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friends and other stuff

So i have been spending the last few days talking about my friend from the land of oz and how we have got back in tough with each other via messenger.  So i will give you a wee bit of info in how we met and how we became good friends.  Hmm i have to say i am happy that we are back in contact with each other i thin k since i started work in the restaurant i just let everything slide and i haven’t been checking my emails so i did the good thing of checking out my email and long behold a nice email from my nice Australian boy was in my email box asking me to contact him.  i have to say i am glad i did it was properly my best move and to say the least i feel a bit happier in myself for talking to him.


i remember meeting him years back i use to work in a restaurant in monks town and he was to say the least very good to me from day one in helping me to settle in my job he had a wicked sense of humour which always made me laugh and he never made me feel like an idiot when it came to starting out in the bar-trade.  i tell you one thing guys and girls when it comes to starting somewhere knew its always great to meet a person who is willing to take the time to show you the ropes and to also make you feel welcome in a new workplace.  My first impression of him was wow hes such a nice guy and hes really funny.  Whats i liked about him and still like about him now is that he shots from the hip and calls a spade a spade and i think if there was more people like him on this planet and especially in my hometown the world would be a better place to live in.


sadly he had to go back to Australia and i was really sad over that so we stayed in contact with each other which was really cool.  I remember spending hours talking on line to him and i have to admit it was hard pulling myself away from my computer i had to for the main reason of lack of sleep.  He also writes his own blog which i have to say is really cool his writing style is cool stylish and makes you think and i think myself he could win award for the dogs bollox awards.  Hmm i will say that to him next time i am speaking to him.

Anyway had an interesting day here i went shopping today and i got myself a pair of blue skinny diesel jeans that are so tight i can totally rock them in an outfit with a nice jumper and a chain.  I am currently going to a style phase at the moment i have to say i don’t follow the style rules i make my own rules.  As i said in my other blogs my two friends run a brilliant clothes shop and i get all my nice treads there courtesy of them and i have to say their honesty when it comes to clothes style and general talks about everyday life is brilliant and i really respect them for that.  I have to say they totally rock my world.


I have been doing some soul searching myself over the last while and i have come to a decision that i might stay in college get my degree and put it somewhere handy for the future so if you know of anyone who needs a bartender who has a degree in computers and desktop publishing please pass my name on and i will try and assist you in any way i can.  The work thing is going good and i will be working hard over the next while till at least new year and than i will plain my next move.  Speaking of moves i hope that i get my new house soon,  I shall pray to the gods and who ever listens to me and throw a few pennies down an irish well so my new house wish for me and my mum comes true. 


I I have decided to put on  the dave matthews band song stay or leave its one of the most romantic songs i have ever heard and it also reminds me of someone who meant a lot to me.  Good on dave matthews to congratulate us on the rugby. I hope you enjoy this song.   After all if we lived a perfect life of clean living and making no mistakes how would you learn from past mistakes if you didnt do any?  I have to say thank god i have learned from my mistakes its really made me the person that i am today.

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how technology rocks my world

here comes a big sigh SIGH.  I have been having a few bad days over over mainly to do with the fact that the resturant is quite so when its quite in work i tend to be a little bit loud and annoying.  Im like one of those annoying kids that keeps asking questions or i tend to grab the sweeping brush and dance around with it.


Today was no different we have an ipod in work and it has thousands on it so just out of sheer devilment i decided to go into the kitchen and sing its raining men.  Looking back at it it was so funny me doing my little dance while one of the guys broke his shite laughing i dont know wheter he was laughing at my dancing or wheter it was because of the fact that its raining men was playing in the background.  But at say the least i love entertaining myself in little ways.


The head chef is the same hes goes into hyper mood and starts moving all my equipment in the bar but i dare not go near his kitchen.  hell have no fury like a chef angry.  All the chefs i work with are great fun and hard workers to i remember i use to work in a hotel and i would always try and cause trouble with my partner in crime a former waitress we would always cause chaos just by smiling at the chef and asking him questions about this that and the other and than i would pretend not to listen to him and that pissed him off quite a lot.


Still though when you are in the resturant trade and you have nothing to do i always do the following.

lift crates its a great way to get the muscles working and to get rid of the bingo wings.

think of new ideas for cocktails i have spend many a drunk night doing this and its a great way to get people interested in cocktails or shots in fact if you are all good boys and girls i will give you my recipe for a stoker cocktail. plus this one is for the girls its yum.

Cleaning frenzy  Its shows to your boss that you keep a tidy workplace and if you are not fond of cleaning pick you a clean teacloth get some hot water and polish some glasses.

This one is my personal favourite i write ideas and doddles for my upcoming blog i think my blog speaks for itself when you read it.

