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calm down stressarella

Hiya folks

I would just like to say that i havent been well for the last few days but today i am getting a bit better in myself. So thank you all for logging on to facebook and giving me the nice get well wishes. I have to say i am so glad that i have everything done on time for christmas this year. I went to my butcher on thursday morning and with a nice greeting from my butcher he looked at me with great awe i cant believe this your very organised and you have everything ready for christmas whats your secret? I said to him with a winning smile i dont let the stress get to me at all and if i happen to forget something i will just do with out. Wow im impressed he said back to me.

So i now have a big turkey and ham in the fridge downstairs ready to be cooked in the morning. All my presents are wrapped and all my veg is ready. So i have no problems really. Well shep is still circling the christmas tree in hopes he will either A see santa B get his xmas present early or C see the spirit of my grandfather’s spirit. a little known fact about me. My grandfather on my fathers side died on new years day 1995 shortly after midnight. So when  went to bed after the new year celebrations i fell asleep when i suddenly woke up and saw the spirit of my grandfather at the corner of my room. I wasnt spooked at all but i think it was seans (that was his name) way of saying goodbye. When the family told me that seen passed on. i didnt say anything because i didnt want to upset anyone and in my own way sean said goodbye to me in his own personal way.

So anyway i did have to pop out a get a little jar of gravy mix this morning but something tells me tha i should have not went out at all. I was greeted by stressful shoppers and at times i was either screamed at or nearly kicked to the ground over other peoples mistakes. My ankles are also sore from the bloody mammies (no offensive to the mammies who read my blog i love you girls) ramming their buggies at my ankles when things were going wrong. I did have to pop into the butcher today to get some cooking advice on a joint of meat that i got for xmas off my brother. My brother gave us some spiced beef for the new year. So i popped my head around the door and asked him some advice. In saying this now i really wish i didnt. Whys is it that there is always an idiot who always holds up the line for anything in this life by asking stupid questions. There was this idiot of a customer in front of me asking my butcher buddy wait for it how to cook a turkey. So he just gave her the advice any butcher would give her. Put it in the oven at a certain  temputure and make sure you basting it. now this is simple advice for you and me but now idiot girl had to ask the following. what do you mean by basting it?  You know putting the meat juice over it, Oh ok she said and how often should i do that. Well every 45 mins. With each question coming. My friend was ready to take the apron off and walk away.  When he did the following look my friend here use to be a chef pointing in my direction of course she will be able to help you.

So i of course rolled my eyes smiled and gave her simple instructions look get your bird prepared the night before and give it a blast in the oven and than switch it off and cook the rest of it in the morning. When i gave her this advice i lost her. how i lost her i do not know at all. what do you mean by giving it a blast. I mean by gently cooking the bird so you have time for your family and it also means you can have a lie in on the morning. But no idiot girl could not listen to me and went back to my butcher friend. So after what felt like a lifetime explaining on how to cook the xmas dinner. the woman still asked the same question. Give me strength i said to my friend with a look and throw in some leather straps for good measure for me to bite on.

 So after the mess of  the butchers i than went to the shops to get gravy and i was met by more stress at the door. There were people arguing over the smallest of things. But i have to say that i am so glad that everything is done and i can have a lie in in the morning and watch shep open his presents. So thats all from me for now and if you dont hear from me i all hope you have a great xmas and i hope that you all have a great holiday

bye for now and take care


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the little gems that you get to find along the way


Oh how i do enjoy the pleasure of wiritng my own blog and seeing others like k8 the gr8 and headrambles and irambles just to name but a few. the following links are my personal favourite blogs to read. Also k8 did manage to hook me up in this wonderful world that is blogging. Thanks again k8 hope you and your family have a great xmas and happy and peaceful new year. 🙂

I can now say this with great pleasure i have now finished the first few months of my holistic course and to say the least they have been an interesting few months. I have learned a lot about holistic therapies and i have also learned a lot about myself. i have learned that i can hit deadlines i have learned that i really do love anatomy and physiology class (its a great place for discussion on how certain parts of our body work so well and other parts not so well but hey thats another story altogether.) I have also learned that in staying with the right groups of friends and not clicks you can do very well in your course.

