the awkward moment to end all awkward moments.

30 Nov



So has any1 ever put their size 5s in a sitaution that could have been easily avoided ahh come on own up who has well made things a little awkward for themselves by saying something that is embarrassing and yet at times awkward and left you with that feeling of ohh please let the ground open up so it can swallow me up whole. Nope i dont have any takers do i?

Well it turns out that i have been known to do this like make embarrassing remarks and give smart ass answers which well leave people more confused and even at times they even think ohh ok i will get this done for you now. I had one of those moments last week. I was at home after a really long day in college in where i was super exhausted and well i didnt have the energy to do anything at all. When my house mate came into the kitchen and cheerily asked do you want anything in the shop. I than say in a dry way yeah sure can you get me a jet pack sum red bull and maybe get a few more hours added to my day as i need to hand in some college work. he than just looked at me and said yeah ok than. It was than i noted 2 things one they didnt get my sarcastic reference and 2 they have zero personality. But again being a quick smart wit you have to work on it but for me it comes natural.

But what is your left in a non sarcastic situation and well you have landed yourself in a lot of trouble. Well here is sum thing else that developed a little while back. So a really good friend of mine started to date this british chippy guy called matt. Now i have to say im very happy for my friend as well she deserves happiness and well matt seems to be a nice guy who treats her well. Now cue in the jealous idiot who went to school with my friend throwing a spanner in the works.  So apartily my friend and her bf went to dinner in a local resturant in where the idiot girl worked and she got to serve them that night. So while my friend went out for a cigarette she heard her so called friend eating the back off her new beau. Seriously who the f**k does that british chippy think he is and as for her well she could do a lot better. Now my friend didnt sharpen up her nails or go to town by beating up this girl. She just politely went up the girl and said ohh im sorry you dont like British chippy but again he doesn’t really like you all that much and also the service was shite so get f**ked. Cue 5 mins of blind panic i dodnt mean what i said and im sorry from the other girl. Needless to say my friend left with her bf and walked away from the trouble and went home that night.

But when it comes to awkward moments like this how can you ever fix a problem like that. Now  when it come to akward moments can you even fix the problem in hand when the damage is done or should you leave well alone. I have to admit when i have had akward moments i have always managed to fix things and quickly. It would not matter if it was a work or home or even friend situation i have always fixed things quickly. i have always said right ok i f**ked up how do i this without it getting more messier than it is.  In doing this it means im the bigger person and i want to well fix the issue in hand. I think if anything i would only walk away if i didnt care about things anymore.

But here is what i dont get why do people go rail roading into personal situations and well decide in their own minds ok this is now my problem. I know they say a problem shared is a problem halved but seriously why do certain people feel the need to stick their nose in where its no wanted. I think i know the answer to this and here is goes. People sadly want be noticed and to be seen. It reminds me of the old dog story of the border collie who can rewire the house but gets distracted when the poodle blows into this ears i know not a good example but people always feel the need to make thinks out to be more awkward than it is.

I think if and when awkard situations arise i just really prevent them by well not saying anything about it at all. But i think its better to deal with it head on than to have idiots whispering into your ear than sadly behind your back.

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