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How to deal with dog haters

This is something very wrong with this once cute cuddly st bernard. Its a seriouslt good book to read so go and check it out

I have to say that i have had an quite few days here. I have been busy with my assignments and trying to get everything all done and ready on time for my course. So you could say that i have been a good girl.  Well i thought to myself that i would give myself a small break during the week. So i did so i walked up to my local bookshop and asked if there was a stephen king section i just wanted to check out what books i havent got a chance to read yet. With happy luck i managed to get a copy of CUJO.

CUJO was written by Stephen king in the 80s. Its about a young boy that lives in castle rock in maine called brett and he has this loveable st Bernard dog called cujo. Now cujo and brett are the best of friends and you never see one without the other but sadly cujo chases after a rabbit and cujo being a loveable scamp that he is sticks his nose down the rabbit hole and gets bitten by a bat that is infected with rabies.  Sadly CUJO gets rabies and he causes disaster everywhere that he goes and everyone who crosses him. I wont say anymore but i will say this is really really scary.  I love how Stephen king paints a good picture in his hometown of maine and how he paints the good picture of a nice happy-go-lucky family and this cute kid and his loveable scamp of a dog.  I also love the way how  stephen  king always keep you the reader on edge and how you dont know what is going to happen next.  I wont say anything more about this book as i find that it is a great book and if you ever get the chance to check it out please do check it out. If you want to check out the film version of CUJO you can click on youtube and type in CUJO trailer and you will get to see it. I will not put up the clip on this blog as it is very scary to say the least. I am half way through the book and its getting better with turn of the page.

Now i have to say that a really strange thing happened to me yesterday and well you either laugh or get angry with this situation is really up to you. I found personally quite funny but again a bit scary but i did find out one thing. I thought that i was a tough thing but after what happned to me yesterday well i am not as tough as i look.

So i decided to take sheps for a walk down to the park. My mums carer came in to give me a break so i called sheps and told him to get his lead and go for walkies. With that shep did the shep samba he danced around the kitchen knocking everything in sight down with his strong tail and sat there while i put the lead on him. So we let for a walk and we walked down to the park.  When i got to the park entrance i walked a bit up away from the gate and away from harm when i decided that shep should go for his run. So i let shep off his lead and off he ran. he bounced around the grass crashed into the mud and than he tried to herd the birds. hes a border colliie after all and he needs to make sure that everything whether its me tidying up the kitchen or the birds in the park he likes to have everything in order. So shep being shep gave the border collie stare he couched down and circled the birds and that he barked at them. So when the birds flew off shep ran around the park at great speed.

So the both of us had a great time till i heard a scream and a yelp. I stopped still in my tracks i was thinking to myself right ok where was the scream and more importantly where did the yelp come from. At the corner of my eye i saw shep cowering down scared and this woman beside him. Excuse i said can i help you? Well i knew in my heart i should have said anything but i was worried.  Why was shep cowering one and two what did this woman do to my dog. If this your dog she screamed at me. I looked at her and said well yes this is my dog he is a border collie and he is a sweetheart. Well your sweetheart has bitten my dog and i want your name and address now she screamed at me. Now firstly there was dog on her person and secondly my dog will not bite anyone. I have thought shep from a very young age to never ever bite anyone. Not even when he was teething and play fighting. i always said a sharp firm now. some people say him the dog on the nose or clichen its jaws shut. But if you do that to the dog he will start to suffocate and it will place him in distress.

Well your dog is a menace and he shoud be put on a lead. So when this idiot spoke to me like this. I didnt know whether it was a joke or something. I just causally said look its the peoples park and everyone lets their dogs run around. While i said that the old bag kept saying that he little angel was attacked in a dog fight and she tried to place the blame on my little man. Well firstly i said to her calmly but my anger was buidling up inside me. What kind of breed is it? She barked back a jack russell and whats that got to do with anything she hisses. Well i have been down this park every day and i havent seen you or your dog down here. Are you trying to be smart with me she hissed. No i said i am just pointing out that i havent seen your dog down here and my dog would never attack anyone. Hes a border collie they will never ever attack anyone. So with that the old witch demanded my contact details. I slowly backed off and had shep with me on his lead while doing this.  Im calling the police on you and that vicious dog of your will be put down. Now i was thinking while all this was going on? Did this old witch single handly pick me put for an attack  or was it simply because she had nothing better to do? When the following i did actaully get scared she tried to grab shep by his lead and i said dont tocuh him leave him alone you witch i screamed. Look if you dont mind leave me and my dog alone and let us enjoy our time down the park.  before i walked away i felt a thug and i thought that my hoodie got caught by a branch. But now it was the old witch. I want your details now and i want the dogs details and i will ake sure you never walk down this park again and i will make sure that your dog is put down.

