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Tattoos and issues.

Im having a serious addiction to pop punk of late and i think its a good representation of who i am now and always will be  apop punk princess who does not follow lifes rules.

Right this is yet another personal blog piece of mind. I have been working on it on and off for the last while but i think with the day being in it i think that maybe it finally needs to get done.

Right as you may know i like many things. I like seeing live music i like going out and i also like bringing la pooch down to the beach for a run along the shore. But what i have to say i really like is tattoos. I for 1 love getting inked. I have 5 pieces of beautiful tattoo work on my body and yet i crave for more. I would sometimes spend hours drawing up designs and thinking about what would look good and not good on my body. I think for me getting inked is a part of who i am and no i will not change that for anyone at all. The pieces that i have on my body represent the time that i went thru in my life whether it be good or bad. I also have got family members done on my body & for me this represents who i am. But i think what has annoyed me of late is when certain haters go on about getting such nasty tats.

But i think for me i have never encountered the nasty or vicious side of people when it comes to me and my tats. I have well heard a few comments like oh yeah i dont really like that tat on your arm and oh yeah why would you get that piece out there for. I also run with the argument that its my body one and 2 shut the f&ck you dont know me or you dont know who i am. But i do remember a few years back i was at a do with a face from my past. Now i got dressed up and wore make up and well i decided to hit the town. So when i got to the venue i was greeted by friends and they kept sayng how nice i was and how my dress my pretty. This was great until i had an off the cuff comment by an ex friend of mine. Well you do look nice but dont take this wrong way but whats with your tats i dont like them and also girsl should not wear tats. When i heard this i was very surprised to say the least. My first reaction was ok your judging me over what i look like 1 and 2 who dided and gave you the right to judge me asshole. Now from personal expereince i could not be with sum one if they judged me over my tats. BUt i think what shocked me more was when my friend at the time didnt even back me up. Now needless to say i dont speak to thsi person anymore. But seriously why do people always feel the need to judge others on what they look like. Seriously some people can be such tools and i really have no time for them.

I think of anything i would be more for the heavily tattoed guy who rides a motor cycle and has tunnels in his ears than be with mr play it safe and boring in a suit. i think if anything people who make such comments on your appearnce should not be bothered to even think about. I mean i was out ages back and i was told that i am so pretty and that my tattoos give me more of a rock star look about myself. I think the day of people judging me over my appearnce is long past gone. I mean being the job that i am in being a massage and reflexologist there has been a few intersting coversations brought up over my tats. I have even had slighty older clients who have wanted to get inked. But i think if anything i for one love getting inked and well if i get more tats that is my business and no one elses and also why should i give a damn in whether people judge me over my tats.

I think at the end of the day people who feel the need to judge others over their appearances regardless of who they are or what they moght be might have a serious under lining condition that might affect their own views on how they see their own lives and this is why they might feel the need to judge others. I think if anything if and when i do get inked me it will be my choice and no one elses.

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Question of faith.

Firstly can i just say that in this blog i will be talking religion and my own faith so i don’t want people getting all hed up and upset over this matter. These are my views & i do hope that this piece will make you think and understand well about the subject that is religion and how it does not have to be such a touchy subject.

My own personal catholic joke if your easily offended look away now

So i will begin with my own faith so. When i was born i was raised to be a good little catholic girl. Mum and dad would take me to church on Sundays and then after the church we would go for sunday dinner.  But while i was growing up things changed really. I mean i had to go few life changing decisions in my own life. Firstly i lost my dad due to a heart attack at 9 years old. I think if anything experience of death. I mean i had no one close to me that died before this happened. But all i remember is that my mum told me that dad sadly passed on and now he would go to heaven. So being a young child i took her word and i went to my fathers funeral and i said no more on the subject. So as i got older more family relations sadly passed on and i did the funeral thing again.

Now being raised a catholic girl i had a strict up bringing. I had to be a good girl and if i did anything wrong i was also given out to and sometimes punished. Like such as if i back talked to my mum i was sent to my room. Or i did something really bad it was always well you would bring shame onto the family and so on.  But as i got older my faith was questioned many times. This would be at the times  of loss and whatever i went thru.  Sadly a few years back a really good family friend of mine sadly died and i of course had to go to th funeral.  Now i went to the mass and the funeral. But what made me sad was a few cutting comments that was made by the older people in the church.  You know the so called lead by example generation. I heard a very cutting comment about another funeral that she want to. The comment was as follows oh you know such and such a person wont go to heaven coz they committed suicide. Now when i heard the comment it really upset me massively. I think if anything no one should ever be judged on if they do or do not take matters into their own hands.  If they do well that their decision and i think if anything it should be their business.