I have notice though over last while how the network scene seems to be a bit quite of late.  i tell you this because i recently checkedin myspace account and have got back in contact with a mate that lives in the land of oz.  Its great now that we are back in contact and i will say this  have missed this person lots so i am quite glad that i never shut down myspace account.  I will say this though coming froma person who never did get the whole netwroking social sites they are brill and so cool the way you can look for people in just the click of a mouse.

Hmm but it also makes you wonder what people did without networking sites how did everyone stay in contact with eachother.  Before you say it yes i know everyone have a phone and could always write a letter but before all that did everyone actually stay in contact with each other.  I think not.  I remember spending hours writing letters to my so called friends but they never got back to me.  Anytime i rang them and asked them did you get my letter and it was always the say old thing its got lost in the post yeah right bollox to that thats what i say.


I have to say i like the whole thing of skybe messenger and webcams its a great way of staying in contact with people and friends abroad as i just found out this week.  I think without my messenger i would be so lost and so sad.

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good friends and great music a happy combination

hello gang


Hope your all well and happy.  Oh my god i have been the worst friend in the world of late.  With me doing the long hours in the resturant i have lost all commen decency of getting back to my friends via email text message and phone call.  So to say the least my friend from the land of OZ was online tonight and to say the least i am in much better form.


i was actually thinking what did people do before email and skyb and before even all that mobile phones.  i remember when i was younger the only way to get in touch with people was snail mail.  i remember spending hours writing letters and sending them to my friends in the country and if they were not here i would send them letters abroad nine times out of 10 i never got a reply but i am thinking its down to sheer laziness.  on their half not mine.


This will be only a short blog tonight as i have a few things to do in the morning and my day will be starting early.  So i will leave you with this you tube clip this song brings back many happy memories for me so i hope you enjoy it.

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its christmas go crazy

Hi all

Hope you are all well and happy.  I have been litterly up to my eyes in work and trying to make oh so brief appearances in college so i am sorry about my absence from the blogging front.

So christmas has hit my sleepy little town this weekend thanks to bray town council switching on the lights woo hoo.  The second woo hoo goes to the council again for opening up the car park.  Or as homer simpson would say it d’oh.  Now here is the story on the carpark bray town council decided years back to close the car park and decided to put a shopping centre there now with all the hoo ha of planning and rows over money the council said no to the shopping centre and left us people of bray with a great big dirty hole in the ground which by than was home to thousands of rats.  gross i hear you shout but that is true.  So bray town council has decided to fill the hole and now we have a carpark. 

Now the way i see guys i think its to little to late.  i have seen businesses closing down and many people lossing their jobs over lack of a car park.  I know many people who will be doing their shopping in town and have already got everything done for xmas.  Me im doing ok i have decied to stick to a budget this year and spend an x amount of pressies for my friends and family.  i think the only shopping i will be doing in bray will be my clothes shopping coutesy of two friends that i know and am really fond of who run a really cool clothes shop.  These two people are literly angels and have the best clothes ever and a good choice of range and style without breaking the bank and without melting the credit card.   i have had horrible experienes of a different clothes shop in bray and when i went to return a pair of jeans that i got lets say this they were not in the least bit helpful in dealing with complaints.


The whole christmas shopping thing when it comes to bray is not exactly the best and your not exactly spoilt for choice.  another thing i will say is that i was checking out xmas gift ideas for my bro and allans mens clothes shop of bray is the best for xmas gift ideas for your boyfriend/brother/father/hubby.  i did however did some research of my own for a new mp3 player which i hope santa will get for me and prices again were not too bad but i always get a sense of the salesman drooling everytime when a customer goes in and enquires about a price on such gadgets.  Im like ok relax salesman i am only asking for a price on such gadgets.  Another shop which is really good to go for is gamesstop again im just looking around for prices for my new nintendo DS which i got a few weeks back and to say the least its so cool the graphics are amazing and i also got the nintendogs game whihc is so much fun in itsself.  I adopteda labrador called Max OB and hes so cute and its also great to look after a little ball of fluff its so cool.


One thing that did annoy me though yesterday was bray was so packed and i was on route to work the walk up was easy but when i had to walk down to the shops to get a refreshment for myself i am quite fond of a large bottle of 7 up when im working, I decided to brave the crowds and walk down the shops but it that time bray was black.  So i took a deep breath and walked very quickly down the road.  I got my bottle of 7 up and i thought yippe victory for vicky as i thought as i left the shop but i spoke to soon.  The walk or trek back to work was had very hard.  I littlerly had to crowd surf up the road and by this time people was having none of that so i deiced to do a tackle rugby style so i think you can imagine a small skinny girl running up the road with 7 up in her hand.  But to say the least it was a rubgy tackle that brian o driscoll would have been proud of. oh my god it was funny but really irritatingat the same time people were either standing there looking at me or they tried to knock me down on purpose i was like this sucks.

I decided to use the the breeders song cannonball its so cool and i am having a rocker moment

Oh god bring on Christmas quick and fast that’s all i can say.

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