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A good sense of humour is needed in this life.

Howdy all.


my little boy has gone so big dont let the look of innocence fool you

my little boy has gone so big dont let the look of innocence fool you


I am sorry about my absence over the last while i got a nasty chest infection and i also had the flu the normal kind which left in bed for the last while and it nearly melt half my brain away. i dont think anyone wanted to hear me talk about socks and shoes for some reason or another.

So i am feeling much better now still though the flu has taken a lot of me but i am happy to say that it did not take away my sense of humour. So what can i say college is going pretty good but i had to miss a few days due to the flu but all in all its going great. I actually got to do my first hands on massage class a little while back and i has to say i actually enjoyed it. I think now that i know doing holistic has been the best decision for me to do for the rest of my life. I have to say that i am also really enjoying my anatomy and physiology classes as well. This class always brings a huge buzz of excitement in what we learn in this class. i have always found anatomy as a subject very interesting and so far i have been getting top marks in the class but i am still working hard at it.

I also have to say getting my first massage done in the class was so what a very relaxng and enjoyable experience. The person who got to work on my back was really good and when you have someone working on your back it is quite nice. I have to say if i had to compare it to something that us mere models has had in our lives its like the following having a smoke of some really good weed. Its really strange to start off with and when i had my massage done i was in with my cynical mind. There is no way this is going to relax me and there is also no way that i am going to enjoy this. But no i just layed back face down on the bed and let the feeling of total bliss take over. I have to say if you have a sore back and if you do need work on it can be really beneficial and it can do wonders for the body and the mind and the soul.  If anyone who has never had a massage before and would like to get one done i would highly recommend that you get it done.


I also have to say that i feel so much better in body mind and spirit myself in with starring this course. I am eating much healthier my posture is much better and i dont get stressed as often as i did. BUt i do still have my sharp wit and i am still tending to shoot from the hip in which i am proud of that. I actually said this to a person last week  i am now its up to you to take me as i as i am tattoos sharp wit and a gorgeous border collie puppy to boot and all. Speaking of puppys sheps doing great hes in great form hes made a few new human friends by the taxi rank at bray dart station and i have to say hes never been better. hes also learned a few tricks or 2 since i have last posted up my last blog. Hes now learned to give me the paw give me high 5 hes also toilet trained and now he gives me his lead for when he wants to go for his walkies. hes more than just a collie hes my collie and also hes my best friend.

I also would like to say that with doing my holisitcs course its really opened to the door of my health and in doing this course i am also doing my bit for my diet. I have actually managed to eat healthy and cut way back on my mcdonalds and i am also drinking water. I use to hate drinking water but now i actually like it.  Oh yeah a few things to me a little while back. I actually met a person that i use to go to school with and we had a little chat about what we are doing with our lives. So emma (not her real name of course) what are you doing with yourself now. So she chimes in im actually not working i am back at home with the little one and i am still doing hair dressing. Oh i said hair dressing how wonderful. No offensive guys and girls but i hate hair dressing sweeping up human hair and rising  our hair is not how do you say a dream job for me. Sorry if i cause any offensive. Oh hair dressing i said with a i dont give a shite look on my face.

So what are you doing with yourself she said to me. Well i said i am doing a 3 year holistic course. in my first year i will be doing anatomy and physiology success in business massage and stress management. With that i got a shocked look in my direction. Oh god that sounds like a lot of hard work she replied. Well it is not when you care about something so much and you want to make a difference in your life it should not be classed as hard work. Oh she said well you must like it. Well of course i like it if i didnt like it i would not be doing it you idiot i actually hissed this under my breath.  Oh so what will you be doing tonight my dumb blonde friend asked me. Well i have to open up my grays anatomy and study that for a while. Oh is that the tv show with doctor mc dreamy. With that i just said its actually a book on the human body and how it works. I am currently studying the cardiac system and how it works and with that mouthful of information i lost her thank god.

so i have a quick joke for you guys and i hope that you like it. whats blonde and brunette blonde and brunette blonde and brunette?  Its a naked blonde doing cartwheels.


Seeya and bye for now


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call off the search im back

Hiya folks.


After much needed talks with eircom regarding the whole kidnapping and holding my modem to ransom im back. I came to a small agree ment with eircom and with that thet have decided to put me back on line. After all i am a student who needs the internet nearly all the time for her case studies and if i need to look up information on different subjects well i am certaintly not going to go to any more internet cafes any more. ugh internet cafes they are just the pits.


so i dont really have much news i have started on my holistics course and its going really well. i have made new friends and my new friends in return have made me a student council rep. Its a fun job but mighty tiresome but hey someone has to do it.


I am actaully very sick with the flu so as soon as i get better i will write a longer better blog. So i am going back to bed and see if i can get any better in myself. Bye for now and take care


regards vicky

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