mtv what happened man you use to be cool

13 Apr



its a question that i have been asking myself time and time again but it needs to be asked again whatever happened to mtv. I remember been heavily involved with mtv growing up in tne 90s listening to grunge music with the likes of sound garden smashing pumpkins and nirvana and the breeders. I also remember the days of mtv in where they had cool awesome hosts who did live presenting most days with cool presenters such as davina mccall and few others i can name. MTV also had great award shows for both film and music as well. I can also happily remember the mtv in where i discovered a lot of the music that i still listen to and even learned to sing and play a few tunes on the guitar but now for the life of me i don’t even know what happened to my beloved mtv now today.

i think it was the other night i flicked over to mtv for a few hours there was a few things i wanted to see but ohh god talk about a culture shock that i had for when it came to sitting down and watching mtv. 16 and pregnant. You know that tv show in where teenage girls who well get pregnant and than mtv decide to film their every move and put it out there. Its a show that i do have a massive dislike to.  How do i say this without sounding bad but 16 and pregnant seems to glamourise the life of being young and being a single mother and to be honest its not really a good show for well young people to see really. Another show that gets me is sweet 16 you know the one in where spoil brats get to have a massive sweet 16 f**k you birthday party it just made me gasp curse and scream when i see this show. Some uber spoiled brats and their parents have a lot to answer for and when i hear the actual requests that are given say to each party is also eye watering and shocking at times. It would sadly appear that today’s generation don’t seem to know the value of money but hey look let the parents get the spoil brats a new car that will cost so much that we may need to remortgage the house hey anything to keep daddys little princess happy.

Another how that i really dont get is the shore group i cant pic between jersery the valley or even the hills the shows now in themselves seem to be making the line for other tv stations to now make copy cat shows and decide to throw in a few beautiful people who can even show emotion due to the massive amounts of the botox masks that they were and again the drama is just made for the cameras. Now that is within in itself the most diabolical and stupid idea to ever get an airing and showing in todays world that we live in.

But hey in saying that i don’t watch mtv i have now been careful in what i watch and what i also comment on. MTV obviously now  taken note on what people do like now and with the current winners of this years brit awards 2013 with mumford and sons and ben howard winning awards it would seem mtv always hold one hour give or take in a week to hold a folking good hour of folk music. Now i do appreciate that mtv are doing this but maybe if mtv wants to keep hold of my attention i would suggest going back to the 90s format of non stop quality decent music and maybe the odd documentary that well makes sense to each and every one of us 90s kids that did enjoy the old mtv. After all without mtv i would have not discovered depeche mode kate bush sound garden but only to name a few. So come on mtv play nicely and bring back the music drop the reality shows and maybe bring on some good quality vjs that know what they are talking about. After all i would hate to pull my subscription on you guys and go forth to youtube and place all my worship there you know.

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