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dont enjoy the silence

Right its been way to quite here of late and again apologies are due and i have a good reason to why i have been quite. Well here is one which is not a good excuse but here it goes in anywhere i have just have had nothing to say really. I mean i have had a few topics in my head on what to write about but again me being me i need sumthing to get me started.

Now in the last while life has been good have to say that i am looking forward to a certain zombie walk event that is next saturday in town and i have got all my make up and outfit ready to go. I am also looking forward to well going around town scaring the hell out of others and hanging out with rather good other zombies and having a good time as well. I think i am in need of a good time in hanging out with zombies and just generally having a laugh.

My look for zombie day



But while having this time away from my writing i can be well around certain people be very quite and its well kind of sumwhat distracting and at times scarying others silly. When i say that im quite it means i tend to blank out and go off in my own little world and think of other things and its something that im really not liking of late its becoming annoying and well at time its making frustrating times for both me and the people i like to hang out with. I think if im being honest i would need to stop this and soon.

But when i am in my quite times i am thinking of certain things and at times of my thinking i can make good decisons but sumtimes they can be bad. But i just hope for myself that i can snap put of this and soon. I for one hate thinking and really need to switch off and soon if i need to do this it would be for my own sanity and more.

But while im being quite and what not i cant help but people who are loud and at times hyper and annoying as anything. I do enjoy times of my own hyperness and can be the life and soul of the party but why do the hyper and loud people feel the need to well say what they need to say. Like sumtimes we need quite times sumtimes we need hyper times but again it has to be in little doses you know and its really best on how we handle them all and more. i mean dont get me wrong i do have my own moments of hyperness but sumtimes when you meet sum1 who is hyper as you can but sumtimes cut you down with a little snipey comment or evern undermine you completey which sucks a lot.

What im really trying to say is in this piece is seriously im going to work on the silent part and start unleasing the fun part and start enjoying myself more so with those who can only handle me nothing more nothing less.

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eat drink and be f**king happy for a change

Such an amazing chill out song which just works perfectly for tonights blog piece and many many thanks to my friend for introducing me to this awesome piece so awesome indeed and thanks for bringing this into my life.

hmm relax and breath dont forget to breath


So since we last spoke i havent managed to get the 50 shades of grey book yet and im somewhat not in a rush to get it at all so im just now decided to work on a few things that are happening in my own life at present.  So here is the deal since we last spoke.

As you may or may not know i am a qualified holistic therapist who does massage hopi ear candling reflexology and stress management. Now i have spend well a small fortune and a few years in college going all this new age alternative health stuff and well i have to say that i do enjoy it.

BUt sadly in recent times with everything that has been happening im not working at the moment. Its mainly due to the fact that people would pay for expensive massages and lotions and potions and well sound advice from my good self.  Now i understand of late that people dont have the funds of late to well do anything like that at all. But i have noticed that people especially people that i know and deal with on a regular basis are getting stressed over nothing. I myself get so unbelievely stressed and snappy and even tired as well. But while every1 has their own different reasons to why they are stressed it sometimes really boils down to this. How do i deal with all this stress and also not lose kill insult or have fights with people.

Now being a new age girl who does all this therapies i would say as humans we deny ourselves simple little things that make us happy. I mean i have seen in the past in where i have had clients and they have always said ohh i feel like crap i dont eat properly and also im having issues at home. Now as a former therapist i would have said ohh ok eat healthy drink plenty of water and well try and remove yourself away from any situation that may cause you upset. But i think though when you tell people ok please give up junk food wine cigarettes and even at times certain other vices you can see a change in them.

is it a good change or bad change. Now this would all depend on the person and how they are feeling at that given moment in time. Now i know from a friends experience they decided to give up smoking and they were a complete nightmare to deal with. They went onto the patches and what not and in a way this person actually felt bad and felt really withdrawn and tired. Now not that im condone smoking or what not. But when i say the visible change within this person i knew with in myself that they needed to do something in order to get happy. I even said to my friend why dont you do something that makes you really happy. So when we went thru a huge list of what made this person happy the answer was right in front of me they liked food and anytime people said ohh you will put on weight thats when i started thinking. As people we always dish out and give advice but sometimes though that advice can go wrong or array as well. i mean like i know when my friend stopped smoking and started to eat they felt happy and well didnt put on weight.

But the question i have to ask is this why is it as people we always feel the need to undermine and criticise  other when we go through times of hardship. i know that i have done pieces like this before on people questioning yourself worth but why do people keep doing it. As a therapist i would always says if something makes you feel happy go ahead and do it and fuck those who dont like. i mean i know im suppose to dish out healthy advice and what not but sometimes if we even deny ourselves certain pleasures thats when the good or bad chain of events happen.

