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you can always get what you want.

Hmm firstly i know im being cheeky in stealing a rolling stones song for my piece but i can not think of what other title to use.

So yes of late i have been having some me time and have been catching up with old and friends and i have made some new ones along the way. With the time i have taken out for myself i have recently discovered well new and not so new things about myself.  I can now actaully deal with the whole mess of what happened a few months in a much better way. I think now i have a new found respect and awe in myself. Mainly because of the fact that i dont let minor things upset me anymore. before i had found this new state of being calm in my own body mind and soul i was a little nit hot headed.  Which kind of made me well not all that nice to be around. But now that i have had this time to myself and i got to think about stuff. I can now say that i feel so much better.  i feel calmer lighter and i have more energy within myself.  i think also my new found happiness has been brought on by a little book that i have been reading of late.

 I think in doing this staying calm and not letting things get to me i feel so much happier for it. I think its because i got rid of the complete and total BS that was in my life. It kept dragging me down and made me more upset within myself.  BUt i can now say that i feel so much better now that its gone. I can also say that i can now do things that i would not normally do before. For example i now enjoy going out by myself. I can now also get things done and get them handed in on time. I can also say that i dont have any distractions that would bother me and upset me a lot. But i think with taking this time out i have now decided what i want and who i want in my life. Needless to say that im noy one of those vain shallow people who demands designer clothes and the lastest technology gadgets (but i do need a new laptop and in fairness i dont ask for much).  I think i would be much happier to be in a place in which i have the love of family and really and truely awesome friends around me and in my life.

I have had a pretty hellish few months and i wont be sorry this year go out but again im so very grateful for the great opportunities that i have been given. Looking back i would not change a few things but i would tweak a few things out of my life. I think looking back now the whole experience is that i have had to put up with has not only made me stronger and smarter person but it has made me realise that i should not or ever will ever settle for 2nd best ever.   I think for me i will live each day til its my last.  before you ask no im not sick ha ha ha.

Hmm i suppose i should really dedicate this person to some people so here it goes i will use little descriptions and you got to see if you can work it out for yourself. If and when you work it out let me know 🙂

firstly and foremostly i would like to take my really good friend you know who you are and thanks for the late night counselling/ahem chat sessions they have really made me think about what i want in my life and yes im going to go with my plan and when it happens you will be the first to know.

Hmm wh next oh i know my lovely italian friend your are so si nice to me and thank you for being very patient with me when it came to learning me to speak italian and thank you so so much again for the wonderful friendship that you have given me may it contiune to grow long and strong that grazie for introducing me to the vampire diaries and for talking to me about all things vampire related.

Thanks to my awesome counseller friend. Your wise words have kept me going and have even helped me thru my dark times thankfully they have stopped me having the dark times and i cant help but smile when i read your uplifting posts and i know you will make an awesome counseller.

Hmm oh yes thanks to my little twitter bug. your tweets always make me laugh cry or go good god where does she get her energy to do all the things that she does for her family and tha that crazy zoo that you have in your house. Your kind words of support have been really good and i cant help but excited when my phone goes off and to see whats your lastest offering on your everday life.

Hmm who else oh yeah scamps. you know who you are you crack me up laughing with our chats and your so damn funny. I do hope that you realize you are one awesome dude. Oh now im speaking like crusher from finding nemo.

Oh lets not forget elevator girl. You crack me up laughing girl with your raddom thoughts on anything that goes on in that mind of yours. Speaking of which we are still ok for tie me up tuesday yes? waves fingers call me

Oh yes how could i forget my favourite couple you know who you are. i do hope and pray everyday that your dude gets home safe and sound and i know that he will be home soon. Thanks again for the kind words and the awesome photo sharing and chats that we get to have. You are truely awesome and you totally rock.

so thats all for now and all i can say is that if you put your mind to it. You can actaully get what yiu want with a strong heart full of dedication and a strong will mind that knows what it wants and how to get it.


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