the misguided generation

25 Oct




This blog piece i may step on a few toes here so apologies in advance once again if your easily offended please dont think that this is a view or insult to any1 its just my own views and well read it first before you get the firesticks aready for my bonfire.

So a little while back i managed to get a great documentry on tv and it was about young girls and who they wanted to be when they grew up and what their ambitions were at this present moment in time. I had to say i was looking forward to watching it and was also curious to see the answers and feed back that the young girls would give back. I happily remember being at that age i knew what i wanted to be.

I remember exactly at that age i wanted to be a vet and look after sick animals. Now being in school wasnt very clever but i tried my best and give it my all and it turns out i was good at languages art english studies and music. So when i told my guidence counseller when i wanted to be time and again. There was always the speech of you have to work hard and also its very hard getting a place in vets school and being a vet does not happen over not sort on and so forth. So i always took that in mind growing up and said well maybe one day my dream will come true. Sadly one day i had to give up the dream of being a vet when i found out the fees for vets school was expensive and well my parent didnt have the money for it. So i decided to go into art and graphic design. Now it was an interesting path to be took and it was also hard work and i have even decided to go back to school in order to update and refresh my skills. so its going good for now

But now as im working my behind off to achieve a somewhat tasty looking portfiolo for my course and also not to forget the amount of time and money im pouring into this course which im not complaining about i have to ask this question. Will it be worth it in the end and i always say this yes i can work for a good company get paid good money but i might not be able to get free run on the clients requested jobs that they may ask of me. but sure it will be fun in the end.

But getting straight back to my point when this documentry asked about what the girls wanted to do when they left school here was the following answers. Well i want to be famous. another girl said i want to be like kim kardashin and another girl said well i want to marry a footballer. So the question has to be asked now. What the f**k happened to this generation. so let me get this right you want to be famous look like a twat and marry a footballer. Emm ok have you not thought of outside the box. I think when i heard this i thought well this is rather said. Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong is wanting things and wanting to do things but why pick stupid easy ways of this so called career. If i need someone to blame well i blame reality tv. Sadly with reality tv its scripted like a good soap and it sadly makes you think ohh yeah these people are happy and so on and so forth but they are not. they are shallow horrorible people who dont deserve our attention.

I think sadly with todays generation they want it all and they want it now. forget waiting and going to college for a few years they want it all served on a silver platter and want it in big portains so they can than play around with the idea screw it up a bit and than throw it out like their designer trainers and what not. If i can blame any one for this misguidence i would blame the so called twats on these shows and their air head expressions and lack of good style. I also kind of blame social media in a way the whole want like ohh love me love define me i need love and attention if i dont get it i will die. Seriously chill out and seriously wake up to life.

I think when i look back at my own goals and what i want and need they are completey different and i for one can say i have had and still have good role models always paving the way for me and more and sadly this whole reality set up of a life and marrying a footballer would not ever apply to me. i could easily run rings around a footballer a few times over and still win.

But seriously generation y you seriously do have a lot of explaining to do and soon and dont you dare back answer me with as if morons.

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  1. Demetrius Dagel

    11/15/2012 at 5:43 pm

    Not what I was thinking but superb anyway! Well done!


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