I have learned a great lesson though over the last few weeks though. I have learned who my true friends are and to be honest with you it wasnt a moment to soon for that to happen. So i will explain to you what happened. (certain names and locations have be changed to protect privacy). So there i was walking into college on a cold monday morning large latte with irish cream flavour shot in one hand and ny assignment in the other hand. When i heard the girlies screaming for me and catching up on much needed news and gossip. So we all sat down talked about the x factor strictly come dancing and what we did on our weekends. i nearly choked on my coffee when i heard this. OMG so like did you hear some people are trying to replace you on the student council and they are not happy with you. So me being a lady i kept calm and listened to what was said. So when i heard this little tipbit of gossip i was fuming.

So when my little girly told this news i remained calm on the outside but inside i was boiling up with a unbelieveable rage. So i just want to class and i than found out who was speaking about me and again i remained calm. But i certainly got my own back a few days later. Boy did i enjoy it. So this happened on monday and it was still going on friday. So friday was my last day and of course the teacher decided to have a table quiz on entertainment celebrities and music, So with all the questions been fired left right and centre i got my own back on the little taddle tailer. I just used my sarcasm humour and witty put down lines that every girl should use in any given situation. So when it came to well anything celebrity i fired the answers out and than bat my eyeslashes at the teacher and than give the death stare to the idiot who said that i sucked at the student council.

So when i finally got to meet up with my other student council buddy we were talking about life and books and how the book club was going? So when little ms fuckwit said the following in her high pitched voice i didnt know we had a book society in this college. Oh really i sneered well there was posters all over the place one two i did tell everyone in class about it two i put it on my facebook account and three you must really not pay attention to anything i say. IN while saying this i gritted my teeth and said god almighty you must really not pay attention to detail or to anything i say so all in all please don’t talk to me again. with that i just flicked my hair back stood up straight and walked away.  God i am not really a bitch but when i am upset i do tend to play the card and the role i play it very well.

So i did well in my anatomy and physiology class. I got great marks and really good feedback. So that god i can now relax and enjoy the holidays and enjoy eating good food in the shape and form of christmas dinner with the works and chocolate and mince pies. Hmm i certainly cant wait to do so. I have my stretchy pants all ready to do for this great feast that i am about to receive.

So i have to say i have had a great day today. I went christmas shopping. I went into a new book shop that is based in bray and i have become close to the woman who runs the store and she has gladly hooked me up with great books and gift ideas for the family. I first got a book from her on border collies for little shep and to say the least its a fantastic book. Me and shep are coming on leaps and bounds and now we are doing clicker training. thats all thanks to my new books store. the bonus with this store is that all the books are half price and there is something for everyone. It has also got something for everyone. I got a few great books today, I got this book called geek chic the ultimate guide to geek culture by neil feineman. i also got a book on the psychedelic furs they were a great punk band in the 70s so go and check them out. I also got a fellow bloggers book. Now i have been doing the rounds on this site for the last while and hes always been good to me in giving great advice whether it was dealing with idiots or politics or how to deal with sells people knocking  at the door and how to get rid of them discreetly. yes i have now my very own copy of headrambles. I was so chuffed that i found a copy of the book in this wonderful store. Now i can read headrambles while i am on the move. talk about a great find. I also got a book on a photographer who takes pictures of celebrities with their pets. So all in all i have had a truly great day.

I also managed to get shep for xmas pressies to. I got him a collar and new leash. I also got him some rawhide treats and some bonos and i also got him a new name tag. But believe me guys it was so hard in wrapping a present for the puppy while he was on the sniff and then running around the house with the sellotape n his mouth. God bless ya shep i love you to pieces.

So all in all have had a brilliant day and i got talking to the guys who sold me my nice books and my copy of headrambles. His name is jon and he also runs a website. Its on wordpress so please feel free to check it out. hes one cool guy and i would like to say a big thank you to him for hooking me up  with the great reads.

So if you don’t hear from me over christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year. I hope santa brings you all nice gifts.

bye for now and take care

Love and best wishes vicky


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a little bit of satisfaction

i have to say that i have had a good few days in all. But if i was to pick a highlight it wold be the fact that i have now finished off all my assignments for christmas and i can now finally take a breater and relax for a change. I am certainly going to relax now and take it easy this holiday season. I hope everyone does the same as well.

