im also not going to thru a fit if sum1 disagrees with me i have grown past this you know.

But i am going to leave you with this final though just maybe think next time your going to see a gig a film or even read a book just make sure you think before you write sum1 off and post a snotty thing or snottier vid on youtube. Just remember bad reviews like bad hair cuts bad clothe choice and bad dates they always come back to haunt you.



Album review Thomas Janak Rainbow Bridge

In recent times i have been looking around for good artists and bands to review. Now i have been given a few cds of late and i am trying to pick and choose my reviews and of course choosing the time and place to to them as well. But of late i have been listening to a great cd called rainbow bridge. Now this album was written by a really awesome friend of mine called thomas janak i should also say that he is  also a vegan and he does a radio show called wildtime which can be found on his facebook page thomas janak. Now i got the great pleasure of meeting thomas this time last year when he was in a 2 piece band called final composition but thomas has now decided to do his own solo material and he has been doing such great and wonderful music for many years now.

Now to describe rainbow bridge you could use many words. i feel that the album has such a great blissed out chillout vibe going along thruout the entire album and thomas’s soothing voice makes the album well worth of a listen. The peoning track im here to stay has the making of good and enjoyable music to listen to. his soothing voice and awesome lyrics make you feel relaxed and happy. its the kind of music i would listen to if i want to just relax and unwind. I ove the eletrocina beat that goes along certain songs in the album and they also remind me of yazoo and depech mode at times.

The new tune that i really enjoyed listening to was dont chase the dragon. It was such a clam and easy song to listen to and it actually reminded me of the beloved blissed out 1990s tune the sun is rising. I have to say it was one of my personal favourites on the cd and i felt that the song within itself brought an sense of calm into my busy life.

The next tune that i really enjoyed was i understand. It remi nd me of the 90s dance song by grace its not over yet. I loved how there was a hint of eletronica that runned throut the whole album and i also loved how there were hints of old school german stylings music that remind me of kraft work. I think that if you want some blissout beats and awesome music to listen to whether it being in the car or even having down time to yourself i would highly recommand getting rainbow bridge.

I would just also like to say that this ablum in a whole has even helped me get through a perosnal trauma in my life. since the beverment of my late mum gemma rogers. This soothing album has eased me and comforted me at the best of times and if and when you buy the cd you will get an inlay card describing how thomas got the name of the album and when you get the cd make sure to check out the photography work in the cd case as there is such as gorgeous picture of thomas hanging out with his gorgeous furbaby son charlie his beautiful and gorgeous white german shepherd dog.

I think if any1 want to add electrocia and blissout beats and soothing music to either their ipod or mp3 player thomas janaks rainbow bridge is one cd i would highly recommand.

Should you also wish to purchase this awesome cd please check out janak and follow his links to order his awesome cd.


jingle bells rocks review

Due to current circumstances beyond my control this blog piece is late due to a beverment of a close family member that passed away a few months ago. So please bear with me i was going thru a difficult time and im only after getting around to writing it now.


A few months back i was invited to the jingle bells rock gig at the ruby rooms @ katie gallaghers in bray co wicklow. The gig was a fundraising gig to raise funds for the semora youth cafe that is based in bray co wicklow.  So to say the least it had an impressive lineup of singers and bands performing on the stages that night. I have to say that the venue was nice and beautifully laid out with a nice christmassy feeling to it.

The first band to open the night was the awesome punk rock band pimps and gimps. the pimps and gimps are a local bray n=band that consist of the following members Rob punx Stephen ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan – Guitar / vocals Brian ‘Trip’ Horan – Bassand Patryck graczic – Lead guitar. I have to say that the guys should is a punk rock element for todays upcoming punk rockers with an essence of old school rock and punk that reminds of the classic punk groups that we all use to listen to back in the day. Sully and his group get the crowd agoing and rocking out to all their songs. A personal favourite song of mine is lets go radio which is to me a new age classic punk with awesome guiter riffs and a banging beat of drums. The guys who i know personally are such a great bunch of lads and i would highly recommand that every1 checks them out. granted be it may you may go slight deaf from their gigs but anyways having good hearing is always over rated hee hee hee. The amazing energy of the pimps and gimps can be seen on stage and give such awesome live shows and you can see how the band work together to make such awesome riffs and truely awesome tunes. As a punk rocking chick who loves all things punk whether it being the fashion the ink or even the music scene the gimps are one to check out and they always have the makings of a great night out when you see them perform. Whether if they play down the harbour or even in the city if you like your punk music raw hard and really really loud do yourself a huge massive favour and check these boyos out. their music is available to check out and share on facebook. just type in pimps and gimps and like their page i promise all you punk rockers you will not be disapointed in any way shape or form.  please click on the below link to listen the pimps and gimps perform their own original material 19 which was filmed in sweeneys.



