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A dog is for life not for the latest fashion trend


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If you guys cant read the caption from my picutre its tiger woods too much sex can be a bad thing make sure to get your little tigers spayed or neutured (picture courtesy of the peta website)  

I have spend the last while working on this blog in my head and I also have been writing done notes for this blog but I think that now is the time that this blog should come out and do what it does best. Telling it like it is. Now I think you know by the title I will be talking about dogs. For this blog I will be writing up on my own experience of owning a dog and the good and bad times that I and my little dude have experienced through out our life together. Granted be it may that my and shep have been together coming close to a year now but I will try and give my input in of what it is like to own a dog and what your life can be like in choosing the right dog for you.

Big dog small dog tiny dog what is the best dog for me?

This is a question that I have seen being posted up on the yahoo answers forum practically every day. Its like this question has a habit of turning up for all first timers who would like to own a dog. But I think that the best answer is what kind of experience you have in owning a dog. If this your first time? If this is the case I would go with the right choice that will both suit you and your furry friend. Before you make this choice you have to keep this in mind. A dog can live for 12 to 14 years old. This is like practically living with a child that will turn into a teenager and adult and than going into its senior years. I would not personally advice on what breed to get because many people like different breeds of dogs. Personally myself I love border collies. My little dude shep is a border collie and he is just a wonderful dog to have. He’s loving loyal and very friendly. Although border collies are known as working dogs if you put in the right amount of time for when it comes to training raising up the puppy and giving it a lot of love it will turn into a great adult dog.

But I have seen over the last while people are going for the designer dog. A designer dog is a mix of two breeds that make a designer breed. The one designer breed that I have seen on late is the labardoodle. The labardoodle is a Labrador with the mixture of a poodle. Don’t get me wrong I love all dogs but sometimes if it is a case of man playing god with our friends of the canine world than maybe it should be best left alone. While man has been playing god with our furry friends there can be problems in later life. Such as coronary heart disease hip problems eye problems and in some sad cases spinal development problems. I don’t think that anyone should try this kind of breeding as it is dangerous and in some cases can lead to a serious injury of a whelping bitch dog and sometimes either mummy dog and her litter can die. But sometimes there can be good cases. I know a woman who has a beautiful husky Border collie bitch and she’s just gorgeous. The dog is so friendly and she also is so playful. So I think that when I look at this case of a good breeding process thanks to the responable owners whom owned both husky and border collies have done a great job in getting a healthy litter of puppies.

Big dog verses small dog.

I personally myself love big dogs big dogs are smart playful handsome and very friendly. When I take my shep anywhere even if its to the shops I cant even walk up main street without a dozen people or so wanting to pet shep. I think shep loves all the attention and he’s also great around first time dog owners. In fact many people fall in love with shep and want to take him home but nope he’s staying with me. I do think though that many people are buying bigger dogs now for the simple reason of comfort and security.  I also think that people rush in and buy the big breed without thinking about it. This is turn can cause a bit of concern. I have heard different stories over the last while that people are rushing to buy big breed dogs and they don’t look after them properly. This in turn can cause a massive area of concern. If you do decide to buy a big breed of dog ask yourself a few questions before you ask a few questions? Do I have the time and dedication to look after and train this animal? Do I have the right area space for my dog to live in? Most importantly do I have the funds to feed my dog? If you are going to say no to one of these questions well than maybe a dog might not be the best choice of pet for you. However small dogs are quite cute and very friendly. But its up to the master of the dog to show who’s boss from day one. When I got shep he did not come with an instruction manual. But after a whole year of researching on the subject of owning a dog for the first time. Mine and sheps relationship is like a hand to a glove. We get on great and I am the pack leader and he is the follower. I do know of a certain person who got a dog as a fashion accessory and sadly it ended in tragedy. This person had woke up one day and decided to get a small furry handbag dog. So she went to a certain place down the country and got her puppy at a designer price tag. I will say this dog was so experience it would have covered my rent and food bills for 3 months which is quite a lot. So anyway when I did see this person a few months back I asked her how the dog was. Oh we got rid of him. I gave her a surprised look when she said this to me. I asked her why she did this. Oh well he was so much trouble he kept barking weeing and pooing all over the floor  and he was not the pet that I wanted to have in the house. Oh right I said so where is he now? Oh he is in the dog pound. I decided to leave it at that. But it really does sicken me that this person had decided to take the easy way out by putting the dog in to a dog pound. The dog pound is a without a sad place for a dog to go to. It’s death row for some dogs. The dog pound is a sad place for a healthy unwanted dog to go to. In some cases certain pounds actually put health dogs to sleep after 7 days if they are not collected. I think that this sad cause does upset me because the little furry one had no basis training its was not his fault that he has to be put in such a place. But at the end of the day it was down to the last owner who could not put the time and the patience in to train her dog. I have to admit when I first got shep he drove me nuts with his accidents but I was patient and none the less when shep got trained and house broke it was the best day ever. it just really goes to show you that at the end of the day if you are willing to put in the time to train and love your dog it will come back to you and than some.

Insurance and finding the right vet.

