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no no no 2016 year of the convention attendeeĀ 

So now that 2016 will be coming to an end in a few weeks times.  It’s a good time to look over the year and break down the highs and lows of what can be only describes as a somewhat difficult year. While I had some great times this year and some pretty bad times I think it’s best to start with the good stuff first. 

So back in February I got to take part in the first of its kind Irish horror convention called screamvention. Screamvention was an Irish based con organised by o’brien events and had a few stars from the world of horror attending this con. The people that were guests to this event were as follows barbie wilde from the wonderful hellraiser films. Tony Todd aka the candy man Alex Vincent child’s play but to name a few.  Now screamvention was held at the red cow moron hold I’m Dublin and for that last leap year weekend in February it certainly made a good impression on Irish horror film fans. Each guest was only too happy to both meet their fans and promote their work while in turn doing interviews and live Q and A sessions with the audience. When the guests were not doing their Q and A. Each guest took it in their stried in both talking to their fans providing autographs selfies and photos for a wee price.  screamvention also provide wonderful entertainment from the world of the Irish burlesque scene and of course shows were provided for that weekend. With the creme de creme of Irish burlesque talent from the likes of Bella agogo Kat Moiselle and Regina Mc Tigue.  The ladies did not disappoint with it came to their performances.  Each lady provided a signature class piece of their acts and they were both graceful and amazing in everything that they done.  Another highlight of the wonderful screamvention weekend was meeting the two lovely and amazing ladies that when they’re not making horror films that are filled with some much gore and blood that leaves you wanting more were the lovely Jessica Cameron and Heather Doff. Two wonderful ladies with incredible talents when it comes to making brilliant movies and they’re also known for having a brilliant time. Both Cameron and Dorff are faster making their impact on the world of horror and are finally making waves in a community where horror films could be mainly a guys industry.  Cameron runs her own company small town girl productions. Both Cameron Dorff and Wilde did a woman of horror talk while they were at screamvention.  I’ll shall post up the link once again I can’t highly recommend checking out this clip enough. screamvention women of horror interview part 1. I should advise though that there is two parts to this interview.  So here is link two the interviews are pretty damn awesome and well worth checking out. part two of screamvention women of horror

Another highlight of the awesome screamvention was the awesome horror stars from the classic Friday the thirteen movies. Both Kane Hodder and Ari lehman attended screamvention and fir any hardcore fan who loved the Friday the thirteen movies.  These guys certainly did not disappoint. In both promoting their work meeting their fans and doing interviews. These guys were incredibly nice wonderful and lovely to everyone they met. Once again for interviews and news on either the guests and future horror based conventions please check Facebook twitter for updates. 

Kane Hodder 

Ari Lehman 

Sadly though with the amazing ups must come the drop downs. While sadly screamvention have sadly decided to leave the party early and not return fir next year. I do have high hopes to attend a horror convention in Birmingham England which will be happening October 2017 once again this could be a definite maybe as I have to sort out plans for travel hotel and babysitter duties. I do think with screamvention not coming back next year has sadly broken a few horror hearts and let a few people disappointed it’s always best to make up back up plans and make them bigger and better. As I have always said go hard or go home.  

Another convention that I got to attend to this year was the amazing showmasters event Belfast film comic con. The event itself was held in a building near the titanic headquarters and it certainly did not disappoint one bit. Going to Belfast and visiting the city with my bestie did not disappoint one bit. Showmasters really put care and thought in providing guests from the world’s of TV and film and with an impressive guest list that included nightmare on elm Street star Robert Englund among a few other guests too. It certainly did not disappoint. The venue itself was a big building with plenty to see and do. You were never far away from meeting some amazing guests or seeing how they were with their fans. Each guest was surprisingly relaxed and gave you a genuine interest in both talking with their fans about their work. When certain guests were away from meeting fans they were doing Q and A sessions in which fans could ask questions all in a very relaxed atmosphere.  Bfcc did not disappoint in both meeting the guests and meeting fellow cosplayers alike.  The atmosphere was absolutely lovely and you really felt at home while visiting this beautiful place. Another gem that was the highlight of my weekend at bfcc was meeting the cosplay event group superheroes Belfast.  Superheroes Belfast is the brain child of two wonderful guys who I’m only happy to call my friends Andy Baird and Neil Scullion. Both guys have created this company and provide movie quality to attend parry events and even local charities. Each character that they have on their books are both movie and comic book quality. Their characters can vary from the world of superheroes to even Disney Prince and Princess’s to even bad guys that we all know and love to personally root for.  Each character that they have on their books are truly memorising to both watch and interact with. Even a fan like myself who is 21+ plus a bit of vat could not get over her experience of meeting iron-man Belfast.  His suit is film quality and if you ask nicely iron-man will happily pose fir photos interact with you and even maybe do a wee dance for you. For more information on superheroes Belfast please check out their Facebook page and give them a like and share.  superheroes Belfast.  

