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Dublin Comic Con review

So in recent times i was given a chance to part take in Ireland’s first comic con. Now for those of you who dont know what a comic con is. A comic con is a comic book convention in where buyers and sellers alike of both comic books science fiction films and everything that is cool is related to comic books films and even tv and stage shows and i will give you first hand view of what it was like to be at Ireland first and very cool comic book convention. The first Dublin Comic Con event was held in the national arts center that is based in swords co Dublin. It was a 2 day event and even before the evnt kicked off. A lot of the sponsors who partook in the event took to their social media accounts and pushed the event in a very good and clever way. Over the last while they decided to drip feed everyone tidbits of information of who and what will be happening there and needless to say it worked very well. ¬†When i got to see the list myself of who was going and who would be there i only thought that it would be fair that a certain cosplay character would make a special appearance. So for my first comic con event i decided to break the rules and decided to dress up. I decided to go as Arkham asylum Harley Quinn from the batman Arkham game. My reasons for dressing up as Arkham city Harley Quinn is this i loved the character and i also got to dress up as her for last Halloween and she is also quite a fiesty but yet sexy game character who would do anything for her pudding aka the joker. ¬†The process of getting dressed up and into the charcater was an interesting time to say the least. I spend a lot of time in make up alone and well it was a doddle dressing up and portraying here and needless to say i could have not got ready without my friends help so thansk to that certain person in case i havent said it already i would have been lost without your help. When i got into the national arts centre in swords for my first comic con. I was slightly nervous but when i met a few other nice people along the way it than helped me relaxed and when i saw a few people in cosplay i was able to relax and get into my character. My first impression of seeing the comic con was wow. It was an interesting mix of people dressed up as their favourite game characters and i also met a few storm troopers and i even got to meet the gorgeous black cat character from dc comics. Who was just absolutely gorgeous and purred and smiled and welcomed me into the event. Miss black cat was even nice enough to pose along in a picture with me as well. Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 010

The gorgeous Black Cat posing with Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn.

As my day progressed and i got more into my character i got to walk about in the venue and even got a few pics with a few different and interesting characters i also got to see what Dublin Comic Con had to offer. I got to see a lot of irish based comic stalls and even saw a few charities working along with the event that day. I also felt comfortable in meeting different people and i even had a few fans of my character asking me to pose for photos and even saying wow your look is just so amazing and to say the least it was fun. I even got to meet a different Harley Quinn from the video game Harleys Revenge and once again it made the perfect excuse for yet another cool photo opportunity as well. ūüôā

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 008

awww when Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn met the Harley Quinn from Harleys Revenge

As my day went happily by with ease and immense joy i got to see and partake in a cosplay competition. I got to meet and pose with my 2 favourite cosplayer friends Amy King and Matty Mcmahon. I got to work with both amy and matty for bloom in the phoenix park and when i got to meet them it was great to see them. They both did such a great and wonderful job with the cosplayers and people who got to dress up as their favourite characters. The competition itself was held on the stage nearer to the back of the building and when i got to see who got to dress up as who it was quite an eye opening experience. I got to see so many different outfits and even saw characters i have known and loved for years and it was great to see the detail and time that people put into their outfits and they even got to do their characters signature poses and even gave a little bit about themselves.The one character that stood out was the amazing ironman. The person costume was just without a shadow of a doubt just quite simply amazing to say the least and the detail was spot on. The time and preparation for this look took a few month i do believe but it was most certainly a show stopper to say the least. I also got to see a few cool batman cosplays as well and i also got to see a really cute and very awesome hitgirl from the kickass films so once again thanks and kudos to everyone for the awesome outfits it was certainly very nice to see you al on stage. I even had fun in partaking in the stage and showing off my own outfit and i have to say i had a lot of fun in doing it too.

