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bloody annoyed and than sum

ohh my god stop annoying me



So this piece is an entire mash up of a few thoughts that have been running in my head of late and also with the late nights i have been putting in of late you know i think sum thoughts can come of use to me for when it comes to writing a piece you know.

So of late as you may or may not know i have been getting a lot of shite on my social networking page for my ara & vegan views. So at what i thought of at the time was funny and humourous insults that would appear on my page have now left me thinking and also questioning certain things about my life and who i am and what i am doing in my life.

I mean when a row does break out on my page when it comes to animal rights issues it can turn nasty and litterly flip side it on its head. But time again i always dust myself down stand up again and move on. But my question is this why do people need to get involved in my social networking page and start unbelievable and stupid rows on my page. Ok fair enough i dont eat meat nor do i drink milk or consume or wear animal products but seriously why do you get so bend of shape when i bring up these matters. I mean its not like its offending that i need to buy products are cruelty free and animal free as well.

But what has really got on my wick of late is the whole thing of social networking sites is the whole thing of people sticking their nose into my business. I think when it comes to certain things that i do here is my own business and why again do people feel the need to stick their nose in and continue to stir the shite you know is beyond me. Now here would be a classical example of classic shit stirring. me hey there to my mate are you doing anything for the weekend. Mate not to sure yet wanna pop out here and have a few scoops. Me yeah of course i would love that. Mate sure i will even bring the cards and we can play poker. So you can get this texting and networking back and forth on your page which i love and simply live for but what annoys me is when sum1 else decides to jump on and talk to ya. I do experience this on a few days basis and needless to say it drives me f**king nuts its like why are you jumping into the conversation when it does not include you. I mean when i do talk to people on my social networking account we have a laugh and joke and even swap links ideas and even number sumtimes.

But here is the deal why is that conversation hijackers always feel the need to this why like why would you step in and ruin an awesome conversation that im having with my friend like seriously fuck off and stop annoying me. What gets me is that when people do this they think its funny when its not. I think if anything im glad for the pm app that sum social networks have.

But what gets me even more frustrated is when complete strangers like and comment on photos that you may have posted from yolks back. In a way i dont mind if people like my stuff but it gets personal when you try and hijack the comment thread on my accounts. Its like ohh ok im only noticing in how cute sexy gorgeous and wonderful you are now that sum1 else is on the scene. I have a message to these people fuck off and stop liking my stuff that i put up ages back. One more thing dont be taking credit for something that i have may introduce ya to. in a way social networking does create a form of stealing your art your work or even bands singers artists and films you may have discovered well long before you idiots did.

Also i dont mean to appear or sounds pissed off in this piece for today but its sumthing that has to be said you know and just so you know for the gobshite who keeps puting up no fighting on their social networking site seriously your just asking for a fight when you put that up.

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lust in translation




So hi there i really have to confess something here in this piece and i do hope that you can either laugh along with this poke fun at me relentlessly or even say childish rhymes i dont care. So here is my confession i am somewhat very addicted to a very hot very cute certain half irish half german actor that is the truly gorgeous michael fassbender. Yes i go weak at the knees just thinking about him and yes i have even seen all this films and have even without shame dreamt about well doing certain things to him. Now in my little crush scenario here im realist and know that i wont ever meet him i know that hes probably attached to some one else and maybe even our paths would never cross ever well not in this life time they wont. But you know why i know all this and am writing this piece tonight is because with my own addiction i can handle it with great ease and well indulge myself in every way that i can. But tonight’s piece is about certain people that i know and seeing how they behaviour goes into over board for when it comes to the attractions of the opposite of sex.

Now without naming certain people i have through out the years of working in the different areas of the bar and restaurant trade you get to see how lust and all human interactions happen in every day life. I have seen people getting together i even even seen the first dates the whole nervous aspects of new couples getting together and also seeing how the romance progresses with the gentlest of eases and how people do the whole mating dating dance and than getting it together. I have to say those were the good days i would even happily throw freebies to young and blossoming couples and even at times push them together well certain things need to get a gentle push along the way.

