oii you mind you manners

28 Nov


yeah in relation to my pic its so much easier said than done



So in recent times its sadly been brought to my attention we dont seem to use basic manners anymore and in saying this i think that this subject would be well worthy of a write up and again certain situations and places have been changed to avoid offensive to others.

So why no please and thank you anymore. Well as it would seem we dont have good manners in todays world ohh none at all. Its mainly because certain people that are being brought into this big bad mo fo of a world they all think yeah manners get stuffed im out for myself and out for what i can get so gimme gimme gimme and make it extra large no super size it and make it delux and also wrap it up nicely so than when i do get it i can destroy it again. But you see we are all not that bad. You see in my generation you were brought up with good manners and if you didnt have good manners well you either got sent to your room without supper or you got the death stare,  If you got either in my house you were done for and than some. But you see being raised up nicely and also having good manners to boot as well i always learned to appriecate things more so and well always at times had to give the benefit of the doubt to others who well didnt have this well nice up bringing.

In saying this im not a snob im a D4 girl who well had to live in a small town and well get used to certain things. I have learned to do things with ease and when i dont see things going my way i dont scream and shout and throw a tantrum. No i just make a few deals and try to make the best out of a bad situation and well make a few compromises along the way. But i know with certain people compromise does not even enter into their heads. I know from previous experiences being in the bar trade and other jobs that i have been in i have had to let little things slide and dont even get me started in the dating world.

One great experience of experiencing such bad manners was when i was a wee trainne in my old bar job. I was only a wee pup learning the bar trade and my job was collecting plates and glasses and learning silver service in an old hotel. I dropped down a plate of food to a friend of mine and 5 mins later they had to leave so the plate full of food was left alone. Or so i thought not even a minute pass when i saw a small girl eating the plate of food. I rushed down to the table saying sweetheart this is not yours you cant eat it. She didnt hear me and well her gobby mother arrived saying ahh sure it was left there and its a shame to let it go to waste. I than just looked at her said ok and walked away cursing and hissing under my breath. It was only at my breath i could let off steam. I told the chef what happened and him being a big tall english guy who enjoyed food took a huge drag from his smoke and said this. You should of called me as i dont get paid enough to feed waifs and strays and the f**king parent had no right to talk to you like one and 2 i would have told the mother to get out even though the meal was paid its technally stealing where i come from. Now needless to say it was well one of a few things i encouraged in the bar trade.

Another one that would have you either laughing crying or having you scream at your screen is the one in where a nearly married bride who was suppose to be dancing with her groom is litterly on my shoulder crying her eyes out. Now at this wedding even it was my friends wedding she married her child hood sweetheart and long behold sum little shite has way to many alco pops and decides right i aint getting any attention here so i will break sum windows. Now common courtesy would tell you ok let things slide and also well insurence will cover this and also get a senior member of the family to deal with this. Now if the truth be told my ex bf who i worked with at the time of this event decided to tell the bride out of sheer spite. Now picture this i had the couple laughing had ther drinks flowing and even got them up dancing even her great uncle did michael jackson number with me on the dance floor. but to have that split second of laughing one minute and than to have well a tall bride on my shoulders crying while her hubby was gunning for blood over this mess. it makes you think if and when should you use decorem and coomon sense.  but no when the idiot did this i thought ohh great thanks for that you have no ruined their night you have ruined my chance of getting more work in future weddings and also you could have let it slide. but ohh no his answer was ohh this need to be said. When i heard this i told this little shite in no certain words there is a time and f**king place for this you idiot.

But in the sheer mess of it all i manged to save grace and front and even well kept my job. But getting back to the matter in hand is there such a thing as manners. I would have to say no. I think manners have died out and in recent times its got worse. I was walking thru dublin city last weekend when i experienced the height of rudeness pig ignorence and bad manners. People bumped into me and didmt even say sorry they sadly dont even know how to use umbrellas here and here is the kicker people stand in the middle of a pavement to read a map shock f**king horror. Well being the small size that i am. I litterly did a rugby style run into the crowd blanking out the ows and whats her problem i got thru it but met even worst people in a local record store. One thing that drives me crazy is clingly hlod hands for ever couples. I saw a lot of them there and it was than i flipped and said ohh jesus christ you will blood stop already hes not going to run away on you. but in saying this i did mange to calm down well a part of me did.

But what is it though with today and our lack of basic manners. We dont seem to say please or thank you. we always seem to rob each others cigerettes and lighters and we can even at times get snappy at each other. I think i have the answer we dont really respect each other as people and have no respect for each others space time even propery or things anymore. I think that in my own case im always aware of other peoples space and other peoples times and even at times i have respect for things that they may give me a loan off. In saying that though people are not nice to me for when i lend them stuff. I have been known to be nice but in recent times i have loaned out and lost dvds cds a ghd hair straightner a pair of high heels and even a school bag. I know i will never see these things again but i would either liked them to be replaced or i would want the cash value and an apology for the items that cant be replaced.

But to end my piece i will leave you with this when it comes to every day manners please and thank you are not hard to say and should be said often. A little common courtesy and respect for other peoples things can go such a long way.

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