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sumthing tells me your not happy..



So since we last spoke or should it be since i last written my blog piece i have since and well have even experienced some people who are how do we say hmm whats that word unbelievely childish and have been showing their spiteful sides on a few occasions and more. I think in writing this piece i think it needs to be sad why do certain people feel the need to kill each others dreams and ambitions for when tha other person could be in that good place.

I know that without saying to much im in a good place right now with eerything going on and to say the least im srating a new course in sept and well am looking forward to doing my course and well i do have a few other plans in the pipeline that im not going to say to much on as well its private. But when i met a few friends of mine on seperate occasions i got 2 complety different responses. Here is an example of response A ohh hey there guess what im starting a new course in sept and have being doing x y and z and also im doing up the house to my own style. This was their response ohh your going back to college for the upteenth time your not going to finish the course and also wellwhats the point in getting your hopes up when you know it will crash and burn and well things wil end badly. I was just sat there with a forced smile on my face and trying to bite my lip all the while trying not to either cry flip out or even strangle this person. Needless to say my phone rang and i made my excuses and walked away. I have to say i walked home kicking the pavement and well hissing under my breath. While option B happened the very nice day same situation met up with a friend told her the same news and she was like well fair play to ya and congrats on the course and doing up the house and going with the plans and also getting on with life. You need to put yourself first girl and well enjoy everything that is happening now.

So while i was getting this advice i had to ask the questions on the previous days events with the othr former friend. Well i was shocked to hear that not only did my former friend knife me in the back from time to time but also slagged me off rotten and also could not contain her happiness for when certain things bad things that happened in my life. It turns out this person also felt the need to undermine every1 her and felt that she would always need to be first in everything. now when my friend told me thing i thought in the back of my head right she clearly is such an unbelievely selfish twat who cant be happy for me.

Needless to say i havent spoken to this person since i last saw her. I mean who was i to kid myself in thinking i would need this bs crap and unnesscery drama that came with her. I mean anytime i was around here it was me me me and it was starting to drain me and made me evualate not only my life but our friendship as well. It felt like to me that they always felt the need to undermine me and think ok im not happy unless im the top dog.

But i have to say now since i dont speak to this person anymore i feel freeier and lighter and also im able to concerntrate on myself and well other things that are going on in my life. I think sadly this person clearly needs to grow up and stop feeling the need to be the centre of attention and respect others and also keep their thoughtless words and actions to themselves and please if they cant be happy for me wel than we might not be friends at all so.

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