I think if i am being honest here i decided to change religions of late. The decision for me to change religions was mainly because of the fact that i was so sick to death of people saying that i would go to hell for doing bad things or having such impure thoughts. I mean i remember ages back i made the biggest mistake of my young life by dating an older guy. Now what drew me to my mistake was he was charming good looking smart sexy and well yeah he charmed me in many other ways. But as i got to know him more it was clear that he was not suited for me. For example he would fly off the handle over silly subject matters. One being a case that he wasnt my first guy to be with. He would fly off the handle call me a few names and i would just roll my eyes and say well baby i had a life before i met you. Another example would be is he had such an issue with me liking the country australia. Oh why do you like australia for. well i like the country 1 2 the people are so damn nice and lovely and really awesome and 3 well i dated an australian guy. He would than again fly off the handle. Which made me think oh right you have such a massive problem with me loving australia and having a life before i met you. Now you can either get lost and stop bothering me about this problem you have with me or you can stay with me and just move on. So the bloody idiot stayed with me more fool me hey.

So everything was fine until the xmas before last. I decided to get the idiot a st Christopher medal. St Christopher was the patron saint of landscape gardeners accounts and people who travelled over seas. Now i gave him the gift and he completely lost the head. He screamed at me and shouted at me saying that he wasnt religious and how dare i get him such a gift. Looking back i felt terrified to say the least and i thought to myself right you’re a bloody psycho. Now i started with him for a little while. but anything that this thing had a drink he would spiral into a whole into a different and dark and dangerous world. I know that i dabble in the dark side myself and listen to heavy rock and watch horror films but this guy made me out to be an angel. In actual fact if you compared me and him. I would be the nice angel he would be the devil and then some. which kind of made the relationship with him a lot tougher.   I remember i that night he brought up the subject of religion to a few good friends of mine from the north of Ireland. Now being a bartender i have a few simple rules that everyone should really take in hand. I politely that you dont talk about religion politics or any other subject matters that might spoil a good night out. Now of course dickhead would not listen to me and he brought up the subject of religion. He asked my friend who is a devout catholic girl who goes to church and raises her young family to be catholic has she seen or even met god? Now my friend said whats this got to do with anything. i was raised catholic and this is what i believe in and try and respect my views. Now himself was like a dog with a bone and would not let it rest. SO to say the least i had to cut my evening short and comfort a very sad friend of mine who ended up in tears and stand between my idiot ex and my friends husband who was a rugby player. When i got him i ripped into him. How bloody dare you make that girl question her faith that is her business if she’s catholic. He than would keep arguing with me and  than he said something that was very unforgivable that i cant even say in this piece. Needless to say i dumped his sorry ass the next day.

Ahh my little budda dude always rub is belly for good luck

Which kind of brings me to this what or who gives the right for people to question each others faiths. I think if you choose to go with a faith that you truly believe in than i would stay with it. I know my own mother is catholic and i respect for it and im also glad that she has raised me to be a good catholic girl and for this im grateful that she has down this for me.  But of late i have questioned my own faith. I mean when i broke up with idiot i went thru a very heavy and dark stage in my life. The darkness left me questioning everything about who i was about where im going to in life. Now thankfully i have left that all behind me and i decided to change religions and become a buddha. I have always like the spiritual religions and i have to say in becoming a buddha it has saved me from well-doing bad things to myself. I have also found that found that i can find forgiveness within myself and in others who may have hurt me in the past.  I think for me what is also awesome about being a buddha is the need that you don’t need to feel materialist about every day things.

I mean I have met a few people in my life who are so materialist in their every day lives and in a way i feel a bit sorry for them. I mean i know this one guy who spend a silly amount of money on a car. If though his girlfriend was going to have a baby that was due any day. So when i pointed out that he should of really put money aside for the baby he more or less said that well this is my car and my money and i will do whatever i want with it. When i heard this i felt sad for him in a way. But it turns out karma got her own back on him. last thing i heard was his back living with mummy and daddy and the GF and mother of this child decided to go back to where they originally came from.   So in a way karma dealt with that problem in a really good style.

I have to say from my own experience being a buddha is truely an excellent lifestyle choice. Im more calm than i have ever been i dont get upset at all. I have also found inner peace within myself and i feel great for it.  BUt i also thinki that in being a buddha you can find inner peace within yourself and not many people can actually admit this at all.

Oh yeah i should really dedicate this piece to my friend who always have me in stitches laughing and who have never ever felt the need to judge me at all.

I should also dedicated this piece to a really good friend of mine who sadly died last week. They decided to well take their own life. I think if anything  i di hope that they are in a better place and i know that it actaully hurts me that i miss them so so much. I really do miss our chats and also miss the way how you always made me laugh and how you made me feel comfortable in your company and i also loved the fact that we could talk about anything and everything for when it came to the inner working of the human mind, Miss you so so so much D and i just simply adore the ground well you did walk on. I just hope your in a better place bro and i do hope you find inner peace within yourself.

This good charlotte is for for my friend D.


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My 1st gig review Simon Fagan18 February 2011

I have decided of late that my blog now will be more directed music from here on in. I have decided that i will go to gigs if and when i can go. So this is my first music review i recently went to see simon fagan and supporting acts performing there at the weekend. So i do hope that every1 likes the review and ahh sure please leave me a comment to let me know how im getting on. Oh many many thanks to my best friend for supporting me and letting me run with the idea of running with the idea of making my blog more music related.   

