house proud now that has to be decided..

21 Oct

My idea house if and when i do win the lottery

Do you know what litterly drives me up the wall of late. House proud people, you know the types that say ohh yeah i have the perfect kitchen from ikea and my front room is also from some snooty interior designer place and well the bathroom is from B&Q and well the bedrooms are specially made for us from where ever the hippest place is of late to get your bedrooms done. Anytime i hear these names and things casually being dropped into any conversation of late. I tend to zone out. Here is my reason why. I think some house proud people i know are litterly sheer snobs who dont know better. I think this who thing of having the perfect house is insane and sadly its been and has claimed a lot of victims in the resession with huge bank loans and seriously sickening amounts of debt that people put themselves in to get the perfect home.

Now dont get my wrong i am in the middle of doing up my own house. But the flatmate has decided to foot the bill. So they have decided to start on the kitchen and when i looked at the plans i thought ok this looks good but again this better not be stressful as i cant afford the time the effort the money and also i have commitments outside this house eg college/friends/projects/and fluffy as well. But while all this work is getting done i cant help but wonder how much this will all be. Now i came to the agreement that he will take care of everything and more with the house. You see being a broke student im thinking more about the bigger picture. Im thinking more about getting a seriously sexy laptop and pimping the hell out of it with software specially for the graphic designer in me.

But now when i write this you think im all selfish im not. I agreed in or after the new year i would happily take part in the front room decorating side of things. Now my taste for different things for when it comes to the house is how do you say different to any1 elses. I know a friend of mine who lives in a well how do you say big house empty white walls. When i casually asked about why he does not put up photos on the walls his answer was ohh the nails would damage the walls. I than thought right ok how about using the no more nails things that dont make the walls and his answer was this ahh sure but they collect dust and what not. I have to admit i gave up the conversation after that as it was going no where. But a thought came to me in the back of my mind. My friend sadly has got no taste and sadly cant make a good decision to decorating.

Now i have my own taste and have even used mood boards in my own house for when it comes to decorating and i even take into account in where and how my pooch fits in with all this and more. I think if im being honest i have lived in a bare empty canvess for the last year since my mum died and i think that it would be a good time to well litterly get sum fun and personality put back in my home. May my tastes might be a little bit odd and some what crazy but again this is my house and again your are only the guest here.

Anytime i think about doing up my house i always think of mum and her nice ways of doing things up. mum always had classic prints up of movie stars from her time and even had flowers and irish art pictures up. Mum even had the fridge covered in magnets i got for her anytime i went away and she also had her little creature comforts around here and always had anything that she needed to hand. Now sadly when everything happened things got thrown away and what not and well looking back it didnt make me happy.

But after thinking about it long and hard and also saving up a bit long and hard as well i think its hightime i done my house up in my way and seriously i think this goes without question any1 who says right ok do you think that this is right can seriously go and get f**ked i live here and also shep lives here as well so respect is given to one person for when it is due.

But before i close up on this piece i will say this i do like to keep my house clean and try my best in keeping it a certain way. But i dont much appriecate people coming into to my space and picking everything apart and saying ohh yeah this looks odd or out of place. If any1 cares to ever say that to me well i can always point out well there is the door so get F**ked already.

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