my own view on the dublin zombie walk

04 Oct

Firstly massiave apologies for writing this piece up late just have had a lot to work stuff on. So as you may or may not know i took part in this years dublin zombie walk. Whats the dublin zombie walk i hear you sll cry. Now cry moan snarl no more coz this blog piece will explain to you what it was like to take part in an awesome event and also i will try in some tips advice and maybe even a few brains so all my feel zombies in training can take part in this awesome event. so without further adue here is my own account of this awesome event.



Now here is how i first heard about the zombie walk. I heard about this awesome event via facebook from last year i had great intentions of going to last years event but sadly pulled out at the last minute but when i was told about this years event i was more than up for it, I believe that i was first told about this event via facebook and with that i joined the forums and got chatting to a few people. This also came in very handy for when it came to learning about the event. The dublin zombie walk was started up a few years back and it was a day for dressing up like a zombie and than scarying the byjaysis our of people and raising money for a good charity as well. For this years charitys it was barnardos and the irish cancer charities.

Now from my own experience i found the forums great to talk to piece via facebook this way you could get ideas on make up outfits how to walk stumble crawl and also see what else needed to be done for the day. There was also a good way of applying for certain roles. there were certain roles that needed to get filled so the roles were as following the stewards these would be the people who would keep you on the zombie path and make sure you didnt break away from the undead. The zeros those guys would have what would be simliar to an airsoft gun and weapons to make sure that everything went ok and also if the zombies behaved badly they would hunt them down but there could be a chance they would get seriously hurt by the rage infected zombie folk and lastly but certainly not least the walking undead rage virus blood spitting brain craving zombies. I myself applied for the zombie role.

meeint the awesome stewarts and baby doll from sucker punch was the highlight of my day.

The planning of the event and day within itself took a lot of good time spend on getting a look outfit and getting yourself ready. My own look which you will see in my pics that will be enclosed here tool a little while to master and get done.  The event and planning took a while but my advice to any zombie chick or dude who ever wants to take part ina  zombie walk. do your reaserch and go with an idea and than run with your own style. For example my style was red riding hood. I know you have this picture in your head ohh red riding hood so cute and innocent going to grandmas house to look after here. emmm no that wasnt the case. My story on red riding hood is this, Yes i did go to grandmas how but alas a rage virus filled zombie got a hold of me and litterly ate my face off. So for my look which i will explain in my next part constisted of sick bloody face with dark eyes and a lot of blood and anger and screaming put into the role i was playing. I would say  was to get ideas from the zombie walk be it here or abroad is to check out other zombie walks and take notes and see what you like and not like as well. If dressing up is a little out of your confort zone go for the white make up base with black eye liner for your eyes.

Now i will do a piece on my own look and give hints and tips along the way. Firstly do your product research and make sure that your ok to use certain make up brands as if you are going to be working on delicate areas such as the eyes nose ears you need to make sure you wont have allergic reactions to the make up. Also if you plan to use say liquid latax do a skin patch test 24 hours before you use the product try it on your wrist and if your ok than go with your look. i would also recommand careful planning and research your looks carefully. always take it in mind that if you want a good look for the zombie look it will take time. I jotted down notes and searched for hours online for the inperfect look and again went with my own style. I would also suggest for both your look and make up i would recommand checking out the following store out in dublin city. its called the fancy dressers and its based off south willaim street. i have to say they sell everything and both management and staff we so super helpful and were also good in advising with the make up side of things as well.

myself and my fellow zombie walker zac

I also have to say that it was also a fun day to meet colourful strange and even yet scary characters as well and it was fun to even meet people who took their own spin on classic movie characters as well. It was also a fun day for both parents and children alike as well. If anything im so looking forward to next years DZW and i also have my new outifit and look in the works as we speak.

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