Now sadly with the current climate going on you dont really see much romance happening now. Well i dont seem to see any from my own point of view and also with my job as a blogger and with going to gigs you dont see the human behaviour that comes with dating new people.  All that blossoming fun and energy is now played out on social networking sites. Now of late I know some friends of mine have got together and you can see it unfolding via on the online world. It starts off with cheeky comments here a few pokes there and the posting of pics as well. Now i do have to say i have indulge my own needs via this way but when i do decide to get my guy things will not be broadcasted as much. As i do respect my own privacy and sanity and well certain things dont need to be advertised at all.

I know a few friends of mine have met their partners through social net working sites and it has worked out ok for them. But what worry me is this when you do decide to go official and make it public can you really trust yourself and your partners needs to constantly update everything that might be happening in your lives. I mean i have always kept my posts bright and breezy and light hearted at times and yes im also guilty of putting my ex bfs pics up but when we did split up i took them down.

Now i have a few friends who have decided to go back on the dating scene and well have decided to play it out on social networking sites and well dating in real life and social networking sites dont go together. I know with certain friends of mine you would see the dramas unfolding from the very moment that make it public. People would happily and cheeky leave comments up about what the couple would get up to and even give their input into everything and more. In recent times certain friends i know well lets say friends of friends have put up compromising status about well if they had a row with the partner and or what they may have done the night before last.

Which really begs the question should your own personal life spill onto your online life. I think i have been a victim in the past with over sharing certain information have i learned my lesson yes i have and this is the main reason in why i dont put certain stuff up.  I know that with certain sites its sometimes best not to advertise people’s problems and to also say ohh i have such a problem with such a person. I think of anything you had to take notice of all the drama and BS that happen here you would probably end up flat lining and worse case scenario be head first into your bottle of wine.

I think though if anything i have always been a realist and have always lived for the moment and have even also said look what ever happens happen and again no pressure on either parties side. But what i do dislike immensily though is the whole drama that comes with dating the whole nerves and the whole does he like does he not like me when will he call and so on and so forth i have always entered everything in every aspect of my life with a realist point of view and have always learned to adjust to other peoples needs and more. But i will be damned if im going to throw a fit and start shouting and screaming in order to get things going my way i have a little thing called dignity and pride and i intend to keep it all in tact hee hee.



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For my mum gemma


Gemma Jan Dixon Rogers 10 5 1940 3 12 2011 RIP



Just to say that this piece of music was played at my mums funeral and needless to say its quite a touching piece of music that will always remind me of her and it may also be played at my own wedding but i needs to back a hubby first and i aint rushing into that likely.


canon in D original instruments


I have been avoiding for the last while in writing this piece as its quite well a very personal piece so after a lot of soul searching and also support from close friends that live abroad and also who live around me in the Dublin area i have decided that today would be a good day to do this piece. Now i think i should really owe a sincere apology to my mum Gemma for this piece mum im so sorry that im only writing this now and yes i know i should have spoken at your funeral but i think that it would be would have not been appropriate to write a piece and say it at your funeral as we only would both get the personal in jokes and little stories that we both had and no one else would get the little parties that you had with mr sheps for when i went out shopping.

When people ask me what my mum was like well she was this she was a truely awesome lady who had the most warmest heart the biggest smile and also had light for your smoke and also had great advice to give to those who would listen to her and come to her in their time of need. My mum was at a late age when had me but when she had my 2 older brothers she was a pretty great mum to both sons. Mum also took the boys to horse riding and give them everything they could want and more. Mum would also reminisce on the time that she met that and how dad picked her up in a very stylish old car and my aunts and uncles would look out the window for when he came to collecting her. My own grandmother even said that mum had great taste in courting dad and i think that both my grandparents were happy for then they got married. My mum would also say that when she had me it was well a great but long and lazy day hee hee but she said your were worth the time the effort and the bloody strong pain killers that i had to take when she had me.

I also remember in growing up with mum she always put lipstick on me and put me in little dresses and treated me like a little princess needless to say i had other ideas when i could come in 5 mins later covered in dirt from head to do by playing with the family dog in the work shed that both parents owned. I also remember when i was younger mum was such an excellent cook and also made the best dishes ever especially for when it came to sandwiches and certain roasts that she would make for all of us.  What i do remember about her best was her kind heart and the way she would also give me hugs and kiss me on the cheek when i fell down and hurt my knee.

