its all about the music for me

20 Apr

Yes for today i have decided to write about one of my favpurite passions i have decided that todays piece will be about music and i will also e happy to share a few gems with you all that well i can relate to and i do kind of hope that you like it and i would also like to hear what music you  guys and girls like as well.

I think well for most of my life music has always played a huge part of me in my life. When i was in primary school i was in a choir and sang well nearly every morning but it soon stopped when i left primary school and went into secondary school. My love of music didnt stop there though it really how do you say took a bit of a back seat but that didnt happen for long. I know for one when i was in secondary school i was into more the grunge scene and listened to well good music such as nirvana sound garden and primal scream. While my peers listened to well certain things that i would not call music but hey as i have always said each to their own you know and every has and always will have different opinions and choices when it comes to listening to music.

But i like to think that i did manage to dabble into all genres of music and even experienced the rave dance scenes and well danced and partied without the aid of stimulus drugs and what not in order to feel the music (dont ask me why people always say that to me) but now as i have gotten older and wiser in recent times in the vaults of older music i have found well certain pieces that i do love and enjoy. Other pieces well i would call them my guilty pleasures and would happily put them on and listen to them because they may have good memories attached to them but i have always said if i have ever went through a break up or a bad time i would flat out refuse to listen to any music that would remind me of that bad time. I have been even know to well delete the sad music or music that would remind me of bad times from my ipod even. So without further adue i will pick and choose a few beauts that well have good memories to them and again please give me feed back on this and share my your memories.

First song that reminds me of my childhood

prefab sprout cars and girls this will always reminds me of happy time spend in my childhood home in dublin and being in the huge house with my ma and da and yes even enjoying the dodgy fashion choices that we got to have as kids hee hee.

Song of the difficult teen years.

Soundgardens black hole sun was indeed the song for me and my generation it was the bad who also made me discover the smashing pumpkins as well. I think at that very time i decided to rebel against everything including my peers and no conform to this image of ohh yeah i listen to whatever people push out in order to make money. I do remember at that time that i also started dating guys and getting into well the serious side of my art work and even writing but sadly i wasn’t taken seriously by my critics which annoyed me more than ever so i decided to stuck my fingers up to them and say well f**k you so.

Song of the difficult teenage years two.

Smashing pumpkins bullet with butterfly wings. Yeah i remember listening to this song and completely relating to the lyrics one embarrassing thing that did happen though was when my teacher say that i put the lyrics up on my copy book despite all my rage i’m a rat in a cage. It was an elderly teacher that say this and thought that i had issues and i would be best off seeing the school counsellor in my school who was male and things were not made easier for me because i had a huge crush on him. I think that is where my habit of liking older men started off.

Graduation song.

Everybody wear sunscreen. Although i didnt graduate til 2002 1999 was the last year in my training course and it was a so so year. It was bitter sweet for all the right and wrong reasons. I remember getting all my folders and projects ready and i even remember writing a paper on baz luhrmann’s romeo and juilet and it was a paper that got me my first A. So again it was a good year. I think that this song well gives really good advice. I even now to this day have the lyrics on my wall and even follow the advice to this day.

Ohh you have been dumped song

Radiohead high and dry. Even though i got dumped to this song i really like. Although it was very shallow for the guy at that time to dump me to this song i would just like to say thanks to you i now know and love radiohead. FYI i was about 18 or 19 cant remember the exact age but hey buddy if you are reading kudos for introducing me to radiohead and hey listen buddy i have no bad feelings about you dumping me via a phone call.

Mums song..

After the storm

This piece will always remind me of mum and will always be a happy reminder of her and what she did for me. It was also a happy coincidence that she discovered this band through a friend of mine and his blog. So once again thank you for this and she also how do i say this said that the lead singer would make the perfect husband and father of my children sadly though he is happily married damn it why are all the good ones taken hey.

sad goodbyes.

Coldplays the scientist

i remember the day of my mums passing it was within itself unexpected and out of the blue. So i will keep this one short when she was well taken away from home this song played on the radio that night and to this day i cant ever listen to it ever. its such a personal song and the last time i did listen to it well it more or less destroyed me.

The one that helped me through the bad times.

this womans work kate bush. A certain and special someone introduced to this song. It actaully was the best song that helped me get through mums death and when i listened to it carefully i could relate to it. its quite one of the most beautiful pieces ever made and i just love it to bits.

The song that just really sums up everything that has happened in my life to this day.

Cinematic orchestra how to build a house.

This song quite simply one of the best songs even written and composed with such a feeling of content and happiness. Its a song that i can relate to and well it puts me at peace when i do get to listen to it. it also makes me feel like i have a purpose of living here and being with others in my life.


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