Now i actaully got scared but i didnt show it. i simply told her to get lost and to leave me and shep alone. I was pretty shaken up after the row and did think what in the name of god just happened there. lucky for me i met a man who also takes his dog out for a walk in the park. I was greeted by a chirpy hello and of course the dog knocking me down the the ground for kissies. Hmm i dont know i think i have been attacked by a woman who said that my dog attacked her dog. So i told this guy what happned and he said you know what shes an old witch. Her JR thinks hes king of the park. he attacked my little lady just before xmas and she said it was the other away around. I just said to her get lost and completey ignored her. I havent seen her since and i think shes trying to chance her arm. I have to say that this guy was good in listening to me and it did put my mind at ease that i was not the only one that this did not happened to.

I have to say that me and shep got back from our walk but i was having doubts about our little trips to the park. The witch has hit shep and he was a bit scared last night when i came to cuddle him. So if i ever see this witch again i wont think twice of calling the police on her.

I will give some advice to anyone if there is ever have to encounter a witch like this ever again. Always walk away i find that if i did not walk away i would have said something that might have landed me in trouble. You know what old witches are like.

Always make sure that you never let anyone touch or hit your dog. I am so sick of telling people this but they should be one person who is the boss of your dog.  I never ever hit shep if shep is bold its always me screaming at him bed and try to avoid giving him eye contact while doing this its the best way to show him whos boss.

If you have little children who might run up and scare the dog asking you to pet him. Always make sure that the dog is calm its the best way to avoid any trouble but if he is not calm well than its best that the children dont pet the dog.

if this advice does not work well tha i would change locations on where you take the dog for a walk.

I am actually doing ok but this has thought me a good lesson i will now go down to my park in our own time and yes shep still needs his run so i will be still letting him off the lead.

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my idea of a perfect day

I have to say that i am well chuffed within myself. the last few days have been absolute bliss. So far there has been no stress no arguments or rows or certain people trying to put me down. So i have to say that i am very happy within myself. The last few days have felt like they were planned around little old me. I had thursday off so i went about and did my shopping and paid the bills oh i know the joys of being an adult. I also manage to nearly get to the halfway point of my twilight book so i am nearly at the end of it so i cant wait to see what happens. it will be only  matter of time before i get on to new moon.

I have to say though that friday was a perfect day for me. I got up early and got ready for college. i said hello to rufus aka shep who knocked me down to the ground for hugs and kisses. I actually don’t mind him doing that i hope that when he grows up he will never ever stop doing that. Mind you though he was a bit naughty. I was just about to leave for college when i heard a crash and a yelp from the kitchen. I opened the door slowly to see what happened. It was a funny sight to see. Shep manged to get all my clothes from the wardrobe and my college back and brought it over to his bed. I just looked at him and said look sheppies i will be back soon and when i come back we will play together. Before i even went to get my bag. he started to cry and sat on my back. As much to say your not going to college today so you will have to stay here and play with me. Now this whole routine has happened for the last while. So i have had to do the following. I had to get an old top of mine and put it in his bed. So it has worked ok for the last while. Although shep trys to snuggle into it along with his blanket and his bone. It certainly makes for a Kodak moment. Aww.

Hmm good coffee its better than some other pleasures that we get to have in life.

So while i left rufus i walked up to my favourite coffee house and ordered my breakfast. I love love love full fat milky lattes with an irish cream flavour shot. I know before you say anything its so fattening but hey it tastes so good. So that must be something if anything. I have to say that when i pop my head around the door of my favourite coffee house they always get my cup and favorite coffee drink ready. Which i think makes it more worth while to visit this yummy coffee house. So when i got my coffee fix i than went into college and got that done. I have to say that the assignments are coming on well and i am getting bits and pieces done each day. So yeah all in all a good day had by me.