I can’t stress enough that if you do decide to get a dog you should find the right vet to look after him or her. Insurance is great because god forbid if anything happens to your dog your vet bills could run into a lot of money. I do have my own little fella insured and for a small bag of food every month its great. I can now relax and take it easy if anything does happen to him I have the insurance to fall back on. One more thing to consider is getting a good vet for your dog. Now if you care to read my blog from a while back called you can’t keep a good dog down. It will show you how to avoid getting a nasty vet to look after your dog. I would also personally shop around for a good price for your dogs medical bills. Also try not to go for the celebrity status of a vet. I have a great vet that I go to and she just love shep and shep loves her as well. that’s the best thing you can do for both you and your dog.

 What the best thing to feed my dog?

I actually have to change my sheps diet over the last while due to his tummy problem but I find that if you use iams but than again its up to personal choice and I also find that shep loves hits food. I also try to give him some meat cooked of course with his food. I give him chicken and beef. If he is very lucky he gets to have meat pie. Its special doggy treat made up of livers hearts made in special sauce. I personally make this for shep and I stoke it in the freezer. Its really cheap to make and also its great for the dog. Even though your dog might not like this food try and mix and match his food. But be careful when doing this when changing your dog’s food gratefully do this over a week. Some dogs don’t like change in foods and it can make them sick.

Does he sleep indoors or outdoors?

This is a great debate that I have seen in forums over the last while and I personally think that a dog wether if he is working or a pet dog he should sleep indoors. Many people let their dogs sleep outside but again I don’t like the thought of any dog sleeping outdoors. Mainly due to the fact that the weather might make them sick and also many things could happen outside at night. They might get attacked by other animals. They could also cause trouble by non stop barking and well I think that its better is a dog sleeps indoors. I have got shep a personal dog bed that has a blanket in it. This way shep knows that this is his bed and he can sleep in it. Many people have other choices for when it comes their dogs sleeping arrangements but I think the dog bed is the safe option to go for.

 To get the snip or not get the snip that is the question?

Ahh again the great neutering debate is with us again once more. I personally think that if you do get your dog neutered you will be saving each other a lot of restless nights, a lot of hassle and more importantly there is a less likely chance that your dog will stray or will still get a bitch pregnant. I got shep done last year and he’s much better for it. He’s much calmer and I think that if he could talk he would thank me for it. Many people feel as though that you are denying the dog his own natural instinct but in fairness your not. If you think about it you are saving a lot of time and energy and also there is the less likely chance of getting a knock on the door to say that rover has become a father for the umpteen time. There is also a common myth that dogs put on weight when they get the operation done. I haven’t seen any change in sheps weight or shape. I did however reduce his portions but apart from that he is doing ok.   So if you are ever in doubt talk to your vet or use my personal joke. There s a web Champaign for PETA there is a picture of tiger woods and on the poster it’s always best to get your little tigers neutered or spayed. After all a neutered dog is a happy dog.

Now that’s all I have to say on my favourite subjects that is dogs again this blog is my own personal advice that I have used since a I got shep and it has worked for me. Of you have any questions on anything in this piece please do drop me a line. I will try and reply to you if and when I can.


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Testing times ahead

I have to say that I am sorry due to my recent absence from the blogging community. this is due to the fact that I had to do my exams for holistic health studies. I have to say that I don’t exactly like exams nor do I hate them I just think that they do fill the void and they also come in handy in securing your dream job in the near distant future.  I have to say that my exams went well. I mean I also have this think about exams I always go in with a can do attitude and all I can do is my best and thankfully this has not let me down.

I had to do a practical exam for my massage class and it was quite nerve racking to say the least. Luckily for me I had a very supportive model to work on but I think that it did go well. So I will be getting the results of my exams in July and I will be telling you all how I get on so watch this space.

But I have to say one thing if anything I don’t actually get stressed at exams. I spend the last few weeks just looking up my notes and making notes on what needs to get done in time for the exams so I took it in my stride. I think the one exam that has thrown me was the anatomy and physiology exam it was a toughie but I think I did ok. Oh by the way remember ages back I di an assignment for coronary heart disease paper well I am pleased to announce that I got a merit for that paper. So well done me and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. But while there is an upside on doing exams and get your qualification for your course and more importantly your dream job there is always a down side. The downside of this thing was people who are filled with self doubt. You know what I am talking about the ones who bite their nails to the wick and chain smoke for dear life and litterly C-R-A-C-K under the pressure. I have experienced this all throughout my exams. Oh god oh god oh god I don’t know what to do help does anyone know the answer to question c oh help does anyone know how the human heart works? Oh god oh god please help. This is what I have been hearing for the last while and I can now give you the answers. Yes no yes and the answer is b and the human heart works by pumping blood although out the body with each beat. What I actually say to these people is relax not chilax  see even my own laptop does not recognise the work chilax. But if anyone is doing exams over the next while I wish you all the best of luck. Just keep the head down revise take regular break and eat plenty of fish its so good for the grey matter of our brains. Well K8 the gr8 told me that and it has worked wonders with me.

But now that my exams are finished I can now kick back and relax. I am going to do this by taking four legs put for a walk. He’s getting a wee bit fat or as he barks I’m not fat I’m fluffy. I can also start getting back to writing my blog and also having some me time to myself. I can also finish off my book. While I am starting to write a blog on. So again guys just watch this space. So that’s all for now so bye for now and I will speak with you very soon

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