As i grew up me and mum had good times and the odd fight but we would always make up and than go back to being best friends. I remember the first time i discovered boys and a very nice italian boy liked me and asked me out right in front of mum needless to say i was scarlett as anything and mum kept asking me that day for all the details whats his name can you speak italian to him ohh hes such a nice and you should ask him over for dinner. Mum always though do spur me on and supported me in everything that i did. I remember doing my both my junior cert and leaving cert she was at that time great to me. She always made she i ate ok and went through my notes with me. When i got the results for my junior cert english paper she litterly screamed in joy and brought me out shopping that day. It was one of the great days of being with mum because she drove at that time to my old school and collected me and we went out for lunch. She was also especially good to me through out the leaving cert and even was patient with me when i had screaming matches with her for when i was trying to study for the maths paper and nothing would stay in. Mum always had this great ability to handle me at my best and to also handle me at my worst as well.

Anytime me and mum had a falling out we would be both stubborn as anything and it would be here to break the ice and well get the how do you say peace talks going. Mum would always nearly get me out of bad form by making nice dishes for me and also buying me new tops dresses cassettes and cds for my music collection. Mum also always had a great sense of style dignity and class about her as well. She would always dress up nice and i would happy fuss over here while doing her hair and make up as well. Mum also loved going to her local pub and shooting the breeze with her friends and having a smoke as well. When the smoking ban came in she said well im fecked if im going out paying 2 40 euros for a glass of water you know. So when mum and i did go out i always put in the time and effort in getting her ready for our special days.

It was only in the last few years of her life she got so sick and nearly died on my twice in hospital. I remember the night that she was taken to hospital due to a ulcer bleed in her stomach and how my elderly neighbour managed to keep me calm and keep me from falling apart right in front of her. It was also good that my neighbour held her hand and kept speaking to her while i paced the floors frantic in waiting for the doctors to come.  Needless to say mum stayed in hosptial for a while and than came home when she got better.

I think though in mums last few years of her life she became tired and sad. She would say things to me and i would always pick up her spirits and tell her to not think or say anything or do anything bad at all. Mum also had that chillout vibe and even discovered nu folk bands and music and had even said if you bring home that guy from mumford and sons i would happily marry you guys in the sitting room and be done with ya. Mum would also always tell me about the dances that she and edward went to and how they always had fun and also had a laugh together. Mum would also tell me about the time she dealt with rather colour characters that she had met in the car trade and how they would ask her for discounts and she would also say well i  fairness i am giving you a deal after all. Mum also once told me the rather funny story of how my dad went out to a party and never came home for a few days. Needless to say edward strolled in the door and of course mum being mad as anything that she was picked  up a platform heel and threw it at edwards direction he than ducked down saying that could of hit you know and she than screamed at him it was f**king meant to ya. Hee hee needless to say they soon spoke again a short while after that.

From what i can remember in moms last few months here she was in such great spirits and also had me in stitches laughing with the dog. Mum had one of those beds in where you could store things underneath and needless to say shep would hide under there. Any time i would ask mum where shep she would say ohh hes in his man tunnel he wants time out from the girls. The girls being me and her of course. But she always would crack me up laughing anytime i went out. She would ring me on my phone and say ohh shep wants to talk to you and i would happily say hi there shep are you a good boy needless to say shep would wag his tail and lick my mums phone and they always had their little parties when i was out of course doing the bits and pieces for her. I think when i got shep first mum never liked him as she didnt want a dog in the house but needless to say they became best friends very soon after i got him.

From what i remember in the last years before my mum died was all shep and her related and needless to say there were funny times. I remember when the chilean miners got trapped in the mines and shep accidently  got stuck under my mums bed and needless to say 4 hours of trying to get the pup out made for funny times. I dont know what was more funny shep howling every 5 mins or mum saying to him you think you have it bad try and be stuck like those chilean lads in chile it was times like that she would always have me in tears laughing and she would be like what are you laughing at and between trying to keep a serious face and also not laughing was indeed very hard to do.

What i do miss about mum though if celebrating the little things in my life that mean a lot to me and more. I recently to meet an idol of mine a few months back matt cardle who won the x factor and needless to say i could not hide my europhic joy of meeting him and i had no one to share this incredible high with.  I also miss in how mum would always check on me at late times of the night when i would be asleep and i also miss the fact of talking to her every day. I also miss the affection and the gentle stroke that show would give me on the cheek and kiss that only a mother gives to her child and anytime mum would do that to me i would be like mum stop that and she would always say look i wont always be here and you will miss that when im gone.

