you have to loose yourself in order to find yourself

29 Nov

inspirational piece photo credits google images

So as you may or may know who as i may have said in my last blog piece that it looks like that i may have lost my mojo for certain things. But after the day that has been in it and after a whole lot of quite time and soul searching i am happy to announce that im slowly but surely getting myself back together.

I think the sudden lost for everything that i loved and enjoyed doing dearly was well mainly to well an impending anniversey coming up and also well i have been so hard on certain people of late. Again this goes without saying that i would like to apologize for being this way and i know action speak louder than words.

But i think that you should all know now that im working on 2 inpending college assignments that are very interesting to say the least. The first college assignment is well an inspirational project in where we choice a subject it can be a person or anything that inspires you and makes you happy and spurs you on to well achieve the desired goal and to also well make you feel like yeah it will be all worth it in the end. I decided for my subject i chose shep for this project. Here is my reason why. Shep maybe be a dog in other peoples eyes but hes more than a dog to me hes my best friend the one i talk to when im not around people and is also there for me when I’m sick or if anyone has let me down. He has been a wee tower of strength to me for the last while and i think within the last year alone i could have not doing anything without his little tail wagging and him nudging me to bring him for walks and to also clear my head and well gather my own thoughts in my head. So shep will feature in a inspirational poster with a quote that really sums him up as the awesome dog that he is.



My furry little dude and best friend shep

Well for my second project i will hopefully be doing a zombie handout guide. It will be a guide on how to survive Dublin during the times of madness when the zombies decide to take over well Dublin and what things you will need in order to survive the madness and i will be also trying to tie in Dublin landscapes that are well known and very popular with  people who are from Dublin and well who visit Dublin regularly so it should be a fun assignment to do.


Zombie nurse Credits google images

As for the other non related college assignments i am planning to work on things at my end one day at a time and so far its been good. I have now exercised certain control and restraint and well its been going good. I have to say that i am thankful for the support and kind words of late that i have been getting off others. I know again i deserve less than this but it means a lot to me that people have been willing to support me thru this and more.

So thats really all from me for now i better get back to work as i not only have 2 assignments to finish but i also must finish off the hobbit as well.

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