Relationshiply Anonymous

29 Apr

This is what my title of todays piece means in a few words. Leaving one’s relationship status on facebook blank. The world doesn’t need to know. Putting an end to that awkward moment when she thinks you’re “in a relationship” and you never talked about it in person.

Yep today im working with this idea and here is why. For the last while this scenrio and piece has been going around and around in my head for the last while. Ohh you know what i would love to have a relationship like noah and ally from the book and film the notebook. Now not that i have an issue with the book and film in question but i do think sometimes certain people i know are about one dvd play away from having a bit of a melt down. If you are not familier with the notebook i will post the link up here. its just main ly guy meets girl they get on great yada yada something about where he needs to leave and she has to wait for her man. While she waits for him she meets someone else and cue the handsome guy who comes back to win her heart and well i dont know what happened from there. (i should apologise in advance i just really dont like these tip of films and massive apologies for the bad description of the book) well here is a trailer explaining the film. 

I have nothing against the notebook persay but i do think that at times its the kind of movie that gives you unrealistic expectations for when it comes to love. Ohh its so cute when they fight like cat and dog and ohh its so cute when it comes to their dates and courtships. But all the while while looking at this. I do think at times well some people always nines times out of ten expect romantic gestures like this all the time. I even have friends of mine fantasizing about this epic romance that happens in this film. *sighs* i wish himself would do all these romantic gestures for me. Now while i hear all this i kind of feel akward within myself. I know i should be all like ahh shucks maybe i want some of these to but when i think about it deep down i dont feel the need for romance you know. I dont know whether its because i embarrass easily or having a lack of a romantic side in me but nope not really i dont crave things like that not at all.

If i want hearts and flowers in my own way and style i would look at the likes of kevin smiths film chasing amy. You know the one in where theres a guy in the film called holden mcneil who is a comic book art that created blunt and chronic with this best friend banky. Well holden falls for this incredibly adorable girl or pile of pms alyssa jones.  Now during the film we find out that alyssa has a bit of a past and is well gay. Now during the time of their courtship. They became friends first but when holden feels the need to empty his feelings out to her during a rain soaked night she flips and screams at him saying ohh this cant happen and what not. But i will tell you they do end up together and for that brief second it is quite nice. I think if there is one part of the film which i loved was when they were in bed together and holden asked alyssa why me. her cute response was well you gave me that look and i got all wet. But when she went into detail on her response it was quite i would say one of the sweetest moments ever.But when the bad things start to well interfere with holden and alyssa’s relationship smith really thought that move out and without saying too much you kind of fee thrown for both sides if i be honest   I think for me that is an ideal movie to see for when you think yah i want one of those adult relationships. I think the tagline for chasing amy is sex is easy but love it hard. but it is true in what they say.

chasing amy 1

(Chasing amy)

Even sometimes from my own past i feel that well i was bit reckless in my past relationships but again i dont look upon them and think about them anymore. I hate to sound heartless but i do fee that its best to move onwards and upwards you know and if i be honest here it works out better all round for all those involved. But in saying this and writing this piece i think now im much more stronger than i was years back and i now go into everything with my eyes open wide and have great gusto and well always say look if things do end badly or if we never speak again well i will always have those memories that will make me smile and give me the warm fuzzies to keep me going during the cold winters night 😉

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