I remember the morning that was our last morning together mum wasnt well and i was in a foul mood to say the least. She asked me to do the shopping for her and i said look can i do it later i have to head into the city for a meeting but she won me around and i did the shopping for her and needless to say i missed the meeting in the city. i came home exhausted tired and sat beside her on her bed and asked her how her day was. She looked tired and weak and said look i dont feel well. I than just casually said look of you need to doctor i will call her and she said no please dont i dont need any1 just let me be and sit with me. needless to say i said with her and she kept sleeping and dreaming and i remember the last time i spoke to her that night and she asked for my father and toby the family dog i just said to her look dad took him out for a walk and he will be back soon i promise. She than said to me look im not going to worry anymore and im looking forward to xmas ok and oh yeah promise me that you wont ever settle for less and please contact that friend of yours ok it would be nice to see ya with sum1. It was that night that while she slept i had to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight and even brushed her hair a certain way.

Needless to say when well mum died it felt like the most important part of me died that day. It was without a shadow of doubt such an unbelieveable inpact of a hit that well to this day im surprised that didnt kill me as well. The funeral arrangements and even her funeral was a blur of emotions and seeing and meeting family that i havent ever seen in my life and also trying keep everything into check i was how do you say on auto drive with my own emotions and trying to smile and greet people was the toughest part ever. I was though grateful though for a few  really good friends of mine that well took the time out and supported me and even gave me the kind words of support. I also think that in a way we did give her a good senting off well i like to think that we all did you know.

So im going to raise a glass to my awssome lovely gorgeous lady who loved her smokes her toastys her hollyoaks and corrie and also loved the universal channel shows and who also developed a taste for my own vegan diet as well. There you go mum you cant say i did ya bad now my last word count is 2292 words wow all i can say is that your worth every word love you massively and mr sheps misses you as well.

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Jealous little B’s


So of late I have seen this ugly horrible emotion that pops its head around the door like an unwelcome visitor its typical behaviour can leave the person envious and well can litterly mess up with your mind and well make you do something things this little emotion is called jealously.

Now as humans we do suffer from jealously from time to time. I even myself suffer from slight tiny bits of jealously whether it be over a new hand bag or if a friend got a job promotion or even getting jealous over a friend and their new relationship jealously is there in every day life and sadly it wont go away. I mean i have seen the whole jealously thing on social networking sites of late and well its kind of sickening and at times quite silly to sho off in public. I know that jealously can start off very little just like any habit and that it grows and manifests out of control you know. I have even seen friends being the victim of their own little bits of jealously and at times i have had to clean up the carnage and mess of things. But i think what makes jealously worse at times in when you give into it and become a slave to it.

I know from some great examples of late as in books and films and even real life. Jealously is often spurred on by such insecure people who dont really have nothing better to do with their lives but cause trouble. I thin a prime example of jealously getting out of control in shown in mean girls. Yes i know bad example that not so good film with a certain crack whore of an actress in it. But you can see in how the story unfolds. The main character is real i suppose pretty and lives in her own bubble and has friends who are good to her. But as soon as she gets a sniff of male attention it than shows you in how she acts. She gets nice clothes does herself and well does things that are not like her at all. All the while knifing the back off her so called friends and being so incredibly image aware as well.  Now sadly in the film they have a thing call a burn book in where they say things about other people in order to make them feel good about themselves and well you know the rest. The book gets into the wrong hands and it gets printed off and than every1 sees what they have been writing about them. now granted it be it may in the last few years with the social networking scene the whole jealousy issue has taken a huge toss and got spun of its head litterly but again its not a great scene to be in at all.