I mean i know in my own life im not going through the best of times with my mums beverment and what not and yes i do miss her every day. But now that im living my life and well doing what  i want is now making me happy more calmer more relaxed and even getting me writing more and also making me feel that i can accomplish more with a lot of other things that i have been putting on the back burner. But it does go without saying though if you are in a place and time and you need to question your own self worth it would than make you ask this question do i really need all this BS do i need to be unhappy than no.

Thats why sometimes only well a lot of the times im always happy to eat drink and well write scream shout out my own little things that may bloody annoy me from time to time. again if the question does arise like it always does like why do you need to do this than clearly my friend you dont know me at all. Now you either sit here piss bitch and moan all you want or you can happily cook cater to my fedding and drinking and dvd watching needs and fuck the rest of them who feel the need to question everything. my own tips though for good and effective stress management for every day life would be the following. If something really annoys you walk away. Whether it be a work issue or a computer issue or even a row with any1 who is close to you. take a deep breath and think before you speak and than just calmly say look can you give me sometime to get back to you on this. This has always worked for me and when im angry myself i always go for blood and this way it buys me time and makes me think ok i can deal with this the right way without it sprilling out of control.

have fun with your furry friends.

Even if you dont have a pet try and have some down time with a pet especially dogs dogs are such fun silly creatures who live for the moment and dont hold grudges and also having a pet in your life can lower high pressure and slow down a fast beating heart especiall when you pet or even walk a dog. Its also a great way to get you into good mood and you stop focusing on the thing that may have upset you.

I know better than you because….

I get this every day being a therapist and also a writer and to be honest with you when people would say this to me it would drive me nuts and more. Its even more annoying when people say it to any1 who may work in a different industrys as well. My tip for any1 who says to you is this ok you may think you know better than me but trust me im older and wiser and also this techique has always worked for me. This way your remaining in control of your feelings and also your being the better person by not letting it get to you.

Eat drink be happy.

a personal favourite of mine anytime i do get a bad day which is sumwhat rarely now i just go and get all my favourite foods and litterly eat and drink myself silly it makes me feel better and also well i feel better for doing it and well i feel that im more productive with a full tummy of food.

Poke status update annoy me..

i have to say time and again social networking drives me crazy and here is the reason why i know that im my own worst enemy for the social networking sites but now im weaning myself off from it all. I think its great to stay in touch with close friends and catch up with people not so good though when people throw a lot of personal BS for good measure. My advice set a time for your social networking habits and than stick to that time. When your time is up or you cant be bothered just close down delete and walk away.

embrace your inner child.

yes i may be 31 but i have the mind of a child at times and always feel the need to play games like jumprope and hand clapping games and yes even watch childrens films and dvds. I think for me its about having fun and not worrying ohh my god this that and the other needs to get done. no it can wait but my cartoons cant so i will sit down and watch them.

Tune in turn on and relax

Make sure you have a chill out selection of music on your ipod. I have a few selections on my own ipod and well anytime i do get upset i just put in the ear phones chill out and breath. this way i feel happy and also its calms both the mind and heart as well.

Just remember if all else fails walk away and switch off your phone laptop or even just not speak to any1. i think at times with my own life i cant really deal with people and their sheer stupity so thats why even at the best times im best left alone until i get out of my snot. failing all that if this advice does not help you at all. Do what i do delete block remove and than reboot restart and go on again.


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hmm 50 shades of what exactly?

This could be good for all the right reasons but again could be bad for all thw wrong reasons.


So in the new few days that’s in it i have decided to start on a new book series.  Now as you may or may not know i have always happily read enjoyed and at times dreamed about the following books which include and in no particular order. The vampire diaries twilight how of midnight serious and vampire academy and also lets not forget the true blood book series and sookie stackhouse book series as well.  Yes i will be the first to admit that i do have an addiction to vampires werewolves and i always like to embrace the dark side.

Now over the last while you may or may not have heard of this book series called 50 shades of grey by E.L James and its based on the fictional character christian grey who is a billionaire who has a kinky side that loves BDSM sex and well meets this young young lady called  Anastasia Steele and they decide to partake in all thsse dirty deeds in his red room of pain. I also think they partake in a relationship of BDSM as well and also love to oush the bounderies as well. Now from what i have read on this book and from what my friends has told me both online and also with meeting them for coffee it sounds like a book that has got sum mixed reviews and also i think does not deserve its bad hardship and press that it has been getting over the last while.

Now i will be the first to admit that i have even slagged off this book rotten on my own social networking page but i think i am prepared to well get a copy and see what all the hype is about. I know that  50 shades of grey is a 3 book series that has 50 shades of grey 50 shades darker and 50 shades freed. So it looks like i may or may not be busy over the next while with this book.