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 004

The amazing Ironman Cosplay

As my day went on at Dublin Comic Con. I got meet yet another cosplayer friend of mine. I got to meet greet and pose with the awesome John Stubbs. John is a fellow cosplayer and singer song writer who goes under the name stubzy and he got to partake in the fun of dressing up and decided to go along as shredder and needless to say he did an awesome job of dressing up. I got to met and work with John before at another cosplay event a few months and needless to say it was awesome meeting him again at Dublin Comic Con.

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 014

Arkham asylum Harley Quinn posing with shredder 

Another great feature that was featured in Dublin comic con was the awesome tv show the walking dead set. It had two walkers and it also had the famous walking dead background and it also made for a perfect photo opportunity once again i got to pose with the gorgeous amy king and matty mcmahon. I would have to say it was one of the many highlights of my day when i got to pose with this awesome duo and amy just looked gorgeous in her show girl outfit with a gorgeous black corset and skirt and matty just looked so handsome in his waistcoat and cane combo.

 Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 021

Harley Quinn Matty Mcmahon and Amy King posing on the walking dead photo backdrop 

now to wrap up my first day on a good and rather pleasant note i got to meet a very special person. I got to meet the awesome Laura o Neill. I met Laura at a past event and got to pose with her at that event. So when laura decided to dress up as retro Harley Quinn it had the makings of a good opportunity. Lauras boyfriend also got to do videos of Dublin comic con as well so if you do care to check out on what you may have missed. You can catch his work online its called grahammedia and to say the least his work is awesome and its well worthy of a checking out.

Dublin Comic Con pics 2013 pt 1 022

When Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn met retro Harley Quinn

Now for my second day of Dublin Comic Con. I decided not to dress sadly boo hiss i know your all saying that but i did however got to partake in a demo which you will all hear about later. So for my second day i decided to have a closer look of what the venders had to offer for the irish comic book and tv show fan. To say the least i saw a lot of awesome things that i love and enjoy doing and watching. The first stall that sprung to mind was irish retro gaming. Irish retro gaming is an irish run company that supplies the old style game consoles such as sega mega drive Nintendo and a few others that all use 90s children got to play. I even got to play with my old buddy sonic the hedgehog and it brought back a lot of good happy memories. The consoles themselves are relatively inexpensive and the company will even happy deliver them to your home too. I would have to say for any game of any age would love to have these retro games in your house please make sure you check them out on their facebook page.While checking out other stalls i got to see what Dublin comic con had to offer and needless to say i was spoiled for choice. I got to check out a few stalls that were quite interesting to say the least and i also got to check out FX make up. FX make up is an irish based make up company that supply everything for your costume and prosthetic make up needs. The girls were very helpful and super friendly and have a facebook page so please check them out online.

As my day progressed on a good even speed i got to meet the gorgeous alternative inked up model that is Melissa Hayward. For those of you qwho are not familiar with Melissa work shes alt model who has done a lot of work and has got work done online with a few webpages online and can be even seen regularly at When i got to meet Melissa it was such a pleasant and nice experience. Melissa is really down to earth and ever so nice and polite and really sweet and being a fan of hers i had to well ask her nicely for a pic of me and her and she of course said yes so just in case if i haven’t said this before thanks again Melissa for posing with me it was so awesome meeting you.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 009

Myself posing with the lovely and ohh so gorgeous model Melissa Hayward 

Now being at the second day of comic con not dressed up to do anything made me slightly well awkward but that feeling soon stopped when i bumped into a friend of mine. I got to meet the lovely people Siobhan and Tom from the British prosthetics and make up company Nimba creations. Nimba creations are a uk based company that specialize in zombie style make up and protestics and when tom needed a willing victim i mean ahem vounteller i was happy to well partake and offered my services. I will glady show you guys a before and after picture of what he got to do on my face. Meeting tom you could see how much of a nice pleasant guy he was. Tom really enjoys what he does and he gave a demo on how to get the zombie eye and also gave great advice to the crowd and myself while he worked his magic on me. The zombie eye itself was build over a set amount of time using a prostetic eye and a lot of fake blood and also some make up to make it so that it blended in with my skin tones and when i got to wear the prostestic through out the day i have to say it was so comfortable to wear and it was cool to get strange looks from other fellow comic con fans but it was cool when people asked to take pics of the zombie girl.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 001