I think in recent times i do sometimes get jealous but i have learned to deal with accordingly and well things get to much i just take a deep breath and walk away and keep my pride and dignity in tact as well. But try and tell that to certain people who use social networking sites as spring form for the likes of Jerry springer style fights. Now ages back i was involved in a scrap a wee scrap do to different of opution you know. the fight was in question quite a silly fight over a small issue but when i was fighting my corner with this person it was like ok im winning here so if you add more your just litterly walking into another row with me. Needless to say she didnt see this and started getting personal. So with that there was a lot of fights insults name calling and even there was questions of my own lifestyle and faith thrown into the mix with this fight. All the while i keot my cool and kept saying very calmly well look this is what i think and well i dont think im better than you. It was than she litterly went for me. She got vicious called me all the names under the sun and than i just thought hmm ok sweetheart your not seeing my point being made her goodbye. It was than later that night things got vicious she decided to email me and call me all the names under the sun and even said well i had mental health issues im a skinny bitch im a forthright vegan blah blah and i just said this to shut her up. hey darling get the mirror from the bathroom and take a good look at yourself. Now you saying all this about me but look at yourself before you ever judge me ok.  Thinking that would shut her up no i got abused like crazy and than i just thought ohh ok psycho im blocking you from my account.

I havent since spoke to this person to this day but it goes to show you jealous little idiots like her are so insecure and than some within themselves. I can honestly say those who are jealous with their lives need little or no ammo to get them started and its also even funnier when they completey go off the subject. Its like ok i hate you and now i hate that bag that you have i hate those shoes you wear and so on. It gets mentally draining and than you just think to yourself ok seriously do i need this no. So thats when i felt relieve the most unbelievable relief when i blocked them from my social networrking account.

But you will laugh when you hear about jealously from the male side of things. Now this will make you either laugh or go HUH why did this happen for. It was about this time last year when a friend of mine made another friend of mine via social networking so they got together and than this is when things got bad. She deicded to email and ask my well whats your man like and should i kno anything about him. So i just said look hes a nice guy and so on and i wish you all the luck in the world. So i didnt hear from here again and than my phone was hoping with messages and abusive calls. It turns out my friends mate had told a few lies and he was out for me and well wanted to deal with things. Now of course i was like ok seriously get over yourself and blah blah and it was than he got all phycho needless to say i met him in a muterul terrority and read him the riot act. I have not now spoken to him since and guess what i del so much better for it.

My advice to any1 who deals with jealously is this dont deal with it or even entertain it in any way shape or form i know easier said than do. But again im a calm person who has never felt the need to entertain other peoples baggage and emotions. I think im a calm centred person who knows when to deal with her emotions accordily i have never ever felt the need to snoop thru other peoples stuff bags phones even email accounts because when you think about it at the end of the day if you do find something could you be prepared to deal with the fallout of it. I think if i have had to deal with jealously i deal with it rationally and keep in mind that i could loose my diginity and tact in place as well. I think also people who are also jealous or who even spur on jealous behvaiour in others only do it for a sheer reaction. I know when a friend of mine got spurred on by an idiot jealous girl the fall out and damage of it all was beyond a joke and nightmare to clean up. I think it took my friend a long time to break out of the cycle but when she did she was so much happier for it. which begs the question is it really worth it to have such jealous little bs in your life who only create nothing but trouble well i like to think not but again only the person who hangs around with these people can only answer that question themselves

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was it worth it?




So today for sum odd reason behold to me i have decided to write on fairy tale happy endings and the perfect relationship. Now just like the easter bunny santa clause and the tooth fairy the happy ending only sadly exists in some children books and some drippy sappy chick flicks and here is the reason. I have spent well the last while in well-doing my own thing of being single than casually hopping around on dates with guys who were good to me and we have remained the best of friends ever since.

But here is the deal why is it that the vomit inducing films that is sex and the city and hes not that into you always give hope to all these single girls. Like so many girls before they have always brought into the ohh maybe he is busy maybe hes gone away or maybe even well hes been abducted by aliens. BUt if im being honest here i have seen and done it all. I have dated a few somewhat idiot guys i have sadly let some gorgeous  boyfriends lovers even potential well dare i say it soul mates slip right thru my skinny little fingers and yes they are times in where i always think f**k i should have not let Liam go away to wherever he is now and i should have really told him ho i felt at that given time. But again i will admit i have been a complete idiot. Im no angel and i have been forth right honest and up front with my ex partners but again dealing with such a sensitive and fragile being that is the male ego is a hard thing to do.

