Strange days and even stranger people

17 Aug

So guys and girls as you may or may not know i work in the restaurant trade and i have to say its a great job the money is good but sometimes the hours are unsocial-able which means i cant plain night out in advance or even have a life at that matter.  So i cant wait till September comes along and i can do part-time.  i have a few funny stories that have happened to me in the restaurant trade some are well funny so are sad and some are just plain weird but as promised i will change names and locations for the privacy of myself and other people.


I was working friday gone and to say the least it was a long hard day i was doing a double shift which meant i was on since 10 am till 11 pm which was a long day for me.  The day shift went well not too much trouble but when night came it was to say the least a barrel of laughs.  I had a few parties in the restaurant that night one being a big company of bankers that took over the bottom half of the restaurant if anything they were very nice to me and polite and friendly so it was nice have an easy table like that.  All the ladies were dressed very nice nice summer dresses and well the guys were in suits one or two were a bit boring but all the same a lovely table to have.


So as the evening went on the bankers were having a blast telling jokes eating good food and enjoying the wine this is great once they are happy I’m happy i said to myself as i dropped down a bottle of wine and a round of drinks to their table.  But here is the fly in the oniment a another party came in the door complete wannabe snobs ahem waitress as they looked me up and down while i walked over to them.  We have a table booked for 8 o clock under the name Mr smith.  Certainly no problem sir i said in a nice yet pissed off manner just one moment and i will check to see where the table is.  So i walked up to the matier D and asked them where he was intending on putting the snobs.  So the MD got the snobs and placed them on their table.


So they took off their coats and i walked over to them and being polite and oh so friendly said to them good evening may i get you a drink from the bar now the guys were nice and said can we have some beer and one lady wanted a glass of wine and that was fine but one meanie decided to wipe the smile off my face.  Oh waitress she said in a loud annoying voice have you got any bottled still water that is stored in the fridge at a certain temperature i said to her not unfortunately we don’t but we have sparkling water or we have chilled jugs of water.  So when i told her this she gave me a dirty look as in saying your an idiot.  Oh young lady she says to me like I’m a total idiot.  You cant expect me to drink dirty water is it clean i just looked back at her and said the water is cleaned and have been boiled and is fit for human consumption.  Tut tut she said to me while looking at me as if i was a peasant who’s only duty was to serve her and let her rest her foot on my spine.  I said to myself right ok I’m going to off load you to someone else.  So i did heads up guys i said in a quite voice there’s a meanie of table 10 and she will treat you like dirt.  So i spend the evening avoiding her and getting on with my own work.


I have to say i got a really nice bunch of people after my toffs incident really nice down to earth who are up for the craic and to mainly have a laugh.  It was 4 people 2 couples and the craic was 90 they had a great time and i won them over with my personality.  They took all my suggestions when it came to the main courses and of course they loved their desserts one especially being a man of course started to eat his wife’s dessert which my sticky toffee pudding that that was all good.

So i decided to leave early and one of the toffs got my attention and said to me in a quite manner of course please excuse my wife’s behaviour tonight she is how you say highly strung.  I smiled and said it was ok.  Even though i wanted to throw a pot of coffee over her oops oh my god im so sorry hee hee not.


But one thing has to be said in the restaurant trade and to this im quoting from the godfather films




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2 responses to “Strange days and even stranger people

  1. K8

    08/18/2008 at 1:09 am

    Your first post!!! Top drawer missus, you done me proud.

    But Oi! Less of them feckers, more about you!!! Exactly which would be your preferred weapon of choice for the destruction of said bitch-lady in your wildest dreams?!?!

    I remember a lady once ordered

    “A G&T, that’s a gin and tonic to you.”

    I replied with “so would that be with a cuboid of frozen H2O and a slice of citrus?”

    What a twat.

    There are always twats, aren’t there?

  2. DigitalDarragh

    08/19/2008 at 5:11 pm

    “Never show your emotions to the Enemy.”? I like it! Customer service…. It’s a great game isn’t it? Think that’s going to have to be my signature for the rest of the day.

    Fortunately I’m no longer in customer service but when I was working on a technical support contract I absolutely hated it! The one advantage that I had that Taxi drivers and people in your profession aren’t lucky enough to have is I could always put the customer on hold and call them every name under the sun.

    So, next time your on a call ad you hear the line go dead for a moment you can be almost certain that the representative your speaking to is calling you all sorts!!!! lol keep it up. Your doing well.


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