The before shot with Nimba creations front man Tom pre zombie girl 

me zombie

The building up to the zombie girl look 

(Photo credits Mare Lou Facebook 2013)

me zombie 2

Long behold here comes zombie girl

(photo credits Mare Lou facebook 2013)

So when i got my nearly zombie girl look done i decided to well have a little bit of fun of my own and boy what fun i got the have. I decided to well walk around the enitre event at comic con and sacer the byjaysis out of a few people with my eye and even got to pose for pics as well. But no day is complete by partaking in a game of zombie hunting. Thats right i decided to head outdoors in the beautiful sunshine and well decide to let the little zombie hunters hunt me down and play a game of tag gently with the little hunters and needless to say it was great fun to say the least. I also well met and taunted a few team zero members and even let a few hunters shoot me with their little form darts and their little faces lit up when they saw me and it was to say the least quite a good laugh to have with both the zeros and the little zombie hunters to :-).

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 052

Ohhh no consorting with the enemy that is a team zero member is never ever a good ideal ūüėČ

Now when i had my fun of playing tag zombie games with the children i decided to go back inside for a final few last pics and meets with friends when i got to meet and greet the awesome and beautiful babydoll from sucker punch. Needless to say once again amy king pulled out all the stops and played her role of baby doll so well. We also got to meet a rather cute cosplayer who did her own spin of alex from a clockwork orange and once again it was a sheer joy in meeting her and getting her to pose with us as well.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 038

Sucker Punch Babydoll Alex Clockwork orange and zombie girl 

So to sadly wrap up my visit of Dublin comic con i got see and pose with a rather cute yet crazy dude with a mind for revenge and torture i will give you another clue to who i got to see and pose with. hes small hes got ginger hair and well hes possessed with the spirit of a murderer and this little dude could not let me sleep for a week when i first saw him in a film that was made and yet banned in the 1990s. Yes i got to meet chucky and needless to say it made for yet another fun photo opportunity and i would just like to say thanks to Dublin comic books and collectibles for this great photo to pose with this cute evil little dude.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 065

Awww dont we make such a cute couple hey…

Now i would like like to say with this being my first time cosplaying and being at my first comic con. I have to say that it was the best experience i have ever had in such a long time. I got meet so many awesome people and even got to see some cool items that were on sale as well. Comic cons are for everyone really and it does not mean that you have to be in a set group in order to go out and enjoy yourself at these events. I think Dublin comic con event planners and organisers did this event justice and it even got a few people and their products on the map and it had the makings for two days of sheer fun and pleasure. I do most certainly hope that they have it again next year with more to offer and it is also a great way to meet new people and to see your favourite comic book film and cosplay hero and there is no akwardness around cosplayers as i found out as everyone so so nice and down to earth and so easy to approach and talk to. The only thing i would recommend for events like this is to arrive early and go with the flow and visit and partake in any events that are on these days. I would also like to say thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome and also a personal heart felt thanks to my friend for helping me get ready and get into the mindset of Harley Quinn many thanks to everyone else i got to meet pose chat and work with and also many thanks to the events planners and organisers lets hope we have a kick ass time at Dublin Comic Con 2014.

Dublin Comic Con Day 2 074

Stop me if you have heard this team zero a zombie girl and batgirl walk into Dublin Comic Con 

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its all about the music for me

Yes for today i have decided to write about one of my favpurite passions i have decided that todays piece will be about music and i will also e happy to share a few gems with you all that well i can relate to and i do kind of hope that you like it and i would also like to hear what music you  guys and girls like as well.

I think well for most of my life music has always played a huge part of me in my life. When i was in primary school i was in a choir and sang well nearly every morning but it soon stopped when i left primary school and went into secondary school. My love of music didnt stop there though it really how do you say took a bit of a back seat but that didnt happen for long. I know for one when i was in secondary school i was into more the grunge scene and listened to well good music such as nirvana sound garden and primal scream. While my peers listened to well certain things that i would not call music but hey as i have always said each to their own you know and every has and always will have different opinions and choices when it comes to listening to music.