But in my defense why has this book gotten back rep in both the press and on line i think i may or may not have the answers here but from what i see some people dont like the sex content some people find the whole BDSM side of things a bit weird and even some people have called this book mommy porn. So being a writer myself i will be only to happy to grab a copy of this book check it out and see what all the huffle and buffle is about. I think though i will say hand on heart i may like this book again i may even hate this book and call it a lot of tripe but either way im happy to buy a copy and well see how i get along with it.

Now granted it be it may it will take me a few days to read it so im going to avoid writing for the next few days and well when im done with the first book or even let alone the first chapter i will be back here to let you know how i get on with it so. Now all i need now is to pour myself into a corset and get out my blindfold whips and a willing victim to partake in my own little games hee hee hee laughs evily.



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whats best for me might not be best for you?



So again i will keep this subject matter short and sweet as i feel as though that i have exhausted this wee little number out. But here is the deal why do certain people always feel the need to give advice to or on me when it comes to certain subject matters, Now the hot topic of conversation of late with certain friends of mine has sadly been about yours truely aka me. Now im not being rude in the slighest when i say this but seriously people when it comes to giving out advice please take a step back and a deep breath and think about what your saying before you say anything about me.

I mean ok its been 7 months since my mum died and i still get that akward head tilting moment of like are you ok. Well if anything and im being brutely honest here im fine time and again im fine but what is wearing me down is when certain people give the golden nugget and piece of advice that is i only want to see you happy. I think the last time i heard that was well before my mum died. We had a bit of a snippy row and again she was questioning my motives and well where are you going now and what are you doing with your life. I always said to mum look i have a few things on and well im happy and that should be really the main thing my happiness should be all that matters ok. Mum would always say yeah ok and well once your happy that all that matters.

But here is my own question why do people always need to ask that question to others like are you happy? well personally myself i like to thinkt hat i am happy. I have a few things going on in my life and well im living my life the best way i can and more. But why is that certain people have such unrealistic expections in their lives and well why do they do it for. I think if im being honest here im happy for the first time in a really long time. No i dont need to reasons to why i am happy but seriously though if certain people need to keep asking that question that maybe they shold be asking that question themselves are they happy in their own lives. For the people that always need to ask that question and talk other certain subjects to the death than this question is for you are you happy or are you just faking your way into happiness and into pleasing others.

who knows hey as a wise man once said to me who know what the future holds or what it hides..



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if in doubt f**k it out…

keep life simple keep it drama free



hmm so it turns out that over the last while i havent been sleeping much but have to admit i did sleep rather pleasantly for the first time in a long time there at the weekend. But with my recent sleep issues and do to having lack of it i was beginning to think or rather unnescery worry about stupid things that have been on my mind.

Now over the last while my life hasn’t been made up of a sea made of calm waters for a calm day of sailing but i have manage to get thru and around things that other people would have well certain difficulties getting around. But when i do have to deal with things head on i just deal with them in a calm way and try and not kill hurt  insult hit bite punch any1 who gets in my way. I was kidding about that last part or am i not? No i think now since well mums passing i have had to well grow up and make a lot of decisions for my own life and own future and where i am going how im going to handle things and so on and so forth.

But what puzzles me is certain people who cant make up their mind when it comes to certain things in their life. I know that my friend ages back who recently got out of a long boring shite relationship well has been thinking about what to do with her own life and has also been asking the exact same question of what the f**k am i doing here and secondly why am i putting up with certain peoples BS crap dramas and constant lies and attention seeking.

Now please take into mind im not picking on any1 when i write this piece but i have always been direct and well has always spoke my mind. But why is it when your happy certain people have to feel the reason to rain and bitch and moan on your parade why do they feel the need to do that. I asked a really good friend of mine this exact same question last week when he decided to go for a beer and his exact answer was this i tell you why they need to do this. they are bloody begrudgers who cant see past their own misery and also well as they say misery loves company. So when he told me this i decided to change things around and with changing things around i do hope that fortune good fortune of course comes along my way.

So in the last few hours i have got rid of old clothes have also got rid of a lot of people from my old telephone book have culled massive numbers in my social networking site and well have even just plain avoided picking up my phone and answering any calls. Do i feel guilty for it i can say with a smile on my face nope and this is why. When the mood partakes me in listening to people its the constanting ragging and constant every day bs talk that i hear every day. It does at times grinds me down and than makes me think hmm i really dont need to listen to your lastest dramas you know. So im not going to apologise if i decide to not answer your calls or even write back on your messages and here is the reason why. Im bored im tired and well also im happy now for the first time in ages so why do i need to listen to you go on non stop.

i also may think about why certain people are not happy and here is the reason why they think that life owes them something well for whoever told you that life owes you sumthing well it doesnt ok so you can either grow the f**k up and deal with things or run away and hide either way stop being such a whiny little f**ker grow up and deal with things.

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