It gets especially harder when it comes to dealing with things as well from the women’s point of view. I too only know what its like the stomach flip the heart beat racing the first signs of contact with the opposite  of sex and the whole getting ready for the meeting and the whole ohh my god did he touch my arm and what not. I have to admit i love romance and the whole its easrly days lets see where this goes feelings but i think now with modern cinema and books. It places to much expection on us mere mortels. I remember not so long back i was in a fling with a pretty cute guy he was nice respectable kind loving. Everything went well until the idiot kicked inside me and started to question everything. Needless to say after a huge fight and a few well broken plates things ended.  Yes i do blame myself and my own actions for letting the break up happen but again it was my own fault. I placed way to much expectation in this dude was a fool to think ok this would go the distant no because i have always gave fully in all matter of relationships and well have in recent times given less of myself to people and have given even more less in my adult friendships and relationships and this is why.  As little girls growing up we are fed these stories of hope and romance and we will all get our prince and live happily ever after these are called fairy tales. Now as much as i love fairy tales they sadly dont guarantee the happy ending when you grow up.

Now dont get me wrong i love fairy tales and happy endings and no women or even man should be made feel ashamed of wanting their happy ending so bad but again its work and it takes time dedication and in some cases work. I have known some of my good friends in recent times taken time out from their long term relationships and sadly i cant remember the last engagement party i was invited to but again the writing seems to be on the wall with a lot of couples and people that i have known of late. I have to say that when i do my friends for coffee they always joyfully say ohh my god your so lucky your pretty you have your gorgeous dog and you lead this life carefree with no boyfriend please for the love of god swap places with me. Now i have to admit i have heard this quite a lot of late. You know the whole fuck it im not happy with the BF and i need your advice on this matter coffee talk. Now without going into certain details i think i might have a fair answer into whats been happening with my now single friends when they were in relationships it was nothing but hassle. Ohh your man bloody pissing me off and well im not happy with this and that and the other. I would also sit there patiently try and not roll my eyes or tweet on my phone while listening to all this and do you know why some people are not in relationships anymore because well people dont put in the effort anymore.

I have seen in recent times that a really good friend of mine was in a relationship i would believe about 7 years but towards the last 2 years things got all messy and well it was like a scene between depress ville and shit street. Things were not good at all and well she was taken a time out from him every few weeks and than she had that we need to talk moment with me. Needless to say i was going through my own stuff with a few things going on and i just said look if he worth the BS the drama the whole alice copper look with maschera running down her eyes look. She than just looked at me and said no hes not worth it. Sadly that week they broke up and havent spoken to each other since but sometimes the savage break up is needed in order to well think about what you want and need in your life.

But ever since my friend broke up with her bf she feels free she feels happier looks younger and even well partakes in swing dance classes and even partakes in speed dating events through out the city. I think though when you go through the bad times you need to take a time out and assess well i have to see what i want and embrace the good times. Now i did say earlier that i havent being putting much time in my own relationships and friendships but here is the reason why. When everything happened in the last while with my beverment i wanted to run away and hide. I wanted to sit in a dark room cry my eyes and heart out and just generally be on my own. I think though in doing that i made and saved myself from going insane and im thankful for taking the time out. I now feel stronger happier i know what i want and who i want it from.

I also think of late a few close friends of mine have said oh my god your so strong emotionally how do you do it. I just say look i just go away from time to time evaulate all my relationhips and than decide what i want and who i want it from. I also dont brag and say things on social networking sites about certain things and if i do meet any1 it wont be going online. I really do value all my friendships and more but sometimes certain things should be kept secret and locked up and put away in a wee little box so no one else can partake in your happiness and say oohh shes happy maybe i should tap into that. I think though also i go into everything with my own eyes wide open and dont assume things ever. As a wise man once said to me love and feelings run together on a completey different path and well they run together hand in hand in their own time.


I mean i know certain people who want the fairy tale happy ending but again you cant force such things i think for any1 who wants their happy ending just take your time wait for it dont ever settle for second best and just let it happen. It should not matter about time when it comes to these things. I just think everything will fall into place just like day follows night. Sometimes only sometimes when you do start seeing some1 whether it be a new partner or a long time friend they only thing that should really matter is well you and him and no one else should really get into your business. i do know that some people of late have been doing the secret relationship thing and well its working for them very well and in some cases its not working at all. I just think about it like this if your both happy with what your doing than f**k the rest of them and also tell them to F**k the right off of they do come in and stir the shite at the of the day the shit stirs are not worth it only you and him are worth it in the end.

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Posted by on 06/15/2012 in daily rants