The only slight downside I had to that day was wearing uncomfortable footwear.  Cosplayers please take note when I say the following always make sure your shoes and or boots that you may have to wear for the event please make sure their broken in. Another tip I would recommend for all cons is to stay hydrated and tomato sure you have eaten enough and that you have enough cash for food and drinks. It’s am important bit of advice I can’t stress enough about. So while we stayed in Belfast we stayed in the premier Inn. Once again a budget friendly hotel with brilliant staff who were only too happy to help you out everything you may have wanted. It was my first time staying in premier Inn and I couldn’t fault my stay even if I wanted too. 
So throughout the year when I wasn’t attending cons I was getting to try out new cosplay ideas and trying to form a plan for next year’s cons.  While certain plans have been set in stone other plans have been out in the maybe pile. I can definitely promise though you will see a lot of harley quinn with her trademark mallet. My costumes though might differ but I can promise that retro harley quinn is making s come back and she’s definitely for keeps. 

MCM comic con 

Another con that I got to attend to this year was MCM. Now as we all know MCM has a bad reputation from both hardcore convention fans and those who hate the company. I’ll keep this short and sweet.  While it’s my second time attending MCM it hasn’t caused me any upset.i got to visit MCM this year once again. With my bestie and he had to Road test his deadstroke cosplay. MCM is held at the rds main hall and once again I just went along with the day itself and kept an open mind. It had some pretty wonderful guests from the world of film and TV. Each guest took it I’m their stride in both meeting and interacting with fans. The event itself had a lot of stalls in where you could buy keep sakes for yourself but again when you visit any convention bare in mind you will have to pay for stuff at convention prices. Once again I have no hate to MCM and I felt as though while it has got a bad reputation over the years thanks to negative feedback from both the attenders and other writers.  My advice for anyone attending either be it this con or other cons go in with an open mind and plan and make the day yours. I had a pretty good day and there was plenty of room to move in and there was chill out areas too.tge changing rooms were clean and both staff and guests were absolutely lovely to talk and were only too happy to assist you with anything you may have wanted to do or see. 

Dublin comic con 

So after a short break I got to attend Dublin comic con. Now with Dublin comic con being in its fourth year it seems to only get stronger with each passing year and the guest list gets stronger and stronger.  From the likes of the walking dead scrubs and American pie each guest that did attend dcc did not disappoint at all. While I sadly didn’t get to meet any guests this year. It was wonderful once again to see them interacting and being around their fans. Dublin comic con have decided to stay in the convention centre in Dublin city once again and it’s certainly paying off. As fans far and wide travel to here and attend this wonderful convention. The cosplayers that I did get to meet had very interesting cosplays and with the likes of American horror story suicide squad and batman vs superman.  It’s fair to say that the Irish are really upping their game with each convention and year passing.  

So that’s a wrap for the year that was 2016 the year of the con. While some parts are the year were absolutely amazing. There are some bads I would rather not bring up and if I could turn back time I would have changed a few things but again that can’t happen.

Huge thanks to my bestie at soulless chameoleon cosplay for sharing this convention year with me. Here’s hoping that we will do a lot more of this in 2017 and here’s hoping we both hit the ground running. 

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