So just at the weekend gone i managed to go out for a change. Now firstly i have to adit i havent been out in ages and when i got invited to go to a gig i jumped at the chance and went for it. Now i got to go to a very cute little italian restaurant in town they served the most amazing and nice food ever.  I can’t exactly remember the name of the restaurant but i do know that it was off the ha penny bridge there in the heart of the city. So when I had my meal. I headed into the venue to see my gig.

I found this really cute place called the grand social in Dublin and I have to say I was not disappointed to say the least.  The grand social is a very nice cute bar and night club combined. The staff are so so nice friendly and so down to earth. The drinks were not that expensive and going on first impressions here i have to say that place is so so nice. Its got a very nice bohemian feel to it and i have to say that crowd that drink there are really nice as well. I think from my own personal experience of working in the bar trade it’s probably the nicest bar i have been to in ages. There was such a great choice of both local and international beers and wines cocktails as well. 

The Grand Social Dublin

So while i was waiting for my gig to start the staff were friendly to say the least and really did make me feel welcome and put me at ease. So i than went up to the night club part of the of the grand social and i have to say i was impressed. To best describe the upstairs part of the grand social would be intimate and comfy. Nicely spaced out tables and a huge stage to boot really does make the experience of seeing a gig for the first time a really enjoyable experience.  

The lovely Maggie Hillard performing her set.

I got the great pleasure of seeing the lovely and truly awesome Simon Fagan and his supporting acts performing that night. his first supporting act was in the shape and form of a lovely and very sweet and oh so cute irish singer song writer Maggie Hillard. To describe maggies singing style would be for me Laura Marling meets Cathy Davey.  Shes truly awe-inspiring  and her singing is really good. She also did a cover version of dolly partons Jolene. In doing this Maggie got everyone to sing along with her but i was true to form the only person singing along to her and yeah i had fun in doing it.  Maggie did a few other of her own songs and i have to say that i really enjoyed her set. I think if anything Maggie has a true talent and with a voice and stunning good looks to match her talents she will go far. I have to say I highly enjoyed maggies set and i do hope that i do get a chance to see her perform again.

Gypsies on the Autobahn performing their set

The second act that i had the great chance of seeing was a young Dublin band called Gypsies on the Autobahn. Now to describe the band they would sound like the corona’s meet snow patrol.  The band write and perform their own songs.  I have to say the performance was truly amazing and very good indeed. The singer can hit the harmony quite high and i have to say that they were very good in their own right. They played a good set and i would highly recommend checking them out. They are on Facebook and if you type in gypsies on the autobahn and check them out you will not be disappointed at all.

Simon Fagan Performing at the grand social

Now i have to say when i saw the warm up for Simon Fagan it was truly awe-inspiring to say the least. his band set the stage for a truly awe inspiring night. When Simon performed on the stage it was so amazing and very awe-inspiring to say the least.  Now Simon writes and sings his own songs and i have to say i actually found myself humming along to nearly all his songs. To best describe Simons music style would be american style folk meets jazz blues and he had the voice and talent as well as his good looks. I was first introduced to Simons Fagan’s music well a few years back and when i heard his song hired and fired i was truly hooked then.  I think when i heard that song for me it was love at first sight litterly well for me it was when i first heard his music. .  All thru the night he played songs from his new album as well as doing a few cover versions. He did a truly amazing cover version of true colours which was just simply amazing and actually got me all misty eyed.

I think its fair to say the least that i had so much fun at the Simon Fagan gig and i also have to say that Simon has a great and unique talent in working with his fans and making them feel very welcome at his gigs. I think if anything for a first time seeing my favourite singer perform i have to say yet again it was really awesome. I have to say what i also loved about Simons gig was when he was performing the set and when it came to performing his song plastic compass he threw in a good story of his band going to a gig in meath and than getting lost along the way. I just kind of laughed at the that and i did see the funny side of this cute story.  I think that i have to say that i had a truly amazing night Simon Fagan is a truly excellent performer singer song writer and he’s got a bucket load of talent that will go far. I think if anything if you do get a chance check out Simons music on youtube and hes also on myspace facebook twitter. I think my highlight if the night was when he performed my favourite song damn honey. I was even singing along to it and its such a good good song as well.

But what i think what made the night for me is when i got to meet him at the end of the night. Hes so so down to earth and very lovely indeed. Hes got a lot of time for his fans and i even got a photo of him as well.  i think if anything i had such a great time and as far as i know Simon does play abroad and he also plays on his home soil as well. I think if anything if you ever get the chance to see Simon Fagan play i would highly recommend you go and see him. You will not be disappointed at all.

Myself meeting the lovely and awesome singer and song writer Simon Fagan

I should also say that i got the great chance to enjoy the gig with a truly nice and fellow Dublin girl called Angela. Now Angela reviews gigs and she would post them up on I would highly recommend that every checks out this blog as it will out you in the know of whats going on in the irish music scene as well. I would also love to dedicated this piece to the lovely Angela thank you so so much again sweetheart for such an excellent time and i have to say the craic that i had with her was only 90.  Thanks again Angela for the most excellent time.

here is a link of simon fagan performing damn honey such a great song 🙂

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