its nuking time…

16 May

now for the last while i have been in a slump for ideas on a few blog piece but once again urban dictionary has saved me from this boredom and long behild here is a brief explanation into this piece.

To considering deleting “friends” from your Facebook friends list or deactivating your Facebook account entirely based on the sole perception that you aren’t really friends with these people. To start from the ground up afterwards with a new account or keep in touch only with those who survive the “nuke”



Now if i may be honest here i had to do the facebook nuke through no fault of my own about 6 months back and here is my reasons. Some time back i got into trouble on facebook for my views and ideas and thoughts on a lot of things and long behold one day when a person posted something up on a private group page that i was a member with i than decided to well let rip mainly my reason for the ripping was because well this person upset me and also they needed to be told a few home truths about themselves so i went forth let rip and left it at that. I left things alone and let the dust settle for a few days when i go back to log onto my account and i was blocked. Now to make a long story short i was blocked out of my account the content of my page was reported so i than said f**k it i dont have time for this and than opened up a private and new account.

It was quite simply to open the new account it was hard though taking everything back from my old account and posting it on the new page. In fact it got so hard i had to shut down and walk away before it drove me nuts. Now when i started up the new account which was only a matter of hours and a click of the mouse i got a huge warm welcome home. Ohh why the new page and why are you here now and im confused. It was than i had to explain what exactly happened and long behold i managed to get everyone back onto the account. Now i would have to say in doing this nuking accounts i can now say i can breath easily and also go about my social networking habits the best way i can. I now dont get stressed out over stupid posts well not as much as i use to and now i use facebook now as a sound cloud and my own bitch and i make it work for me. But in recent times when i have now been unblocked and in checking with my old account i have discovered that people are still adding me. Now i dont have problems with people adding me but why add me for if we have absolutely nothing in common with each other. So far i have had 3 people adding me from the old account and i think its the right time to say it here i dont really have anything in common with you.

I always try to warn people when they add me they should prepare themselves as i dont sugarcoat anything and well i add my own thoughts views pics even youtube clips on what i like. But now in saying this i do have to ask why even add me if you know your going yo get offended and report me to facebook. I think you would see from my own fb there is nothing to get offended by unless zombie killing and weaphons upset you than there is always the unfriend button i would suggest that you use it and get over yourself.

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