Delorentos Music gig review 4/12/2012

06 Dec
Delorentos band

Delorentos band

So by happy chance i managed to win gig tickets to the Hot Press/Jameson Delorentos gig that was based in 4 Dame Lane in Dublin city there on Tuesday. Now for those of you who never ever heard of the Delorentos  They are a four piece band that are from Dublin city. There are four members in the band and they are Ronan who does the vocals plays guitar and also plays the piano. Kier who is also a vocalist and guitar player. Nial who is a backing vocalist and Ross who is the drummer and also does backing vocals. The band started up at  2005 and had their first album in love with detail out in 2007 which was well received on the Irish market and was also nominated for best new Irish band  at the meteor music awards.  It was than 2 years later that the Delorentos 2nd album you can make sound was than released also and won high praise from both the Irish music industry and fans alike. The band are now into their 3rd album little sparks and with this they have went for a more acoustic sound will staying true to their own style of music. They originally started with a punk Irish rock sound but in recent times they have decided to go for a more of an acoustic sound to their album and live performances.

I went to see the Delorentos at 4 dame lane there Tuesday night with a friend of mine and to say the least it was one of the best decisions i had ever made. 4 dame lane has got such a gorgeous old Irish old world look and appearance to the bars. Its a 2 level building in where you are greeted by your main bar that has music being its main passion with old posters and record sleeves from such great bands that people still would enjoy listening to.  i had to go into the 2nd bar which was based upstairs and it was than i got to well see the band getting ready for the nights performance. The band were introduced on stage by hot press front runner Stuart Clark and it was than when the magic happened.

The flow of the Delorentos is a good raw Irish sound that is fresh and new and they also had a few of the crowd singing along to their songs while performing. I would have to say the song i liked the most that was performed that night was the awesome hunting with gentle guitar strums  xylophone and gentle drum beats you could really enjoy the music. Another song that i really enjoyed listening was did we ever try. it again has such a rock sound that is always fresh and original and gets you dancing along to the tune and you also find yourself humming along to the tune and the guitar and drum riffs are just very cool in this great number. While the night prgressed the band decdied to play one of my favourite songs and this was the great and upbeat number that is  care for. I have to say its one of my favourite songs by these guys and it always makes me happy when i get to listen to it.

I have to say in while listening to the band and taking photos they always had the audience attention and played such an awesome set. I have to say i really enjoyed the set that they played and i also got to meet the Ronan Yourell.  To say the least he is one of the nicest people i have ever met. Ronan is one chilled relaxed dude and when i got to ask him questions about the band and what they were about he spoke with such a passion for his music and he clearly enjoys in what he does. he also told me about how the band started out and how they got to tour different places outside of Ireland such as the UK and Spain. Ronan also said that he is looking forward to the nation wide tour that they will be doing in the coming weeks. he also even nice enough to answer my questions while tucking into the fish and chips that were provided for the gig that night.

Shooting the breeze as you do with Delorentos front man Ronan Yourell

Shooting the breeze as you do with Delorentos front man Ronan Yourell

I do have high hopes for this band and i do believe they are touring Ireland at the present moment so please if you want to check out the Delorentos please check them out on YouTube and Facebook or ever better still make sure you get yourself down to one of their gigs pronto i can assure you you will be in for night of great Irish music at its best.

I should also say many thanks to Hot Press magazine for the gig tickets many thanks again guys for such an awesome night Jameson Ireland for the awesome new cocktail Jameson ginger and lime. Its a quirky drink but goes down so smoothly and easily. Also many thank to 4 Dame Lane night for an awesome night out and thanks for the food as well. It most certainly went down a treat.


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