But i like to think that i did manage to dabble into all genres of music and even experienced the rave dance scenes and well danced and partied without the aid of stimulus drugs and what not in order to feel the music (dont ask me why people always say that to me) but now as i have gotten older and wiser in recent times in the vaults of older music i have found well certain pieces that i do love and enjoy. Other pieces well i would call them my guilty pleasures and would happily put them on and listen to them because they may have good memories attached to them but i have always said if i have ever went through a break up or a bad time i would flat out refuse to listen to any music that would remind me of that bad time. I have been even know to well delete the sad music or music that would remind me of bad times from my ipod even. So without further adue i will pick and choose a few beauts that well have good memories to them and again please give me feed back on this and share my your memories.

First song that reminds me of my childhood

prefab sprout cars and girls this will always reminds me of happy time spend in my childhood home in dublin and being in the huge house with my ma and da and yes even enjoying the dodgy fashion choices that we got to have as kids hee hee.

Song of the difficult teen years.

Soundgardens black hole sun was indeed the song for me and my generation it was the bad who also made me discover the smashing pumpkins as well. I think at that very time i decided to rebel against everything including my peers and no conform to this image of ohh yeah i listen to whatever people push out in order to make money. I do remember at that time that i also started dating guys and getting into well the serious side of my art work and even writing but sadly i¬†wasn’t¬†taken seriously by my¬†critics which annoyed me more than ever so i decided to stuck my fingers up to them and say well f**k you so.

Song of the difficult teenage years two.

Smashing pumpkins bullet with butterfly wings. Yeah i remember listening to this song and¬†completely¬†relating¬†to the lyrics one¬†embarrassing¬†thing that did happen though was when my teacher say that i put the lyrics up on my copy book despite all my rage¬†i’m¬†a rat in a cage. It was an elderly teacher that say this and thought that i had issues and i would be best off seeing the school¬†counsellor¬†in my school who was male and things were not made¬†easier¬†for me because i had a huge crush on him. I think that is where my habit of liking older men started off.

Graduation song.

Everybody wear sunscreen. Although i didnt¬†graduate til 2002 1999 was the last year in my training course and it was a so so year. It was bitter sweet for all the right and wrong reasons. I remember getting all my folders and projects ready and i even remember writing a paper on baz¬†luhrmann’s romeo and juilet and it was a paper that got me my first A. So again it was a good year. I think that this song well gives really good advice. I even now to this day have the lyrics on my wall and even follow the advice to this day.

Ohh you have been dumped song

Radiohead high and dry. Even though i got dumped to this song i really like. Although it was very shallow for the guy at that time to dump me to this song i would just like to say thanks to you i now know and love radiohead. FYI i was about 18 or 19 cant remember the exact age but hey buddy if you are reading kudos for introducing me to radiohead and hey listen buddy i have no bad feelings about you dumping me via a phone call.

Mums song..

After the storm

This piece will always remind me of mum and will always be a happy reminder of her and what she did for me. It was also a happy coincidence that she discovered this band through a friend of mine and his blog. So once again thank you for this and she also how do i say this said that the lead singer would make the perfect husband and father of my children sadly though he is happily married damn it why are all the good ones taken hey.

sad goodbyes.

Coldplays the scientist

i remember the day of my mums passing it was within itself unexpected and out of the blue. So i will keep this one short when she was well taken away from home this song played on the radio that night and to this day i cant ever listen to it ever. its such a personal song and the last time i did listen to it well it more or less destroyed me.

The one that helped me through the bad times.

this womans work kate bush. A certain and special someone introduced to this song. It actaully was the best song that helped me get through mums death and when i listened to it carefully i could relate to it. its quite one of the most beautiful pieces ever made and i just love it to bits.

The song that just really sums up everything that has happened in my life to this day.

Cinematic orchestra how to build a house.

