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What they dont tell you about college no 1?


as you an see this is me on a good day you should see me on my bad days

Right firstly i have to say a massive im sorry to everyone regarding my recent absence i have been in college over the last while. I have been doing nothing but assignments and case studies.  While all this has been happening my poor laptop had a massive melt down and got very sick with all the pressure of late night that i have been up in doing such work. So while my laptop is in with the doctors i now have to spend time in the interent cafe. Ah well it could be worse. Although i do miss sheps curling up under my feet and watching me while i work. But hey thats all in a days work.

So while i have been doing the whole college thing i have been massively weighed down with work. I have noticed that a few certain thing that i have been made to give up. I now have no socail life due to my long hours with the college but hey i dont mind but but its starting to grate on me a bit. I have been doing so much work of late that i am starting to miss going out. While i mean going out my kind of going out would constit of going to my favourite pizza resturant and eating my favourite meal of pizza and having a glass of wine but with everything going on with college i now have come to the conclusion that i now dont have to the time to do anything.

I now have spend a shameful amount of hours looking at a screen and doing research on work that is for my college. I have spend last week looking at the respiratory system for my anatomy and ohysiology assignment and while i was doing that i also had to write up an essay on asthma which was ok i guess but still it was hard work. I also had to do the same for my stress management assignment on what exactly is stress? (if i had to define stress it would be going to college and doing a mounttain of course work and than trying to get good grades. thats what stress is to me) I have to say that i got there in the end and i am glad that i got there.

I also have had to deal with certain issues with my personal life as well and i have to say that i do feel much better for dropping certain baggae in y life but my life in college is so bloody hard i decided that i now have to look for a good work life balanace. If anyone has any ideas on this please do let me know as i have no idea on how i am going to cope with all this pressure.

I also now am facing up to that favouvite time in my life exams,. I have to say that I quite like exams i like to sit down and get them done but being a holistics student you dont get to sit down and do exmas the normal way. No i have to get a model for both of my exmas and work on them. For my stress management i have to get a model (i would prefare a male model no offensive ladies but i need some good mojo for that day) to work on. As luck would have it i have found a model and hes more that willing to get me wowkring on him. So i am glad that i have the model but i a slightly nervous with working on this person and i hope that i dont get nervous at all. I just bllody hope that i can do the exma right and pass it.

So this is a brief bit on whats being going on with my life i am sorry that i havent been in touched but as you can see i have been slightly busy and very stressed out.

So bye for now and take care

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