have i got news for you?

01 Feb

Hi guys and girls


So i have had a pretty eventful week to say the least.  Firstly i will tell you all with great sadness i have been currently let go from my restaurant job.  With the currant recession in our hands everyone is suffering and i happen to be one of those statics and I’m actually scared just thinking about it.  It all happened last Thursday night and i will now give you a blow by blow account of what happened.  I dropped into the restaurant Thursday and being cheery as i am ordered myself a nice pizza for dins dins.  When my manager just asked me to sit down and have a little chat.  I think we need to talk said the manager to em with a serious look on his face.  I knew by his look this wasnt going to be good news.  So as you know the restaurant haven’t been doing well and with that we have to make a few changes.  I was like ok hmm so i gave a few suggestions but he than dropped the bombshell im really sorry about this but i have to let you go.  I just looked at him and felt silent for what felt like for ever than i came up for air.  Oh fuck i said christ what am i going to do i just kept nodding my head and than the tears came alone.  he was like are you ok and i just put my hands to my head and said no not really.  In a space of a few weeks my mums health is getting worse i cant get funding for my new course and now im losing my dream job COURSE IM NOT OK.  I screamed back , it was like getting a slap in the face.  He was talking away and i was in such a mess i actually cant remember what he said but i dont think it was good.  I think it in the lines that the resturantwas losing money and cutbacks had to be made and cutbacks had to be made in order to make things work.  So unforturnly the resturant has only got a few weeks left if that.  I think what hurt the most that night was that a certain person knew what happened regarding me losing my job and they were not nice to me it was like this person saying ha ha you lost you job and get out. 

I have to say this while wearing my beating heart on my sleeve im truely gutted i honestly cant find any words to describe how im feeling.  I have to say last night was my last shift and it was one of the toughest nights i had to do in a long time.  It was like my workfriends were coming up to me saying are you ok and giving me a look as in saying oh so you have now lost your job and your puppy was knocked down and killed by a car.  (i dont have a puppy yet but that was the look i was getting).  Its hard knowing the fact that my resturant is closing but harder knowing the fact that i cant get work.  I think i have to say that certain people have been brillant to me during this whole week and i would like to say thanks to them.  mainly the taxi drivers for keeping my spirits up with funny stories and kind words. my mum for just being there when i needed you and not giving me a hard time and for a certain guy who is going to have it way tougher than me in looking for work.

Sadly folks this means that i will be leaving the restaurant trade i have actually had enough and to be honest with you my heart is broken in two and sadly i can never love this trade again due to the fact that people are not opening restaurants.  I was actually watching Gordon Ramsay the other night and according to the stats in England there is 250 restaurants closing in England.  that is a very scary thought.  What do i have pplanned for the future who knows i  go back to college to do a holistic health studies diploma course in September.  It will be a three year course so im looking forward to it and when I’m done i will be a qualified holistic nurse.  I can honestly say with my hand on my heart this is about change and i think that this direction will make me happy.

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One response to “have i got news for you?

  1. Gareth

    02/02/2009 at 12:43 am

    That’s not great news at all V. Hopefully there’ll be something even better waiting for you just around the corner to fill your days until you start your course in September!

    Keep your chin up – you’ll be fine. Let me know if you need to chat about anything.


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