This song quite simply one of the best songs even written and composed with such a feeling of content and happiness. Its a song that i can relate to and well it puts me at peace when i do get to listen to it. it also makes me feel like i have a purpose of living here and being with others in my life.


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you have to loose yourself in order to find yourself

inspirational piece photo credits google images

So as you may or may know who as i may have said in my last blog piece that it looks like that i may have lost my mojo for certain things. But after the day that has been in it and after a whole lot of quite time and soul searching i am happy to announce that im slowly but surely getting myself back together.

I think the sudden lost for everything that i loved and enjoyed doing dearly was well mainly to well an impending anniversey coming up and also well i have been so hard on certain people of late. Again this goes without saying that i would like to apologize for being this way and i know action speak louder than words.

But i think that you should all know now that im working on 2 inpending college assignments that are very interesting to say the least. The first college assignment is well an inspirational project in where we choice a subject it can be a person or anything that inspires you and makes you happy and¬†spurs¬†you on to well achieve the desired goal and to also well make you feel like yeah it will be all worth it in the end. I decided for my subject i chose shep for this project. Here is my reason why. Shep maybe be a dog in other peoples eyes but hes more than a dog to me hes my best friend the one i talk to when im not around people and is also there for me when¬†I’m¬†sick or if anyone has let me down. He has been a wee tower of strength to me for the last while and i think within the last year alone i could have not doing anything without his little tail wagging and him nudging me to bring him for walks and to also clear my head and well gather my own thoughts in my head. So shep will feature in a inspirational poster with a quote that really sums him up as the awesome dog that he is.



My furry little dude and best friend shep

Well for my second project i will hopefully be doing a zombie handout guide. It will be a guide on how to survive Dublin during the times of madness when the zombies decide to take over well Dublin and what things you will need in order to survive the madness and i will be also trying to tie in Dublin landscapes that are well known and very popular with  people who are from Dublin and well who visit Dublin regularly so it should be a fun assignment to do.


Zombie nurse Credits google images

As for the other non related college assignments i am planning to work on things at my end one day at a time and so far its been good. I have now exercised certain control and restraint and well its been going good. I have to say that i am thankful for the support and kind words of late that i have been getting off others. I know again i deserve less than this but it means a lot to me that people have been willing to support me thru this and more.

So thats really all from me for now i better get back to work as i not only have 2 assignments to finish but i also must finish off the hobbit as well.

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times like this we learn who we really are




So of late i havent been really going thru a good time and to be exact. it has been a non stop roller coaster of emotions of late. FIrst im up than im down. One minute i love you next minute i hate you one minute i want to cuddle you next mind i want to kill you. Now you obiviously get where im coming from right. BUt i have to say without saying names i have had a few good friends that have litterly stood by me thru the test of time and even stood by when i litterly did the exorist 360 headspin while spewing green vomit. Now i bet your all going to ask what exactly is going on. If the truth be told a certain anniversery is coming up and im well having the hardest time dealing with everything. BUt if im being honest here and with myself. I think this bad behaviour is mainly due down to my own insecurities and also the feeling of loss sadness and pain that im going thru.

Now have to say that my friends have been more than good of late with late night talking sessions and also having the comfort of them being there for me when i have been an absolute bitch to them has been good for me and in a way i must have good friends as they havent left me of late. But here is the other side of the coin.

I have to say in my better days im always there for people. whether its issues regarding their personal life bfs/gfs even maybe job issues. I always crack up the wine coffee or beer and get them to spill their guts. After the talk we than come to a answer for the problems and than try and fix them. But of late a certain people that i know hasnt really well been there. I decided to talk to them the other day about this rather personal issue and within 2 mins into the conversation she decided to flip side it on its back. ohhh im not having a good day as well. It was than i kind of felt like ahh FFS there is no point in talking to you and i had to walk away from it all.

