big fish swimming in a tiny pond.

30 Apr



Now as you all know or may not know i happen to live in the little seaside town of bray co wicklow. Now people would always come up to me and say ahh bray how i love that town i remember walking along the promenade along with the parents as a child and also going to the fun fairs and having a blast on the waltzers and ahh sure the craic we would all have when we would visit so and so’s place and and we had such fond memories of this town and we should go there again.

Now all the while im hearing all this nostalgia of how my town was back in the day and its very much i would say in recent times say like like the last 20 odd so years of this nice town image that people paint. I kind of feel like saying yeah it must have been good to you know be able to reminisce about the good times that you all had there. Now fast forward 20 odd years later and sadly well my home town is dying a death. With recent events of companies shutting up shop and even now with my local and only video store getting ready for the guillotine as it were (xtra-vision video dvd stores went into receivership the other day fingers and toes crossed they don’t close down) i am well kind of feeling like yeah do i really want to stay here or what would be the best thing to do.

Now after careful consideration and a lot of careful thinking and planning i’m staying put in where i am but again im considering my options for a lot of different things. You see being in a small town it can but only bring out a ruthless and if i dare say greedy side to a lot of folks that do live here and sadly it now even shows in the every day world that is the social media show and tell theatre. Once again i will say this and to be honest with ya it will make you think ohh gee your being heartless or you may even say well fair point indeed. I find at times that the negativity and bs vibes that comes with this town is a really bad thing. Its now become so bad of late that i would not happily admit to shopping in dublin’s fair city and here is why. one there is always a chirpy smile from staff and customers alike nearly in every place you go to. Two there is more variety choice and value for money and three if you build up a friendship or even a professional relationship with the shop owners and why not you are sure to get a lot more value for money.

I think sadly with the way ireland has reacted to the economic bust people always want to run you down and say ahh here nothing good will come of this and heres a wee nugget of truth here people. I don’t earn much being a part time student but what i do earn i would happily put it into online stores and even people running a small business as long as you cater to my needs and give me a friendly smile than im all yours. But please leave all your unwanted bs shite talk at the door. yes we are going through a bad time but heres a wee thought for ya how about making your businesses work for you and make clients happy and stop complaining. As my dear old mum use to say once your above ground and breathing thats half the battle won. Now only if certain people would how do you say take this advice and maybe crack a smile and go ahead with it.

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