So i have to say that i am really enjoying these last few days and when i thought it could not get any better. I just found out that there is a Danny Boyle season on Film Four. Danny Boyle is without a doubt a truely wonderful film director. It would be fair to choose one film of his that would be my favourite because i love them all but if i had to choose one. It would be *coughs* train spotting and shallow grave. Oh then there is the beach and slumdog millionaire. I have had a blast over the last few days watching all his films and i might catch a life less ordinary with Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz. Its a wonderfully written romantic humour with Danny Boyles black humour and dry wit thrown in for good measure. If you have never seen it please go and check it out. What i also love about Danny Boyles films is that he does amazing storylines with each film. he makes good choices for his leading characters the storylines in his films are wonderfully witty and really really good. I also love the cinematography in each and ever film that danny boyle has made. I also meant to say that Boyle does certainly have a great ear for music i will be including a song called velvet divorce. If you ever get a chance please check out this band. The female lead singer has a great voice. I also love the music and well his leading men that he chooses for his films. I am currently going through a phase of loving scottish men and i really do love ewan mcgregor. I think that he is one handsome man and i would well climb over well difficult objects just to get this attention. Oh god i should stop this girly gushing now ok well just one more time *sighs*.

So i think all in all i have had my perfect few days. Danny Boyle Ewan Mcgregor and full fat lattes and yummy scones it does not get better than this

Seeya later guys


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how to deal with the nastiest of b1tches in this world

have to say that i have had an interesting few days. I have just recently went back to college today which was not to painfull. Well i got a few assignments to do but hey i will get there in the end. But what has been bugging me of late is this class a b1tches. You know the type they tend to hover over you and try and put you down with sly remarks and no so nice digs. But hey i rose above it. What actaully gets me is why do these kind of people even bother to get out of bed or why were they born for that matter. I had my b1tch fill last week regarding shep but oh no i had to deal with this head on in my college life.

Well today was actaully great i have started a new module. I will now be working with hopi ear candling. Its a great treatment to get and its also good for lymph drainage and if you have problems with your sinuses even better. For the treatment you have to get your client to lie down on a bed and you than get them to turn to their side while you light up the candle and stick it in their ear. The candle burning gets rid of any blockages that you might have in your ear or sinues and it is also good for giving a great sense of calm and well being in the client.

As far as i know hopi ear candling has been down for so many years it was also done in the egyptian times. The aboriginals culture has been know to do it for health reasons and to get rid of evil spirits. The candles contain sage and a few other natural ingredients and its great thing to be learning. I for one cant wait to learn about the art of hopi ear candles and i am looking forward to starting it soon.

So after having a blissful morning talking about my new therapy i was put back to to earth or shall i say crashed back to earth with a bang. I went into to my next class in which they were talking about politics class politics. Now for persobal reasons i cant say much but i will say this imagine pushing water with your bare hands up a hill. Hmm thats quite hard and its not as easy as it looks. It was all thanks to the b1tches that have nothing better to do. The way i have always dealt with situations like this is by ignoring them and pretending they are white noise, believe me it works.

But what i dont get is when people get all nasty and bitchy i mean there is really no need for it. maybe i am being to nice here but why is it that people feel the need to be bitchy. This i will never know. Listen i better head i have assignments to do. 

So bye for now guys and girls


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Things to do at home when your snowed in


(The  cat image is not mine its church the cat from the stephen king movie pet sematary )

Hiya guys

Firstly i would like to say a big massive thank you for the kind words and get well wishes to shep. He’s doing better and he’s in good form. I am now with a lovely vet who spend the best part of 20 mins playing with shep and hes like her and more importantly i like her too. Shes not all about the money unlike some people hint hint. So thanks again for the kind words. I actually have thought shep a new trick anytime he wants breakfast or if he wants a chew treat he barks and he now runs to the shep cupboard he can also scratch the door and get all the dog treats he wants. He is one clever collie my boy is and i would not change him for the word.

Now i have spend the best part of all week being stuck in the house and i have to say that i am starting to like it. I actually am not missing college but i have been doing my bit with college work. I am currantly working on a stress management paper at the moment so that in itself is going really well. I have also pt up my assignment timetable sheet just near my laptop so i tend to glance at it if and when i like. So all in all its going good.

I also managed to clean the whole house and i am well chuffed with myself with that to. My gosh i have turned all domesticated of late and i am loving every minute of it. Hee hee i am so proud of myself. What i am really glad of late is the fact finally my life is now back on track mum is getting all better and i am now getting all my assignments done on time. The only thing that has been bugging is this bloody snow but hey what can you do about it.

