loosing our traditional values i think we are.

12 Nov


So after a lot of thinking and soul searching i decided to write a a personal piece on traditional values and how we seem to be loosing them at each day passing.

So as you may recently know it was rememberence weekend there just gone and for the week previous to that i decided to wear a poppy as a sign of respect for my grandfather and great uncles who gave their time in the services. So i put it on my jacket and with help from a friend i got it on and walked thru town and wore my poppy with pride. Sadly though i was greeted with insults was sadly called colourful names and even spat upon by a few people. One thing that litterly nearly killed me was when a complete stranger come up to me and well insulted the hell out of me for wearing my poppy. I have to say after that encounter i ran home in tears crying and was also angry as anything. Now i did my research and looked into the rights and wrongs of wearing my poppy but also when i did my research i felt angry and hurt. It was only in the past week i was made feel better when myself when i saw an elderly gentleman selling poppies by the supermarket and when i talked to him about his charity i brought the incident in question and he told me in no uncertain words if you want to show respect and support than do what you can and wear your poppy with pride. I have to say after the conversation i felt enlightened and happy that his man could support my actions and also not make me feel bad in this.

But im not writing this piece in relation to last weeks issues. I feel that i should write this piece and ask the question of what or where exactly did we loose our traditions and why and what for? I remember growing up in a typical irish childhood in ireland. We always did things with mum and dads guidence advice and blessings. i always remember going to church and well going to see the grandparents going for sunday drives and even when i was at home with mum when i was small she would always hold little parties and play dress up with me and let me friend and me play in her old clothes and play fashion shows. Mum would always say to me though one day you will get older and you wont want to do this anymore. As i got older i played less games and decided to go up. As the years went on less and less traditions were happening in my house and with my family.

As the years went by the sunday drives died down the less frequent trips to the grandparents and than the less times i got to play dress up. It wasnt sad in a way it was a thing of sadly loosing interest and also not making the time to do all these fun things in. It was when i went into middle school and than started secondary school i discovered that i didnt want to do these so called traditions. When i hit my teens i was more about being into myself and finding out who i was and all that other baggage that comes with been a teenager. It was than i would have well disgreements with mum. i would always get the you never go to church and you never make the effort for your friends anymore and also why dont you like certain things now. It was than i gave her the cut off comment i dont care about them anymore. When i said that to her it made her sad and now even thinking about it it does now actaully make me think f**k i should of not said that.

But when it comes to every day traditions you sadly dont see them now in every day life. For example you cant have a army salute or have a rifle on display for memorial day in the uk because of health and safety and it could cause and offend other people. Now when i heard this it made me sad and angry as well. But i think though in a country that i live in that once was so steeped in tradition you kind of have to ask the following. Do i need your permission for this should i worry that it may cause offensive. Nopw i just think sadly we seem to be loosing traditions in our every day lifes.

I think tradition means to me is when i remember certain dates of certain things that happened and that made me happy. I also like to think that i would also celebrate certain events also in my own home and even when it comes to friends and family that may have passed on. I would also like to think that i would also raise a glass to those who may not be here with me by my side but i would remember certain things about them that make me happy and smile when i think of them.

I think sadly in todays world we live in we have no time or room for sentament and that in its self makes me really sad. It kind of breaks my heart in a lot of ways. Now i would not say it nice its just sadly i think that when the next generation comes up and asks me on what they did on certain dates i may not have a answer to give them at all. Seeing as the fact that we now have the internet for all of historys answers which is at times so not right at all. i think its right for me to answer this question will the next generation be asking our elderly folks questions on what happened in todays world or would they go to the trust internet and get their answers there.

But i will leave you with this. A wise young man once said to me who knows what the future holds or more importantly what it hides. My answer to this is who knows how to answer this question at all.

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One response to “loosing our traditional values i think we are.

  1. Sam S

    11/18/2012 at 11:33 pm

    Great write-up, I could not have said it better.


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