its the little things

26 Nov
its the little things



So it would appear of late i have well appeared to have lost my mojo for a lot of things of late. But lately it would appear that i have well i would not say hit rock bottom but i havent been easy to be around.

If im being honest here i have been flack and well like deadwood and havent been good company to be around of late. i dont know what exactly has happened but after sit down on and a long session of thinking i think i may have found the answer to it all.

Its simple i have well lost the taste and well have loet so many things slide and its all thanks to negative and bad energies around me. Now i know that its bad that i should be placing the blame on other things and not accepting responablity for this sudden crash in my life but i think that i need to really owe it to myself to well stop this in its tracks and not let it happen anymore. but in saying this its easier said than done.

In recent times i have and to quote a friend of mine a bear with a sore head and i havent put in the energy and effort into certain things and ina  way im sad to say that i should not let this happen at all. I think if im being honest here with myself i would need to step back and think right ok whats the best thing to do for me.

Now its not being selfish if i have to give up certain things that maybe dragging me down but i have to save myself more than anything before i get caught in this downward spiral and well these changes need to happen and soon.

FYI its not drastic changes im going for but it has to be more about who i want and need in my life and also who will be there to well nurture love and respect me and let me blossom as a person.

Stay tuned and i will try and keep you all updated if and when i do get news on this matter

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One response to “its the little things

  1. Anh Pownell

    11/29/2012 at 6:14 pm

    I found something similar elsewhere and really loved. Some more of this please! Thanks


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