I also would like to say that i have met a fair few bitches of late and thank god that i have my smart o melia wit i can now deal with them, I think one that has bothered me of late has been a local taxi firm that i have used. Now i am not slagging off taxi drivers i love the dudes if you dont believe me check out my other piece hail to the taxi drivers. A few of ny taxi mates have either gone to another company or have worked for themselves. But after a whole lot of arseing around and taking the mickey with me when it came to getting taxis i decided enough was enough. I had to get a few supplies for my mum the other day when this happened. I had to track up to tescos which took me the best part of hour and half i tell you one thing work shoes and icy roads are not a good mix. So when i went and got my few things in tescos. I called my taxi firm. When a dragon got on the phone. Me being me i cheerfully said any chance of a taxi. No she screamed right ok i said keep your hair on. So i than said well when can i get a taxi when i got this stinky message back. Look your not important and there fore you will be waiting for 2 hours. I was like ok i will wait so. I will go and grab a coffee and read my mag. So dragon lady said the following look its first come first served so don’t expect to get a taxi anytime soon. So she than slammed the phone down on me. I was in shock to say the least. i didnt know whether to laugh or cry. So lucky for me i knew a few of the lads that usually bring me home so i got texting. But alas no reply. So i than took a massive gamble and rang a taxi firm that i didnt even know. So i nervously dialled the number and pulled faces when i asked them the following question. Look this is vicky im stuck up in tescos im very cold and i need a lift home. if i have to wait for an hour i dont mind. With that i nice taxi guy picked me up and took me home. All in the space of 5 minutes. I was actually chuffed. I was well pleased. When it came to me getting my shopping out of the boot this taxi driver actually came into the house and put everything in the sitting room. I just stood there in shock and when said are you ok? Well one you picked me up in time 2 you put all my shopping in the sitting room and 3 you were nice to me and my sad doggy story. With out much delay i said to my new taxi firm your hired and i will now have you on speed dial. So all in all a good day was had by all. Me with my new taxi firm and me slaying the dragon that was really mean to me. So happy days indeed.

But i have to say i have been spending a whole lot of time online and i will tell you why. Its mainly because i am bored and its mainly because of my studies. i actually happen to visit a cool website. its its really good and it has quite a lot of information on stephen kings books and there is also a link in  which you can leave comments. I did my work and leave a comment on pet cemetary. I saw the film a little while back and it was the first stephen king boom i read when i was little. I was read IT and to this day i am still afraid of clowns and balloons. Cue evil laugh we all float down here. If you get a few minutes to spare go check it out. There is also a link in which you can click on your favourite book by stephen king and you can see where he gots his ideas for his books. There are a few books that i am dying to read. One that really stand out is cujo. Its about a family who own a st bernard and sadly the dog gets bitten by a bat with rabies and well if you know stephen king its bound to have a horrific tale to it. I also really love the stand the mist misery IT the shining and there is also a few more books that i like to. I am trying to find a copy of cujo so if you see any copies let me know. But i know that this is only a book and i know mans best friend will never turn on its owner. Well i know sheps wont. hes too much of a softie and i like him that way.

I am currently reading the twilight series and i have to say that i am enjoying it very much. I love vampires and i also would like to say that i am team edward robert pattersion is very cute. Oh yeah i have also been having snowball fights with sheps in the garden. Anytime i thow a snow ball at shep i get a look of disgust but now since i have thought him his new barking trick he now barks at the snow balls. ha ha its so cute and funny.

So thats all my news for now so bye for now and take care


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You cant keep a good dog down

I got this clip from all dogs gone to heaven movie.

hi all

I hope everyone had a good christmas and new year. I have to say i really enjoyed christmas and i actaully liked the new year as well. I am also enjoying the break as well. So i havent been really up to much. I got a nice present from my brother i got a brother orinter and scanner its 2 in 1 which is going to make my life a whole lot easier and i also have my eyes on a new creative touchscreen MP3 player which holds 8,000 songs so we will just have to say and see and i will keep you updated on the news of if and when i get my MP3 player.

My family had a great christmas everyone was in great form and there was fun to be had in the house and plenty of food and drink was also enjoyed by all. So it was great well apart from the fact that 3 out of 4 rings from my cooker broke on christmas broke but hey at least i had one ring to cook everything on. This would also include cooking the ham and cooking the veggis as well. How did i do it? I just smiled and got on with the job. Im telling you though many famous Djs would have be prud of my work. mainy because f the fact that i was cooking the meat and veg with great ease and i was also swapping the pts and pans like my very own turntable. So we all got to have dinner early and it was very enjoyable. Shep also got to have some christmas dinner well he had some turkey and a bit of ham but he enjoyed it very much. Santa was also good to him as well. He got a new bandana collor a new lead and lots of chew treats so he was happy with that.

