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hearts rule how to have a healthy heart

Look after your heart

(I will spare the thought of putting in a human heart but i think that this heart will rock this blog)

The advice that i have given on the bottom on this blog is my own advice and if anyone needs tips on having  healthy heart check out the irish heart fountain website.

Oh my god how tough is the student life? I have been asking myself this question for the past few weeks now. It’s tough to say the least. Its 3 50 sunday morning and while everyone else is sound asleep and all comfy in their beds im literally stressing about my paper for college. As you all know im doing my holistic course at the moment and i have to say that its going really good but im stuck. I am in the middle of writing a paper on coronary heart disease and i have to say that it’s not easy. It’s a challenge though and an interesting you at that. But as i right this paper i am learning more about myself and everyone around me.

I must have spent the best part of the last few weeks talking to doctors nurses, and other people who work in the wonderful world of cardiac care and i have also did my research on all the heart fountain websites and to say the least taking care of the human heart is a right that is god given and its something that should never be taken for granted.

But while doing this paper i had to take a long life at myself and life in general and i am so glad to say that i am well fit and healthy (ok i may complain about been tired all the time but thats a given). But as i was looking at case studies of people with congenital heart defects. Im so glad that i dont put my body under extreme pressure. I know certain people who have either have and are still making a mess of their bodies and i think christ almighty the big man upstairs has given you a life now im not going on a rant here to tell you how to live your life but i will give a few health tips if anyone is interested.

What i have found out in writing this heart paper is that i may have a few bad habits but my bad habits are nothing compared to what my findings are when it came to having a healthy heart. I might have a sweet tooth and i might enjoy a burger every once in a while. But i have seen people younger than me having health issues. This is really due to bad habits. As a human being we all have bad habits but it’s what we can do for ourselves in the present time can and might actually save us in the long run. 

My attitude in life has always been everything in moderation and it’s always worked.  But its all well and done saying that we tend to make promises to ourselves to eat healthy but then again we tend to binge on our favorite foods but i actually see no harm in having that little bit of you time and having a slice of cake. But as long as it is part of a healthy diet.

But what alarms me is when i see people not taking care of themselves and in some cases i have seen people who are a bad food step to having a heart attack. But i have noticed when you try and advise people about having a healthy attitude to diet and exercise they laugh at me. But than again the way i see i the jokes on them.   So i have to say im so glad to be healthy and at least my habits are ok on my and my old ticker but im not perfect but hey who is.

now i will give you all a few tips on having a healthy heart.

Get plenty of exercise.

Yes i know everyone says this but its true. whatever exercise you like go for it and make sure you have fun in doing it. Whether its walking running cycling or going to the gym. You can have a healthy heart rate in doing it and also its fun to do as well. I have to say my favourite exercise is walking shep. Shep’s really grown up now and he loves nothing more than to run along the park on his new lead. It also makes me happy and its also a great stress buster.

Have a healthy diet

Now everyone know this by now to have a healthy diet. But i like to think that i can have a bit of everything that i like in my every day diet. i also use olive oil in my cooking as it is low in cholesterol and its also good for the heart as well. also try to have a diet that always have oily fish like sardines. Nuts fruit red meat white meat breads pastas and everything else that your heart desires just remember to go easy on your irish breakfasts.

Have a laugh

This one is important to me. Whether its Homer Simpson saying d’oh or reading granddad’s headrambles blog or shep barking at me as in asking for a re match in tug of war. It’s always important to have a laugh. I have to say that i have been in a few sticky situations of late and the best way i got out of them is by laughing. It’s good for you and it also can relax you as well.

Have a drink

A personal favourite of mine. A glass of red wine is good for your heart studies have shown that red wine is good for your heart and its also pretty nice as well. just make sure its a glass and try not to over do it.

Having a pet to look after

You may laugh at this but its true. Having a furry friend in your life can have good effects on the heart and on the person themselves. I know that shep has a huge calming effect on my mum. Anytime mum got upset over anything shep would always walk over to her and put his big paw out. he would do this as in saying look im here for you. I maybe be a dog but im a clever collie and im also a good listener. I have to say that  having shep has calmed me down a lot. Anytime i feel a stress attack coming on. I just call Shep and say walkies and true to form shep coming running up to me with his leash in his mouth and we than get ready to run out the door and have a ramble around the park.

Try and not sweat over the small stuff

if i had a euro for every time i got stressed over the little things in life. i would be a rich girl but no im not rich. I have to say in letting go of the small stuff that i use to get stressed over. I feel much better in myself and i also feel comfortable in my own skin.

now theres my little insight in having a stress free life and in also doing my coronary heart disease paper. Now i have to admit that it’s not done yet. It’s not yet near complete but you know what. Thats way there is extensions and thats why i am going to use them to my advanage.


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best friends forever


This is just a small piece about my mum and shep. For those of you that dont know my mum is sick in hospital and she needs an opertaion on her hip. So the doctor has brought her over to vincents so i am hopeing that she gets better soon. Well i know that a certain little dude is missing her a lot. Get well soon mum.


My photos of shep and family 035

mum and shep having a chat about things all dog related


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anyone for fish and chip supper?

fish and chips


While taking my beautiful puppy shep for his morning walk and drink down the sea front we stumbled on this picture and to say the least we both choked on our latte and bowl of water when we say this. I think that i wont be having fish and chips for a long time after seeing that ad.




Poor shep was just sitting there thinking what is the world coming to fish and chips at this price well you can keep them at least i have my milk bones.

I will just relax here and try and not think about fish and chips

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