call off the search im back

12 Oct

Hiya folks.


After much needed talks with eircom regarding the whole kidnapping and holding my modem to ransom im back. I came to a small agree ment with eircom and with that thet have decided to put me back on line. After all i am a student who needs the internet nearly all the time for her case studies and if i need to look up information on different subjects well i am certaintly not going to go to any more internet cafes any more. ugh internet cafes they are just the pits.


so i dont really have much news i have started on my holistics course and its going really well. i have made new friends and my new friends in return have made me a student council rep. Its a fun job but mighty tiresome but hey someone has to do it.


I am actaully very sick with the flu so as soon as i get better i will write a longer better blog. So i am going back to bed and see if i can get any better in myself. Bye for now and take care


regards vicky

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Posted by on 10/12/2009 in daily rants


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