I also have the great pleasure of letting him of the lead as well and he loved every minute of it.

As you can see shep is really enjoying his freedom off the lead.

Sp what that it was a great holiday had by all. I had a quite new year i stayed in and watched the shining and that was great to say the least. I love stephen king and i was in bed by midnight. I think the whole bulidup to midnight is a massive disapointment and there is to much expectation and hopes are always build up at that well sad pontless time of the year that is new years eve. I have to say that i am quite glad that 2009 is gone and i am looking forward to 2010.  I am not going to make promises that i cant keep but i will try and have fun in everything that i do for myself and for family and friends. So with that i woke up new years day i was greeted by a sad face at the door. I opend the door to let shep in for him daily knocking me down to the ground for morning cuddles and breakfast. But no i didnt get that at all. I thought to myself there is soemthing wrong here. So i sat on my knees and looked at shep. Oh whats up with ya buddy i asked him your very quite today did you over do it last night. But no no waggy tail no cheerful barking or fight over a piece of toast. I thought that there is something wrong here. So i went online and check out what would be the best thing to give shep so i gave him chicken and rice but no that didnt do. he was just still sad and quite. I threw the ball outside but no shep was having none of it. That was when i got worried. So i rang the animal hospital and i told them what happened. To say the least they were very helpful.  Shep has got a tummy infection so he is on the diet of chicken and rice but hes not really liking it at all but he does tend to take a bite when hes really hungry.

So with that i took a very sick shep to the vet. I rang my vet first and explained what happned so they more or less said bring him over. So i than got dressed and brought him over. So my vet got a hold of him and checked him out. So after a lot of umming and ahhing the difficult subject of money came up. Now i meant  to say to you i owe them well a very samll amount of money but the way my vet was going on you swear i owed them thousands. So after she checked out my dogs stats and his health she brought up this matter. Word of warning if you dont like bad langugae or a girl getting all upset over her four legged friend look away now. My normally nice vet stood at the door with a very stern look on her face.  At this time i was playing with shep and trying to calm him down he hates the vets like i hate the dentists. Look you do know you owe is a few quid and i cant really treat shep unless you clear the bill. I gave her a look of sheer horror as much to say look i couldnt care less if you looked after him but there is a small matter of you owning us a few quid.  i had a shite weekend looking after him i have managed to mess up my back by sleeping on the couch and i have also made him comfy bringing his bed into the living room and checking his states every hour.  I said back im quite tired and yes i do know i owe you a few quid but can you do something. So she than begrudgely gave me shep some medicine. Now this is the killer of my day maybe my week maybe my year. My once nice vet something so horrible to me i was so taken back i actaully cried. Look to be honest with you if you cant look after the dog and if you cant manage the finacial burden of having a dog it might be best that you and your dog part ways now. My heart sank when she said this to me. Tears started to roll from my eyes and i bite my lip and said what exactly do  you mean. I knew in my heart what she was going to say but i wasnt prepared for this. She said it might be best that shep is put to sleep. When she said this i gave her a look of horror and said WTF who the fuck are you to tell me how to raise my dog. I didnt actaully say that but i walked out of the vets kicking the road home.  

I was scared and than some when i had this conversation with her. I was thinking in the back of my mind if you really love aniamls and your a vet why would you say this to anyone. I have raised wee shep when he was a nipper i have cradled him looked after him got him his shots got him microchipped and neutured and you want to put him down just bacsue of the issue of the issue of you getting paid. She was one stupid bitch of a vet and i have now since changed vets thanks to her. Although i got the best reaction from a friend of mine who runs a petshop. I went in this morning just to get shep a few things and we just chatted biut life when i told him this story. My friends reaction a look of sheer horror his bro nearly dropped dog food samples he was giving to me for shep. Good god what did you do he said are you ok is shep ok? Well she was very lucky that i didnt do anything to her. Mind you though i have always been a huge believer in karma so that stupid bitch will get her comming upsons and soon i hope.

So this story does have a happy ending shep is fast asleep beside me he only pops up every now and again to see what i am doing. But hey at least i now have a new vet to go and see. By the way not naming names here but this stupid bitch of a vet her boss is always on tv on a certain tv morning show every wednesday. My final word is that i would never ever have a person like that working for me. If the tables were turned if could be like me insulting someone while givng them a massage. hey dude you a bit instead your own personal insult here. I hope that this stupid bitch gets fired silly cow. Sheps all well and dandy now and all he needs is a cuddle from mummy and a run along the beach. I will say no more.


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