welcome to the wonderful world of routine where everything is not as it seems..

20 May




Now talk about a weird title hey but when you do read this you can more than understand where im coming from on tonights piece. Now it would see in the last while i have picked up this thing called a routine. now i have to say and will be the first to admit i hate routine like i hate most responsibilities like getting things done around the house getting the bank done and also sorting out my own life it needs to be done.  Now i have to say when i first started this routine side of things for my life i hated it. I would kick and scream and bitch and moan and yes even at times cry over what needed to be done. But now that i have the routine of my every day life closely monitored and done i can feel and see things differently now.

I feel that with my new routine which i thought at first yeah this ain’t going to work for me is now like meeting an old friend and picking up where you left off. I have to say i feel calmer happier and well feel well within myself that i can mange things better and get on top of things and get them done quicker myself. But with routine sometimes only sometimes certain things can get boring and it gets to times like that in where i do think hmm should i really ddo this task today and than i think about to a life of no routine and think ohh yes i will feel better when that job is done and i can cross it off my list. I have to admit though my routine fell out of shorts of late due to home pressures and well general every day bother but now im back on track.

Im also happy to admit that now i have signed up for a full time graphic design course and also looking forward to well doing the 9 to 5 hours 5 days over 7 and also it will be good to be out with society and well it will also mean i can well make plans for the future for myself and my puppy. But what worries me though is this what if i don’t have enough time for the puppy and what if i dont have enough time to see my friends and well indulge my own hobbies and interests but thankfully now i’m working on it and not over thinking to much about stuff now. i think if anything well there is 2 thoughts here on this piece. First thought is well your thinking way to much and you need to relax and breathe and think about things carefully 1. Two well everything will fall into place and take your time. If i do come to place into my life in where i need to separate the wheat from the chaft that so be it. I mean if anything it will be a new challenge to face up to and who knows it could be only the making of me so lets hope either way i get somewhere and wish me luck with this.

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