Pimps and Gimps doing what they do best rocking out the joint


The next performer that was performing that night was the semoras very own jade shannon mccann. Jade is a young performer singer song writer that usually performs down at the local hot spot that is the harbour bar but she decided for that night she would give her vocal talents for the night of the jingle bell rocks gig. Her beautiful and awesome performance of christina perrys jar of hearts song was without a shadow of a doubt a truely amazing performance. her voice is remarkable and so beautiful as well. Now i have heard a few other songs that jade has done and hits lovely and talented lady has even wrote a few of her own songs which makes her a truely talented and awesome lady to boot as well. Shes also one of the most down to earth performers i got the great pleasure of listening to and i do see big things happening for this lovely lady. I think if any1 wants a great night of good music i would check out jade shannon mccann. Make sure to check out her own original material on her facebook page. I have in recent times have listened to the hauntly beautiful mixed emotions i think any1 who likes listening to great female singer song writers like laura marling sia and lisa hanigan would enjoy jades music style and her truely remarkable voice.

The lovely jade shannon mccann performing jar of hearts

The next band to high light and make the night amazing was our very own flyin ashtrays. this awesome 5 piece group consist of lead vocals kris finnerty-Lee Taylor-Lead Guitar Vocals /Guitar  Craig Healy, Drums – Anto Gunning, and on bass dave meehan. The flyin ashtrays sound is to say the least awesome and loud with a subtle hint of old school rock grunge and some classic rock stylings from such greats like the doors kings of leons red hot chilli peppers but to name a few. Now in recent times the band has decided to work on a fresh sound and with both kris finnerty and lee taylor doing the vocals they have the makings of an awesome band to come out bray in recent times of late. They got the crowd going and getting on their feet and dancing along to their songs that night at the jingle bells rock gig and to say the least it had the makings of an awesome night and you also could not meet a nicer bunch of lads as well. I would have to say my favourite song of theirs is down hill such a great song with a rock edge and an alternative twist to boot as well. If do see big things happening for these guys in 2012 and for those of you who love your rock and alternative edgy music these lads are one to look out for.  I think if your ever in need of a good night out make sure to be at one of the flyin ashtray gigs i can assure you you will not be disappointed at all.

The flyin ashtrays

Ohhh another act that i saw perform that night was the awesome was the lovely Caoimhe Duane. Caoimhe Is a professional singer who also does work the the great macfleetwood band who are a truely awesome fleetwood mac tribute band. Her music stylings were to say the least made for an awesome night of great music. she did an unplugged version of a few classic hits and when i heard cyndi laupers true colours it was truely amazing and it also goes to show ya that you dont need a big band to back you up when you just have an acostic guiter and powerful voice to entertain every1. I have to say that caoimhes vocie was truely remarkable and amazing and if any1 needs to check out her music and even her bands music please go onto her facebook page and that is where you will find her awesome and powerful voice and truely awesome dress style as well.

 Caoimhe Duane performing her music at the jingle bells rock gig

The last but not to say the least band that was performing that night was the awesome run for cover. As the name would say run cover are a Simon Growney – Ross Sheridan – Guitars, Dylan Nolan – Bass, Michael Fenton – Drums,. Now these guys know how to rock the joint out with great classic covers from the likes of old bands and new. I love their edgy rock sound and they also know how to get the crowd going and their stylings of 7 nation army by the white stripes got the whole joint litterly rocking out and with their cool style they are sure to keep every1 rocking and paryting thruout the night in where ever they play their inpending gigs.

Run for cover 

Now i would also like to say that all acts that have been done up in this piece are truely anazing and well worthy of your time so please do yourselfs all a favour and make sure to check out all these awesome acts and bands. Also many many thanks to every1 who took the time out to help me with not only this piece but also thanks for the time and patience in my recent sad time of loss.

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