17 Apr



i could have not thought of a better word to give this following piece this name so many thanks to urban dictionary for the word and this is what calamazoo means awkward and strange. Now i have to say through no fault of my own i had a calamazoo moment there yesterday and like i always say certain names locations and situations have been changed around to protect privacy of those who may or may not be mentioned in this piece.

Now where do i start on this piece ohh yeah i will start with location it happened yesterday such a gorgeous day yesterday and i decided to take the ohh so furry and cute doggy that i have for a grand walk down along the pier and back strands of my beach and to say the least it was a great day for a walk. It was also a grand day for picture taking and sight seeing as well as i saw a few people out and about wither their kids and dogs and cameras and they of course were embracing the sunshine and we were both taking the sights in at our leisure and having fun along the way.

It was than calamazoo moment happened. I saw this tall shadow come towards me and i was i guess in another world when i heard this voice ahh hes gone into a grand guy look at the size of him wow. It was than i stopped in my tracks and i had to take a look it was my unfortunate ex that i use to date for years but we broke up well 2 years back to do complications. So while he spinned me a few lines on how grand the dog looked. I was in panic mode. Oh hi i said gee i didnt think i would see you here. So it was only 5 minutes into the conversation i had to get my head around things and think carefully in what to say.

After i got my breath the ex asked me to join him for a coffee and i said ahh sure why not what harm could it do. So me himself and the doggy went along to an outdoor coffee shop in where i had my coffee and doggy of course nicked my biscuits and than cue the chat to see what has been happening. Of course i just said yeah im now just working on becoming a designer and well going out there having fun going to nice places and even at times just you know self meeting good people and staying in contact with them and ahh yeah i have recently taken out a few projects and hobbies so have to say am happy in where im going and what im doing. So when the convo turned to him it was more or less the same thing. Ahh don’t see the lads anymore am going to the gym and ahh going to try and get into another course soon. Now i kind of took everything in with a pinch of salt it was only than when his friend turned up and joined us for coffee than things as it would seem to unravel. Without saying to much i heard a few home truths from the horses mouth and again it did make me think really your still doing the same thing and sadly it looks like you have no evolved so ahh what can i say.

After the second coffee it had come arpanet that i as a person had changed more so than him. It was like seeing an old life coming up again and i thought to myself in silence hmm people sadly will never ever change and in order for change to happen they need to accept certain things. i think in certain ways i shocked this person with the new things that i now do and i also said in a few sly digging way of my own. I truly love and take pleasure in everything that i now do and well will not make apologies for it at all. It was only than when i finished my 2nd coffee and got ready for the walk home than it came to me.

I know that and have even done a few silly mistakes and have even lost contact with a few people in my life and i have always reason to why i had to do this and i think this will go without saying unless you put in the effort to contact me and well listen to me and also make time for me than i will do the same. But if you ignore me and treat me like i don’t exist than i would see no point in staying in touch with you. But for those who i have loved and lost and even stay in touch with now i guess i should say thank you and for those of you who are not in touch with me well sorry i cut you out when i did maybe one day we will meet again.

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