But when i did walk away i saw a piece of myself in this person. I went out there ages back and well had dinner with a friend and we were casually shooting the breeze when he brought up some1 i didnt really like at all. I than just took a breath and decided to change the conversation it was than my friend said you really need to stop doing this. I looked at them shocked and said stop what exactly. Flipping the conversation on its head. To make it more appeeling to you its a rather an annoying habit you have. So i took all this in and have to say im now working on this matter as i speak.

But here is my question to all of you? when is it or is it not right to bring up such personal its all about me issues. Now i have to admit i have been going thru a hard time but i have my own reasons for it. yes my behaviour was at times sickening shocking and even at times tears were shed and words were screamed out when they never meant to be. but here is the thing even though i have given a few people hell of late they are still here picking me up and putting me back together like an accordian and im sincerly grateful for that.

But i like to think that we are all each others demons and angels its just really a matter of finding out who is who and what part they play. my friend was part demon in sum ways you cant keep doing this dont keep pushing unless you want the wrong reaction but they were also part angel. the angel part of them said i know your hurting but your only hurting yourself and its making things harder and its also making me harder to stick around with you. it was than when all this was said that i decided to take stock of my life and take a breath breathe and walk away.

But in saying this though i am and always will be forever grateful for the time that this person took out in order to look out for me listen to me and even well made sure that i was ok and im more than thankful for this.

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we dont talk anymore..




Right for the last while and i think i said the same thing a few blogs back on how friends that we use to know now have either drifted apart and dont really speak to us anymore. Now i think i may have the answer to why people drift apart for and here is it. People who say that they are your friends dont feel the need or even take into account your feelings anymore. I mean i have even experienced it there the other day. I met a friend of mine is passing i said hi how are you doing and whats happening. It was sadly like talking to a stranger even sare i say it talking to a blank wall. She just kept saying im slighty hung over and well i have to go to work today. So in  a way when i was speaking to her i had this vision in my head of trying to open a really tight jar of pickles i would twist them i would even bang them on the table but still no joy in opening up.

But i dont think it would be fair to place all the blame on my friend no i have been known to be quite around people and can even make things akward by not speaking at all in big crowds. But i have my own excuse of not talking to people. I have heard it all before the stories and and i could say well you did tell me this story at that time but that would be rude and offensive. No i would be more like ok im walking away from this. In doing this im taking myself away from all the bs and crap and also sparing peoples feelings.  But now that i think about it when im writing this piece i just think mainly people sadly dont put in the effort anymore to anything really.

Sadly a majority of friendships die a lot of people sadly dont talk because they are more about themselves and whats going on with their own life and sadly well dare i say it dont give a fuck about you in a way. Now i think from my own experience if i dont want to talk to any1 i just well get rid of their number and delete their details and than more on. If i do happen to meet them there should not be any akwardness between us its just sadly the way life is in a way.  I think i know why certain people fall out and not speak to each other anymore. Its mainly because friendships sadly take effort and certain people would go ahead and say hmm ok well i could put in the effort elsewhere you know. I dont think anything really on this subject matter accept hmm ok than maybe i wasnt your time or effort anymore now.

But like me if you do find yourself in this space in where people are just plainly avoiding you point blank just do what i do. Ignore them and pay no attention to them. But its in cases like this you would hear the phone agoing or even messages being sent to you that may go along the lines of ohh you dont talk to me anymore why? Well here is the reason why i dont talk to you anymore you dont put in the effort with me anymore so go fuck yourself.

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sumthing tells me your not happy..



So since we last spoke or should it be since i last written my blog piece i have since and well have even experienced some people who are how do we say hmm whats that word unbelievely childish and have been showing their spiteful sides on a few occasions and more. I think in writing this piece i think it needs to be sad why do certain people feel the need to kill each others dreams and ambitions for when tha other person could be in that good place.

