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Hiatus overturned


So it’s been a really long time since I’ve last been on here writing and I could go with the stupid excuses of saying this happened that happened but I think it’s best to start on a fresh note and move straight on with stuff.

So in recent times I’ve really got into a few things head on and it has been extremely enjoyable and lots of fun  I’m still doing cosplay and conventions and in more recent times I have gone into burlesque. While ages back it was a brief show here and there. It now appears that I go to as many shows as possible. I’m currently have been attending shows in and around Dublin and its been extremely enjoyable and fun.

With each burlesque show you get to know a lot of things the subject content the style that the artist may choose to do and what dance props and music each performer uses and while watching the performers doing their pieces you can’t help but feel swept into their wonderful world of sheer talent dedication and joy that is put into each show and for every show I have seen they have left with a lot of wonderful inspiration and an incredible admiration for time I see a performance. I am maybe thinking of adding a burlesque piece or reviews on my blog here. I just need to ask my fellow performers who I’m lucky to be friends with if it’s ok to do this. If and when I get the go ahead to do this I’ll keep you all posted.

Now the convention side or things from when we last spoke is getting better with each event and year passing  One convention I would highly recommend you all check out is j con. J Con is a Japanese themed convention run by the brain child who is Max Mangan. I went to j con last November and I had an absolute blast. It was held in the croke Park event centre and its so extremely to get too. The event itself was run for one day and from the moment I went to the event I have to say I really enjoyed it.

The guest list itself had some amazing cosplayers from both the Irish and European cosplay World. Each cosplayer when they were not doing meet and greets were also doing talks throughout the day. The guests themselves made everyone feel welcome and they was a brilliant buzz with the convention attendees and when you got to meet the guests they made you feel extremely welcome and really took the time out to talk to about everything they also had prints on sale and you could get them to give autographs top for a small fee.

Just con also had the Japanese embassy visiting the event and they even has young Japanese students showing attendees the art of doing Japanese symbols and they also had an information table on the country itself should you want to put visit Japan.

The con also had some pretty amazing choices of stalls throughout the event and each vendor had amazinv variety of items to choose from. They even had a face paint table which I took great pleasure in getting a rainbow piece painted on my face

J Con also had a masquerade too and you could see some incredibly talented folk showing off their amazing cosplay’s. The variety that was on show was really good and you were pleasantly surprised to what each entrant had made in order to get into the masquerade.

The only issue that I had with the masquerade was the sound wasn’t all that great now this could be due to technical difficulties and at times these things happen and it’s no one’s fault I just hope if and when j con come back they manage to fix the issue.

I have to say as a convention attendee j con did provide an amazing arrange of guests stalls merchandise and in a beautiful location that was croke Park it made for a really enjoyable day.

Anyway I’ll be back in touch with a new upcoming con with better content  I just hope that I can get back to writing properly from here on in.



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