I want it now

12 Sep

Hi there fellow blogger babes and dudes sorry i havent been online lately have been very sick and been under a lot of stress lately with different things like work college and home.  Hmm i forgot how blogging is so relaxing and a great way to beat the blues away.

So i decided to write a blog piece on the good manners and do they exhist with anyone any more?  I have noticed more and more people are getting more stressed more pushy and more demanding with the ups and downs of everyday life.  I will give you a few examples just to prove my point that people have no good manners.  I was working in the resturant and i have noticed that when people who come in to book a table they get really demanding and pushy especially when it comes to seating.  i have 2 girls in last week and they not asked but demanded to be put in a better place of the restaurant.  I just calmly said to them that the certain area was booked and in a split second they turned on me.  I have to say with sheer embarrassment they used the line DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM?  i would expect that line from a no Hoper celeb that found their fame on big brother but never from a girl who seemed nice that wanted a table in my restaurant.  just give you a head ups guys and girlies i dont care if you are the queen of england or you are the link to a certain celebs squeeze i am not going to treat you any differently im actually just cringing now just thinking about it gross.

Another incident happened last week.  I was in visiting my resident tattoo artist just getting advice about getting a touch up job done.  He basically said well i can fit you in now and we can get the work done.  So i was happy about that and i was just about to get ready when i felt a set of buggy wheels hitting my ankles.  I turned around and there before me was a pretty 17 year old girl looking at me and the tattoo artist.  She didn’t asked but demanded to be seen by him regarding a touch up job that she wanted done.  Now i looked at the artist and said im not backing down and also i want to get my in fixed.  I didn’t say it but i had that looked in my eyes when the teenager said and screamed oh please its the only day i have off and its the only day i have a babysitter for the baby.  My artist more or less said no and she made things difficult by throwing a tantrum.  Now its that just great when people throw mood swings and demand  that you give into their ways.  I think not.  People like that remind me of that spolit brat from charlie and the chocolate factory.


I have to say that i dont like demanding and stroppy people and if you come in to a situation like that i really sometimes 9 times out of 10 walk away from the situation.  i find its always the best way.

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Posted by on 09/12/2008 in Resturant Trade


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