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excuse miss is this seat taken?

So the following has been happening for the last while and i have decided to write a blog about it.  did you ever have one of those perfect days of utter bliss and everything was going right and while everything was going right you start thinking to yourself hmm this day is going too well oh no i better not say anything just in case i screw it up. Well that does often happen to me. For the last while i have been making plans regarding my new life. Im starting college in september to do my holistics course which i am really excited about. Im going to be a mummy quite soon no i am not pregnant but im getting a puppy so i am looking forward to that to and even better my mums health is getting better.  So all in all its been a great few weeks of thinking planning waiting and a wishing. So to say the least i have been a happy little egg sitting at home watching the world go by.

So i have to say with the limited funds that i have on me at present i have to make certain changes in my life. One of those was not going out to often. Now i think i can say this i sometimes go out once a week i often go for a walk on a daily basis and with my walks i tend to carry a book with me jst in case i stop along the way for a coffee.  Now i have become very fond of a coffee shop that i tend to go to for my weekly treat of coffee and cake. I also have a iittle hiding place that i go to in which i read my book. So i decided to go to my coffee place last week and want to the waitress ordered my coffee and muffin and got into my seat and sat down got comfy and decided to start my reading. Just as i was getting my glasses out of my bag. I saw someone stading above me.  I thought it was the waitress giving me my order but oh no worse still, a complete dirty strange woman stading there looking at me and she started to grab the other chair and went to sit down. I went like this oh sorry what are you doing i said giving her a look over my glasses. So the woman said oh im sitting down. Now just to state the follwing i dont mind people sitting with me but only if you ask i have to say i really like my alone time alone with my book and coffee.  So the woman sat down besit me and started to cough.  Not a subtle cough but more like im going to cough up a lung cough.  So as you can imagine Im trying to sit down read my book drink my coffee and eat my muffin while trying to not show that she is bothering me. So with that i jst got my bag and left.

I have to say if there is one thing that people do to annoy me is when people at your table no matter where you are with out even asking if they could sit there first. I have a good example a few weeks back i was starving and went to mcdonalds (i knopw im so bad) ordered my food and sat down to eat it. Before long this man might have been sat at my table. I than gave him a look as in saying im sitting here and i am not moving.  So when i gave him a look as in saying leave me alone he started talking i was not to impressed i was tired and hungry and i dont like talking to people when i feeling this way but the man was not going to give up and kept talking for the sake of taking. I felt like screaming i dont care about what you are saying now shut up but i didnt.

But what i have to say this why do people do this? I know that for certain that people just do this to annoy me. But why me can you not sit in anohter space and annoy some one else. I have to say now that the only bit of peace and quite i have been getting of late is in my library. Its the only place that you can actully get thrown out for taking.

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