I will also be getting a very special little man a few christmas presents this year to. I think its also fair to say that the dog whisper has a new fan and i would also like to say that shep also loves the simpsons.

So thats all i have to say for now so bye for now and take care


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Ahh the joy of relaxing


Firstly i have to say that after a few stressful weeks of writing up assignments editing them heavily and handing them in. I am now going to take some down time to myself and tend to my one and only pleaseure that has made me very happy of late my blog.

Well firstly i am still alive (just checking pulse now) and breating but i am doing ok. But i have to say that this college life is stressful to say the least. I think i must have spend the best part of the last few weekends in writing up my assignments and watching wee bits of strictly if and when i can. I know that some people thatdont like dancy sparkly stuff but hey its my thing let it go. i also have a huge crush on ricky whittle not only is he gorgeous but i hooe he really wins the show. So enough about my strictly come dancing phase. Im here to talk about college life. I tink that i better write this piece up as a positive view on what college life is like and what would be the main things that have bugged me of late.  My good friend dee aka kitkat did drop in to facebook earlier tonight and with my little rant of throwing my laptop and myself out the window due to my stress levels i think that this is long over due. PS kirk if your resding this thanks buddy for the sound advice. the cup of tea and toffe crisp bar really helped me take a breather.

i have to say i am enjoying college life. Its an intersting course that i am doing. Plus with me in my first year its going good. I have to say though i do wish that i was a bit more organised when it came to doing the assignments i know my bad but hey it was an interesting time that i am having. My favourite assignment of late was the coronary heart disease paper. I have learned so much about myself and well i have cut down on my bad habits. i dont drink as much coffee as usual and sheps is well making me happy and keeping me relaxed by going for walks and than when his lordship is really tired he just crashes in his burberry bed. god i know this pup has expensve taste but hes like the shampoo ad because hes worth it.

what has been the annoying factor of late is that some of the eager beavers have been asking abou this new assignment of late. Now to make things clear the new anatomy and physiology assighment is not due til january 2010. Now while the others are thinking about what they will be doing for this assignment i am just thinking about xmas and how much of my special stuffing i will make for my bird. the turkey that is ha ha ha ha. i have found out a few things though while doing this course. I have found out that i am a middle of the road personality. Which i think in my defense is a good think to have. It just means that i am easy going laid back and i tend to do things in my own time and place. There is one thing i dont like at all. Apart from being made watch snooker well my da use to watch snooker but you know what they say about old habits are hard to break. The one thing i hate in life is being rushed. I have always enjoyed doing certian things very slowly. eating my favourite ice cream drinking coffee or reading the twilight series. (yes its another thing i like to do folks let it go and also robert pattersion is very cute and easy on the eye). I do things slowly. i have found in doing this anatomy paper i have found that i was always rushing around and getting things done quickly and by doing this to myself. I was making myself sick with bad heartburn and chest pains.

My heartburn felt like i was getting stabbed with a flaming hot poker in my chest ( gross even thinking about it now makes me sick). But now i have learned to relax a bit more. i am certainly enjoying things more. I actaully now enjoy going to the beach with shep before it was a chore but now that shep has learned to play fetch its so much more rewarding going to the beach for our daily games of fetch. i have also started to do yoga again. At first though it did really hurt me getting into different positions but now that i do yoga at home i feel more relaxed and my back pain has gone. i also feel there is more of a graceful stride in my step and take god to.

I have also learned that i should not get stressed about things that i have no control over any more.  I have to say ages back i always got so stressed out over little things but now i dont mainly because i just think this. I have no control over the situation so therefore there is no point in me worrying about it.  

So i just wanted to share my thoughts with this world on how i am getting on with my course and life in general so thanks all for listening and i hope you have a great day. if you dont know what i am talking about when it comes to strictly come dancing and ricky whittle check out the clip that i will put in my blog. hes the gorgeous hunk wearing the white shirt that has a few buttons opened. seriously people 9 i would have given him a 10 . hee hee.

Hope you all have a great day


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