I know that without saying to much im in a good place right now with eerything going on and to say the least im srating a new course in sept and well am looking forward to doing my course and well i do have a few other plans in the pipeline that im not going to say to much on as well its private. But when i met a few friends of mine on seperate occasions i got 2 complety different responses. Here is an example of response A ohh hey there guess what im starting a new course in sept and have being doing x y and z and also im doing up the house to my own style. This was their response ohh your going back to college for the upteenth time your not going to finish the course and also wellwhats the point in getting your hopes up when you know it will crash and burn and well things wil end badly. I was just sat there with a forced smile on my face and trying to bite my lip all the while trying not to either cry flip out or even strangle this person. Needless to say my phone rang and i made my excuses and walked away. I have to say i walked home kicking the pavement and well hissing under my breath. While option B happened the very nice day same situation met up with a friend told her the same news and she was like well fair play to ya and congrats on the course and doing up the house and going with the plans and also getting on with life. You need to put yourself first girl and well enjoy everything that is happening now.

So while i was getting this advice i had to ask the questions on the previous days events with the othr former friend. Well i was shocked to hear that not only did my former friend knife me in the back from time to time but also slagged me off rotten and also could not contain her happiness for when certain things bad things that happened in my life. It turns out this person also felt the need to undermine every1 her and felt that she would always need to be first in everything. now when my friend told me thing i thought in the back of my head right she clearly is such an unbelievely selfish twat who cant be happy for me.

Needless to say i havent spoken to this person since i last saw her. I mean who was i to kid myself in thinking i would need this bs crap and unnesscery drama that came with her. I mean anytime i was around here it was me me me and it was starting to drain me and made me evualate not only my life but our friendship as well. It felt like to me that they always felt the need to undermine me and think ok im not happy unless im the top dog.

But i have to say now since i dont speak to this person anymore i feel freeier and lighter and also im able to concerntrate on myself and well other things that are going on in my life. I think sadly this person clearly needs to grow up and stop feeling the need to be the centre of attention and respect others and also keep their thoughtless words and actions to themselves and please if they cant be happy for me wel than we might not be friends at all so.

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hmm 50 shades of what exactly?

This could be good for all the right reasons but again could be bad for all thw wrong reasons.


So in the new few days that’s in it i¬†have decided to start on a new book series.¬† Now as you may or may not know i¬†have always happily read enjoyed and at times dreamed about the following books which include and in no particular order. The vampire diaries twilight how of midnight serious and vampire academy and also lets not forget the true blood book series and sookie¬†stackhouse¬†book series as well.¬† Yes i¬†will be the first to admit that i¬†do have an addiction¬†to vampires werewolves and i always like to embrace the dark side.

Now over the last while you may or may not have heard of this book series called 50 shades of grey by E.L James and its based on the fictional character christian grey who is a billionaire who has a kinky side that loves BDSM sex and well meets this young young lady called  Anastasia Steele and they decide to partake in all thsse dirty deeds in his red room of pain. I also think they partake in a relationship of BDSM as well and also love to oush the bounderies as well. Now from what i have read on this book and from what my friends has told me both online and also with meeting them for coffee it sounds like a book that has got sum mixed reviews and also i think does not deserve its bad hardship and press that it has been getting over the last while.

Now i will be the first to admit that i have even slagged off this book rotten on my own social networking page but i think i am prepared to well get a copy and see what all the hype is about. I know that  50 shades of grey is a 3 book series that has 50 shades of grey 50 shades darker and 50 shades freed. So it looks like i may or may not be busy over the next while with this book.

But in my defense why has this book gotten back rep in both the press and on line i think i may or may not have the answers here but from what i see some people dont like the sex content some people find the whole BDSM side of things a bit weird and even some people have called this book mommy porn. So being a writer myself i will be only to happy to grab a copy of this book check it out and see what all the huffle and buffle is about. I think though i will say hand on heart i may like this book again i may even hate this book and call it a lot of tripe but either way im happy to buy a copy and well see how i get along with it.

Now granted it be it may it will take me a few days to read it so im going to avoid writing for the next few days and well when im done with the first book or even let alone the first chapter i will be back here to let you know how i get on with it so. Now all i need now is to pour myself into a corset and get out my blindfold whips and a willing victim to partake in my own little games hee hee hee laughs evily.



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